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Charlotte Rampling in 2009

Tessa Charlotte Rampling OBE (born 5 February 1946) is an English actress, model and singer.


  • "There are so many misunderstandings in life. I once caused a scandal by saying I lived with two men [...] I didn't mean it in a sexual sense [...] We were just like any people sharing an apartment.".
    • Earl Wilson, Idaho falls, Post-Register (18 March 1974).
  • I thought that after such a long time of not letting her be with me. I would like to bring her back into my life.

Numero interview (2004)


As quoted in "The cult interview with Charlotte Rampling" by Philip Utz (10 March 2020, originally published November 2004), Numero

  • I’ve driven across America, lived in New York and Los Angeles, made films in Colorado and Salt Lake City, and spent a long time in San Francisco. But I have only ever seen America for what it is, from a European viewpoint. I consciously choose not to live and work there. I feel much freer here. I actually feel quite threatened in America. New York is a world of its own, and Los Angeles is movie world, but as for the rest of America... Well, I’m afraid I don’t really understand it.
  • Some people can’t bear their faces, so they change them. I happen to like mine. I’ve always seen it as a reference: a sort of face value that I could always relate to, however puckered and strange it may be. In the end, it’s all you’ve got, because you’re alone a lot of the time.
  • Age teaches you not to try and change your true nature, and just to go with it. So I spend a lot of time going down under, to find my own personal integrity within myself.
  • ...The tabloids are only there for those who choose to be in them. Personally, I’d rather not. In France you have the law on your side, unlike in England where the papers can really come into your life and shatter it.
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