Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (also known as Charlie's Angels 2) is a 2003 film in which the Angels investigate a series of murders that occur after the theft of a witness protection profile database. Their prime suspects? A "fallen angel" and the Creepy Thin Man. In the ending, Seamus tries to burn Dylan with her lighter, but Dylan kicks glass into his face, it gets in his eyes, he can't see and he falls to his death. Although Seamus was stronger than her Dylan is street smart and attacked Seamus only weak point to finally defeat him. His 8 years planned revenge was frustrated by a smart kick ass girl the second she kicked that light bulb into his eyes.

Directed by McG. Written by John August.

Kelly Garrett[edit]

  • Angels are like diamonds. They can't be made, you have to find them. Each one is unique.

Natalie Cook[edit]

  • Killer, huh? I just got so excited. When it's big like that I just love to ride it hard and rough.


Alex: Get off the babysitter. Daddy's home.

Man in bar: What is an angel doing so far from heaven?
Dylan: I'm no angel.

Marshal Ray Carter: I didn't think you'd find me. How many men do you have?
Alex: I've got 2 girlfriends in the bar.
Marshal Carter: They have 50 armed men.
Alex: I know. It hardly seems fair.

Alex: Check it out. Brown shorts, red board, 11:00. What do you think?
Dylan: Yummy!
Alex: That's what I thought. Case closed. Nat, move in. Dylan think's he's hot.
Dylan: What do you mean?
Alex: You always fall for the bad guy.
Dylan: Well then, this guy must be really evil.

Max: Okay, wait. Helen Zaas?
Dylan: Yeah.
Max: That's your name?
Dylan: Yeah.
Max: Helen Zaas. So where does that name come from originally, is that ass-tralian?
Dylan: Yeah.
Natalie: Oh, my God, you must have been the butt of every joke.
Alex: Did you drive an Ass-ton Martin?
Natalie: Alex, we're being ass-inine.
Dylan: Yes, yes you are.
Alex: Don't worry, Dylan. We're still going to be your best butties.

Seamus: You know I always liked it with the lights on.

Natalie: You were the cock? I was the beaver. My God, what are the chances that we were both school mascots?

Alex: I'm so sorry Daddy, that I didn't tell you. I didn't think you'd approve and I didn't wanna disappoint you. I know how you wanted me to be a neurosurgeon, but I've discovered a whole new way to help people... that makes me feel so... alive.
Mr. Munday: Whatever makes you happy.
Alex: I am so relieved! It's been killing me, you not knowing all these years. I- Daddy... Natalie, Dylan and I are a team. And we just took on 12 sailors. You can't even imagine the positions we get ourselves into. Daddy, I wish you could watch us work. You'd be so proud. I'm gonna take a shower because I am covered in- Well, you can only imagine what. And then when I get back, I am gonna give you... a full blow-by-blow.
Mr. Munday: Ferret?

Madison: Why be an angel when I can play God?

Natalie: Bosley. Plan B.
Bosley: It's raining white women!

Madison: Enjoy heaven
Natalie: Go to hell.

Madison: I was never good. I was GREAT.



  • This summer the Angels are back.

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