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Cheese Chasers is a 1951 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Chuck Jones, and starring Hubie and Bertie, as well as an appearance by Claude Cat. Mel Blanc plays Claude, Hubie and the dog; while Stan Freberg plays Bertie.


Dog: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Now, uh, you're a cat, right?
Claude Cat: Right.
Dog: And, uh, cats eat mice, right?
Claude Cat: No!
Dog: You - he-he - you're mice, right?
Hubie: Right.
Dog: And mice, they eat cheese, right?
Hubie and Bertie: Cheese? Ahh! Don't mention that word!
[The scene fades to black and the scene changes where the cheese has a sign that says "Exhibit A". Hubie and Bertie holds and sign that says "Exhibit B" and Claude Cat holds a sign that says "Exhibit C". Dog is at an adding machine]
Dog: Let's see now. Mice don't like cheese... [types on machine, pulls lever] ...and mice want cat to eat them. [types on machine, pulls lever again] Now then, cat don't wanna eat mice... [types on machine, pulls lever again] ...but cat wants dog to massacre him. [types on machine, pulls lever again, and looks at results] It just don't add up!
[Dog then hears a dog catcher driving by and runs to it, and runs away from Claude, Hubie and Bertie]
Dog: Hey, wait for me! Wait for baby!
Claude Cat: [while running up to Dog] Hey, wait for me! You gotta massacre me!
Hubie and Bertie: Wait you cowardly cat!
[Hubie and Bertie run up to Claude Cat and the Dog as the closing credits start]

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