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Babalola Chinedum Peace

Chinedum Peace Babalola (née Anyabuike) FAS, FAAS is a Nigerian Professor of pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacokinetics. She is the first female Professor of Pharmacy in the University of Ibadan, FAS and FAAS and the second female Nigerian FAAS. She is the incumbent Vice Chancellor of Chrisland University, Nigeria.


  • I do not expect any woman or young girl to complain of not being given an opportunity because there are a lot of opportunities out there for all young girls and women in the world as we speak; all we need to do is to find opportunities and grab them.
    • [1] chinemdu in an Interview
  • it’s possible to make your vision a reality. Having a mentor is also very important. Have a role model. Study your role model; learn from her and success will be yours.
    • [2] chinemdu in an interview
  • So, as a young girl, I would say manage your emotions, your choices, your peer and focus on being the best. There are grants for women who own a business brand to support them financially and to talk about business owners, business doesn’t stop from being educated; education will help you be a better entrepreneur. So, as a young business owner, get good education and pursue your dream. When it is time for marriage, let God guide your decision of who to marry because marrying a wrong man could eventually lead to break-up, which will affect you from achieving your dreams.
    • [3] During an interview with the Tribune newspaper advising women especially young girls. March 25, 2020
  • I recall how I narrowly escaped it in 100 Level at the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University). We already knew about it before I entered the university but I had to run for my dear life when I discovered that two lecturers taking Physics and Chemistry had focused on me. I recall at a time one of my close friends had a problem too that we had to go as a group of students to beg the lecturer to release her.
    • [4] Recalling her sex-for-mark experience during an interview with The Punch. June 30, 2019

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