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A portrait of Chela Sandoval

Chela Sandoval (born July 31, 1956), associate professor of Chicana Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara, is a noted theorist of postcolonial feminism and third world feminism.


Methodology of the Oppressed (2000)[edit]

  • How does one go about thinking, talking, living, theorizing, or resisting an original, prodigious, and ongoing first world cultural expansion, indeed, this imperial neocolonization of all citizen-subjects, when the nature of this very expansion functions to take in any thought about it?
    • p. 17
  • Late-capitalist retranslation of difference allows hierarchical and material differences in power between people to be erased from consciousness, even when these same economic and social privileges are bolstered.
    • p. 74
  • Louis Althusser puts it this way: because "class instinct is subjective and spontaneous," the class instinct of the middle classes and "thus of intellectuals" must undergo a painful and "revolutionary" transformation in order to become oppositional—that is, in order to become aligned with the methodology of the oppressed.
    • p. 181

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