Chickenshit outfits

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Quotations related to getting out of chickenshit outfits.


  • Mallory "Trace Sterling's phone and scramble every available field agent. I want them all converging on his location!"
    Gillette "They kinda already are."
    Carol/Cheryl "There are only like two of them."
    Pam "So why are these dam peer reviews so hard? Only like 10 people work in this whole goddamn chickenshit outfit."
  • Gorman: Any questions? [Hudson raises his hand.] What is it, private?
    Hudson: [grinning] How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?
    Apone: You secure that shit, Hudson!
  • I can't wait to get out of this chickenshit outfit.
    • James Abourezk, in 1978, speaking to reporters about his impending retirement from the U.S. Congress, as reported in On the Hill : A History of the American Congress (1979) by Alvin M. Josephy - ISBN 9780671250485
  • When he reported to the 761st in October 1943, the colonel briefed him and concluded by asking if he had any questions.

    "Just one," Geist said. "How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit? I don't want to serve with Negroes."

    • Russell C. Geist in 1943, as reported in Patton's Panthers : The African-American 761st Tank Battalion in World War II (2005) by Charles W. Sasser - ISBN 9780743485005
  • "How do you get a transfer out of this chicken-shit outfit?" Harry demanded.
    "Well, you have to fuck up —"
    "Fuck up. That's my problem. All this time I tried to fuck off."
  • Mr. Grey: "Some Girl Scout chickenshit outfit I'm in here."
    • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, 1974