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Chicago Med (2015-) is an American medical drama television series.

Soul Care [2.1][edit]

Win Loss [2.2][edit]

Dr. Choi: Nothing prepares you for war.

Dr. Nina Shore: Here, look at this. Come on, it'll make you feel better.
Dr. Halstead: [looks into microscope] What is it?
Dr. Shore: Molluscum contagiosum. It's a type of pox virus. It's a nasty one, actually. Even so, stunning, right? Like 10 pounds of raspberry rock candy pressed into a 5-pound bag.

April: [notices Dr. Reese looking at her] What are you thinking?
Dr. Reese: Anxiety is a powerful emotion. Would you say that you feel more nervous about the situation or fearful of the future?
April: I-I don't know. Both, I guess.
Dr. Reese: How have you been sleeping? Waking up at night? Earlier than you'd like? [April and Maggie look at each other and start giggling] What?
April: Oh, my God. You're shrinking me. [to Maggie, amused] Three weeks in psych, and she's Freud.

Dr. Halstead: [about his patient] 15 years, homeless, essentially blind. I mean, that's a crap hand. He should be pissed. Yet, he's happy as can be. Crazy I got this patient today.
Dr. Charles: My experience, we get the patients we need.

Natural History [2.3][edit]

Brother's Keeper [2.4][edit]

Extreme Measures [2.5][edit]

Alternative Medicine [2.6][edit]

Inherent Bias [2.7][edit]

Free Will [2.8][edit]

Unchartered Territory [2.9][edit]

Cyrus Hammad: You can't control ignorance, only how you react.

Jeff Clarke: Hey, don't let those ass-wipes get to you. Just trying to be tough guys.
Dr. Choi: No, Jeff. It goes deeper. Not many families with the last name Choi where I grew up. Know the type all too well.

Dr. Reese: You just get good news or bad news?
Dr. Choi: My coma patient this morning, he mentioned a Qur'an verse: Surah Al shura 40. "The recompense of an evil deed can only be an evil equal to it; but whoever pardons and makes reconciliation, their reward is due from God."
Dr. Reese: In the psych world, it's called complementarity. You know, kindness begets kindness. Hostility, hostility.
Dr. Choi: Yeah. An hour ago, those two hated each other, but then his father extends a hand.
Dr. Reese: Dr. Charles calls it "flipping the script".
Dr. Choi: Don't know if I could've done it.

Heart Matters [2.10][edit]

Graveyard Shift [2.11][edit]

Dr. Rhodes: So, you volunteer at the zoo, huh?
Dr. Choi: Yeah.
Dr. Rhodes: How come?
Dr. Choi: You'll laugh.
Dr. Rhodes: Just try me.
Dr. Choi: [sighs] All right. A few hours ago I lost a kid who was shot. Another one. So much of my work...stabbings, shootings...i's dark, man. Worst of human nature. But animals...not to say they don't kill each other, but they don't do it out of malice. They're innocent. They're light.

Mirror Mirror [2.12][edit]

Dr. Stohl: [to the camera] I believe it was Cicero who said: "In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men." It's so humbling, the responsibility.
Maggie: [looks at Stohl and the camera crew] A star is born.

Psychiatrist: [to Dr. Reese] Self-conscious is what we're going for. You know what makes you better at this job? Being present. Being honest. Especially with yourself.

Clarke: Dr. Choi, this is Ray Ochoa, who insisted there is nothing at all wrong with him.
Dr. Choi: That's weird. Charge nurse said he was found doubled over on the floor of a gas station bathroom, screaming out in pain.
Ray Ochoa: I wasn't screaming in pain. Only gay ass punks do that.
Dr. Choi: Ray, you might not be aware, but I'm a Navy Flight Surgeon, still in active reserve. And, Jeff, here was an Army Ranger. Seen plenty of men screaming out in pain.
Clarke: Tougher guys than me.

Theseus' Ship [2.13][edit]

Cold Front [2.14][edit]

Dr. Charles: Funny thing about the truth - it rarely sets anyone free.

Dr. Latham: One can lack empathy but still feel compassion.

Lose Yourself [2.15][edit]

Prisoner's Dilemma [2.16][edit]

Monday Mourning [2.17][edit]

Dr. Manning: Heart's in brady arrest. Core temp 27 degrees Celsius. Cold and dead, Sexton? What do you think?
Noah Sexton: Uh, that he's not dead until he's warm and dead?
Dr. Manning: You just won the first shift of compressions.

Dr. Charles: Helping people is just about the hardest job there is.
Dr. Halstead: You've been doing it what? 25, 30 several years? What what's the secret?
Dr. Charles: Well, I'm still looking for that, but if I had to guess, I'd say it had something to do with, you know, just keep showing up, keep doing your job, put one foot in front of the other, 'cause when you start to get all tangled up in here, you know, that's when, I mean, it can just paralyze you.
Dr. Halstead: Yeah. Still, it's gonna be a while before I can sleep again. [walks away sadly]
Dr. Charles: Dr. Halstead? [Dr. Halstead turns to look at him] I think we're lucky to have you here.

Lessons Learned [2.18][edit]

Maggie: [briefing a new ED nurse Monique] Seven treatment rooms on the east side, four trauma bays on the west. Bays three and four combine to treat gunshot wounds, a place affectionately known as "Baghdad". 4,000 shootings in Chicago. Some days, we get- [passes a newly admitted patient yelling in pain] -a dozen.

Maggie: Quick, nurses' credo?
Monique: Uh, cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.
Maggie: Uh-uh. Don't kill your patient....
April, Maggie and Doris: Because that's the doctor's job.

Ctrl Alt [2.19][edit]

Generation Gap [2.20][edit]

Elliott: I think about sex. all the time.
Dr. Charles: You're seventeen. It's really...not that unusual.

[Dr. Reese and Noah Sexton are preparing the mannequin babies for her class.]
Dr. Reese: I have no maternal instincts, I have no connection to babies, I have no intention of having one.
Noah: I'm right there with you.

Will: Pops, this is Connor Rhodes. He's another doc at Med.
Pat Halstead: [glares at Will] Told you I don't need this.
Will: Come on, you can barely talk.
Pat: I'm gonna take advice from someone who wet the bed till he was nine?
Jay: Never changes. [gets up to leave] I gotta get back to the district.
Will: Thanks, Jay.
Pat: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Will: All right, numbers look good. Breathing great.
Pat: Feel like I could pitch nine innings.
Jay: [sarcastically] It's what every team wants, a 60-something starter with a bum ticker.

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