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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (also known as Charlie's Angels 2) is a 2003 action-comedy movie in which the Angels investigate a series of murders that occur after the theft of a witness protection profile database. It is a continuation of the Charlie's Angels series franchise.

Directed by McG. Written by John August.

Natalie Cook[edit]

  • Killer, huh? I just got so excited. When it's big like that I just love to ride it hard and rough.


Marshal Ray Carter: I didn't think you'd find me. How many men do you have?
Alex: I've got two girlfriends in the bar.
Marshal Carter: They have 50 armed men.
Alex: I know. It hardly seems fair.

Alex: Check it out. Brown shorts, red board, 11:00. What do you think?
Dylan: Yummy!
Alex: That's what I thought. Case closed. Nat, move in. Dylan think's he's hot.
Dylan: What do you mean?
Alex: You always fall for the bad guy.
Dylan: Well then, this guy must be really evil.

[When Dylan appears in one of the pictures that Randy Emmers just left at the motocross event, she's forced to come clean to everybody]
Dylan: Helen Zaas. That was my name before I went into the Federal Witness Protection Program eight years ago and then I became Dylan Sanders.
Charlie: When the FBI realized this young lady's potential they gave me a call.
Max: Okay, wait. Helen Zaas?
Dylan: Yeah.
Max: That's your name?
Dylan: Yeah.
Max: Helen Zaas. So where does that name come from originally, is that ass-tralian?
Dylan: Yeah.
Natalie: Oh, my God, you must have been the butt of every joke.
Alex: Did you drive an Ass-ton Martin?
Natalie: Alex, we're being ass-inine.
Dylan: Yes, yes you are.
Alex: Don't worry, Dylan. We're still going to be your best butties. [Angels laugh]

[Dylan is at a bar and ordered a drink, and sees a familiar face sit by her]
Dylan Sanders: Kelly Garrett.
Kelly Garrett: Hello, Dylan. Don't you have a case to solve?
Dylan: Well, I tried to outrun my past, but it caught up with me yesterday. And I put my friends in danger.
Kelly: They're in more danger now without you.
Dylan: Natalie and Alex are gonna replace me with someone great. A real Angel. Not someone who's pretending to be something she's not.
Kelly: Your past is what makes you who you are, Dylan. Don't forget that Charlie chose you for a reason. Angels are like diamonds. They can't be made. You have to find them. Each one is unique. Sometimes we search too hard for answers that are right in front of us.
[Dylan contemplates Kelly's words, but when she turns to face her, Kelly's disappeared]

[Charlie calls on the Angels, but...]
Madison Lee: Good evening, Charlie. I love the new office.
Charlie: Madison, is that you? Where are the Angels?
Madison: Oh, I'm sure there's three more where they came from.
Charlie: Madison, what have you done?
Madison: We're just having a little fun. You shouldn't worry yourself, Charlie. Besides, you've never had trouble finding someone willing to give their life for you.
Charlie: Hurting the Angels doesn't prove you're the best. You know that.
Madison: Do I?
Charlie: Madison, you were never able to accept that this agency is about teamwork. [Madison mouths] We're a family. We do--
Madison: [stands up] Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Angels forever. I've heard the sales pitch. It was very seductive [flips down picture of current Angels] once.
Charlie: Madison, you deliberately went rogue on the DeSoto case and put your fellow Angels in danger. When we finally got you out of there, you were wounded so badly, we thought we might lose you.
Madison: [having just seen the Maximum Extreme II premiere invites] You did lose me. You see, being an Angel wasn't fulfilling my destiny. It was keeping me from it.
Charlie: Your destiny is yet to be written. Do not do this, Madison. Taking the lives of innocent people is not the answer. There must be something in you that's still good.
Madison: [miffed at what he said] I was never good. [aims Desert Eagle at speaker as she gets teary-eyed] I was GREAT. [blasts speakerbox and leaves]

Madison: Enjoy heaven.
Natalie: Go to hell.
[The Angels set up one final kick on Madison, who falls through the stage floor as she's about to shoot on them - but pulls the trigger after breaking a natural gas line setting off a fire that burns her alive]
Alex: [after the fire] She is so fired.

[Alex sees her father at the Maximum Extreme II premiere]
Alex: I'm so sorry Daddy, that I didn't tell you. I didn't think you'd approve and I didn't wanna disappoint you. I know how you wanted me to be a neurosurgeon, but I've discovered a whole new way to help people... that makes me feel so... alive.
Mr. Munday: Whatever makes you happy.
Alex: I am so relieved! It's been killing me, you not knowing all these years. I- Daddy... Natalie, Dylan and I are a team. And we just took on 12 sailors. You can't even imagine the positions we get ourselves into. Daddy, I wish you could watch us work. You'd be so proud. I'm gonna take a shower because I am covered in- Well, you can only imagine what. And then when I get back, I am gonna give you... a full blow-by-blow.
Mr. Munday: Ferret?



  • This summer the Angels are back.

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