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Chocolatier is a casual strategy video game with action game elements, developed by American studio Big Splash Games and published by PlayFirst. It is the first title in the Chocolatier trilogy series.

Players assume the role of a young chocolatier, who must navigate 14 cities around the globe while buying ingredients, manufacturing chocolate confections, and selling them to chocolate shops. Two modes of play are available: in story mode the player must rebuild an almost-bankrupt chocolate empire, named Baumeister Confections, and acquire 64 chocolate recipes from around the world; in free mode players start out with scant resources and must become successful chocolatiers. The game received a mostly positive reception: reviewers enjoyed the action minigame which is played when chocolates are manufactured, as well as the game's graphics, sound, and Victorian-era presentation.

User Interface[edit]

Loading: One moment, please...
Unknown recipe: You do not own this particular recipe. It sure looks delicious, doesn't it? And it certainly must be out there somewhere, just waiting to be discovered...



Luscious, luxurious bars made with the finest chocolates accented in a wide variety of flavors.
Basic Chocolate Bars: Simple chocolate bars that are simply delicious.
Dark Chocolate Bars: Higher cacao content makes these a bit fancier than Basic Chocolate Bars.
Milk Chocolate Bars: A rich and creamy blend of fine milk solids, cacao and sugar.
Chocolate Bars w/ Almonds: Fresh roasted almonds on a bed of the finest chocolate.
Chocolate Bars w/ Cashews: These scrumptious bars are made with roasted cashews, sugar and cacao beans.
Chocolate Bars w/ Coffee: Dense chocolate with real roasted coffee you will savor at the finish.
Chocolate Bars w/ Trinidad Lemons: Fresh lemons from Trinidad provide an intense burst of tangy, sweet flavor.
Chocolate Bars w/ Fresh Mint: Sharp mint gives these bars a wonderful aftertaste. The perfect after-dinner chocolate.
Exclusive Quito Cacao Chocolate Bars: The finest Quito cacao lends these bars a unique taste that lingers on the palate.
Special Trinidad Cacao Chocolate Bars: Cacao beans imported from Trinidad give these bars their distinct, incomparable temper and taste.
Mahajanga Cacao Chocolate Bars: Only the finest Mahajanga cacao harvested in Madagascar is used to craft these dark, delectable bars.
Colombo Cacao Chocolate Bars: Sri Lankan cacao beans give these bars a wonderful aroma and remarkable finish.
Select Sulawesi Cacao Chocolate Bars (unused): Made with Sulawesi cacao, known among chocolate aficionados throughout the world for its subtle, earthy flavors.
Extra Dark Chocolate Bars: These Extra Dark Chocolate Bars are made with 75% pure cacao.
White Chocolate Bars: Blending milk solids, sugar and cacao, these untraditional bars have become popular the world over.
Dark Bars w/ Almonds: The snap of these sleek, extra dark and nutty bars is beyond compare.
Coffee Dark Chocolate Bars: High cacao content combined with roasted coffee beans makes these bars a pleasure to see, smell and taste.


Perfect for gifts and special occasions, these indulgent treats won't be soon forgotten.
Extra Dark Chocolate Squares: The finest extra dark chocolate shaped into squares.
Dark Chocolate Squares w/ Cashews: Fresh cashews, encased in rich, dark chocolate shaped into squares.
Dark Chocolate Squares w/ Almonds: These squares are made with fresh almonds, and exhibit a nutty, earthy finish.
Hazelnut Squares: A whole, toasted hazelnut awaits in these squares of the finest dark chocolate.
Cherry Chocolate Squares: One luscious sweet cherry surrounded by the finest chocolate.
Cinnamon Chocolate Squares: Dark chocolate squares with a sweet cinnamon flare that evokes warmth and good cheer.
Caramel Chocolate Squares: Light and buttery caramel centers enrobed in pure, dark chocolate.
Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Squares: Roasted hazelnuts in creamy, smooth milk chocolate, fashioned into squares.
Coffee Chocolate Squares: Rich coffee-flavored chocolate squares are perfect for entertaining.
Mint Chocolate Squares: Fragrant fresh mint is the key to these delightful after-dinner chocolate squares.
Almond Chocolate Squares: Dark chocolate enrobes a crisp nougat of roasted almonds.
Cherry Squares w/ Vanilla: A hint of vanilla kisses a fresh cherry in these luscious chocolate squares.
Cinnamon Chocolate Squares w/ Vanilla: A wisp of Madagascar vanilla, combined with cinnamon, give these squares a uniquely satisfying flavor and hue.
Milk Chocolate Squares w/ Vanilla: Creamy milk chocolate squares with a surprising whiff of vanilla.
Chocolate Hazelnut Squares w/ Vanilla: Rich chocolate-encased fresh roasted hazelnuts, with a hint of vanilla, make these squares hard to resist.
Chocolate Almond Squares w/ Vanilla: Roasted almonds, creamy chocolate and the finest vanilla - delicious!


