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Cherry Falls is a 2000 horror thriller film in a similar vein to Scream with a difference, in that the killer targeted teenage virgins thus changing the slasher film genre.

Directed by Geoffrey Wright.
Lose your innocence - or lose your life (taglines)

Leonard Marliston[edit]

  • You never knew...oh how could how much she loved you before you raped her! And after you raped her there was no one to tell...except me...over and over and over again. It's very hard too look like the one person you're mom loves and hates the most.

  • It's a stinking hypocritical world isn't it Brent where rapists become pillars of the community, with stinking hypocritical people in it who wouldn't miss their own befouled lives much what better way than to take away the only innocence they have left...their precious virginal children.

  • [to Jody, threatening to kill her after she told him that her mother told her the story about what happend 25 years ago] SHUT UP!!! I NEED YOU TO SHUT UP!!! I'LL KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP!!!
  • [last words before he got pushed off the balcony and impaled on fence posts by Jody Marken and shot 18 times to death by Deputy Sheriff Mina] JODY!!!


Leonard Marliston: We have the same coloured eyes...
Sherrif Brent Marken: No
Leonard Marliston: Dad
Sherrif Brent Marken:

Leonard Marliston: CLASS DISSMISSED!


  • Lose your innocence - or lose your life
  • Innocence has never been deadlier.
  • At Virgin High... it's put out or die.
  • If you haven't had it... you've had it.
  • What would you give to live?
  • Get Laid... Or Die!


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