Chicago P.D./Season 7

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Chicago P.D. (2014-) is a police procedural, airing on NBC, about a uniformed police patrol and the Intelligence Unit that tracks the perpetrators of the city's major street.

Doubt [7.1][edit]

Assets [7.2][edit]

Familia [7.3][edit]

Infection: Part III [7.4][edit]

Brother's Keeper [7.5][edit]

False Positive [7.6][edit]

Informant [7.7][edit]

No Regrets [7.8][edit]

Absolution [7.9][edit]

No Mercy [7.10][edit]

Upton: He's gonna freak out when he wakes up. The man hates needles. I can't figure him out. He's the first one through the door, a war vet, and he'd rather take a bullet than take the flu shot.
Rojas: Hailey I know how hard this must be for you.
Upton: It's always hard when something like this happens.
Rojas: It's hard because you love him.
Upton: Of course I love him. He's my partner.

Voight: Sooner or later, the son's gonna break from the father to make his own mark.

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