Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar

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Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar is a 1967 Walt Disney Productions adventure family film released by Buena Vista Distribution Company. It was filmed partially at the Weyerhauser Mill in Enumclaw, Washington and partially on the North Fork of the Clearwater River in Northern Idaho, recording one of the last river log drives to occur in the United States. Four different cougars were used in the film.

Directed by Rex Allen and Winston Hibler. Produced by Walt Disney, Winston Hibler and Charles L. Draper. Written by Jack Speirs.
The Exciting Adventures of a Teen-Age Mountain Lion!


[Charlie, after having caused some havoc on the logger's river drive earlier, is shown being chained to Jess Bradley's truck]
Narrator: The long chain of circumstances that started on the river drive finally ended up back at the mill - with Charlie on the short end. You see, when the Big Boss started adding lost man hours to mangled groceries to busted-up Wanigans, he decided to subtract one cougar. And he ordered Jess to keep a curb on that cat. Charlie didn't like the new setup at all. He had the growing feeling that he was getting' left out, put upon, and neglected. What's more, he was just plain bored.


  • Charlie Ruggles as Goodtime Charlie.
  • Ron Brown as Jess Bradley.
  • Brian Russell as Potlatch.
  • Chainsaw as Himself.
  • Linda Wallace as Jess's Fiancee.
  • Jim Wilson as Farmer.
  • Lewis Sample as Chief Engineer.
  • Clifford Peterson as Mill Manager.
  • Edward C. Moller as Mill Hand.
  • Rex Allen as Narrator.

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