Chinyere Stella Okunna

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Okunna in 2019

Chinyere Okunna is the first female professor in Mass communication in Nigeria. She has served in various capacities as an administrator and educationist in the academia and in the public/political arena.


  • Most of the things people do in government is driven by greed. People are there no matter how badly the governor or the president or their boss is doing. They stick in there because of the money

  • Some countries allow the press to have that freedom unfettered. But in some places, there are impediments on the path of the media. Basically, the media often performs as well the political structure allows them to perform. We all know that in this part of the world, press freedom, freedom of speech and other watchdog functions don’t aways apply. Most government-media are practically lapdogs for the authorities.

  • The country is in a bad shape and on the brink of collapse, so much so that even those Nigerians who were apathetic towards politics are now sufficiently alarmed to show interest in who has the capacity to salvage the country. The intelligentsia are no exception.

  • You have to decide where to belong as regards professionalism in reporting because ethics in journalism is not negotiable. It is either you decide to do the job ethically and with best practices or not because truth, accuracy, balanced reporting, impartiality and objectivity are the hallmarks of journalism.”
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