Creamy European-style Ganache centers in a range of exotic spices, fruits and nuts that simply melt in the mouth.
Milk Chocolate Infusions: Velvety milk chocolate filling in a pure milk chocolate shell.
Coconut Chocolate Infusions: Rich, smooth chocolate infused with fresh coconut ganache.
Cherry Chocolate Infusions: Rich chocolate surrounds a tangy cherry ganache.
Coffee Chocolate Infusions: Strong, dark coffee liquor enrobed in subtle, sublime chocolate.
Raspberry Chocolate Infusions: Using only the freshest raspberries are the secret to these wonderful infusions.
Vanilla Almond Infusions: Ganache of roasted almonds accented by the finest vanilla, surrounded by the finest chocolate comprise these delectable infusions.
Lemon Chocolate Infusions: The finest chocolate encases a sweet, fresh lemon ganache.
Cinnamon Chocolate Infusions: Fresh cinnamon lends these delightful infusions a long, slow finish and lasting aftertaste.
Mint Chocolate Infusions: Sharp mint gives these infusions a wonderful extra zing at the finish.
Mahajanga Cherry Chocolate Infusions: Exclusive Mahajanga chocolate surrounds a tangy cherry-infused ganache.
Quito Chocolate Coffee Infusions: Coffee liquor wrapped in a chocolate shell made from exclusive Quito cacao.
Raspberry Colombo Cacao Chocolate Infusions: Dark chocolate made with a varietal cacao from Sri Lanka encases a tart, fresh raspberry ganache.
Raspberry Mint Mahajanga Chocolate Infusions: Exclusive Mahajanga cacao chocolate encases a raspberry ganache filling with a breath of fresh mint.
Colombo Cacao Coffee & Almond Infusions: Coffee and almond-infused ganache, surrounded by a chocolate shell from the finest Sri Lankan cacao.
Sulawesi Cacao Macadamia Infusions: The finest chocolate shell fashioned exclusively from Sulawesi cacao around a crunchy macadamia nut ganache filling.
Blended Cacao Chocolate Infusions: A chocolate case from a secret blend of varietal beans from Sulawesi, Trinidad and Mahajanga enrobes a succulent vanilla filling.


Classic concoctions, created by blending the finest ingredients into creamy, divine balls of pure bliss.
Dark Chocolate Truffles: Rich, dark chocolate filling in a dark chocolate case, dusted with truffle powder.
Milk Chocolate Truffles: A creamy milk chocolate filling, a milk chocolate shell, dusted with truffle powder, simple pleasure.
Mint Chocolate Truffles: Fresh mint cream filling in a subtle chocolate shell, dusted with truffle powder.
Almond Chocolate Truffles: Roasted almond filling in a dark chocolate case, dusted with truffle powder.
Caramel Chocolate Truffles: Silky smooth caramel filling in a chocolate case, dusted with truffle powder.
Hazelnut Milk Truffles: Crunchy, roasted whole hazelnuts enrobed in creamy milk chocolate, dusted with truffle powder.
Coconut Lemon Truffles: A delightful paste bursting with hints of coconut and lemon, inside a delicious chocolate shell.
Coffee Cinnamon Truffles: Truffles filled with a wonderful nougat swirling with coffee and cinnamon, perfect to warm any heart.
Mahajanga Cacao Cinnamon Cherry Truffles: Mahajanga cacao is the secret to these scrumptious truffles with a spicy cinnamon and sweet cherry-flavoured filling.
Sulawesi Cacao Lemon Macadamia Truffles: Cacao from Sulawesi provides a unique temper to these truffles, filled with lemon macadamia liquor, dusted with truffle powder.
Colombo Cacao Coffee Caramel Truffles: Distinctive Colombo cacao lends these truffles a inimitable finish. Their filling is a blend of coffee and caramel.
Trinidadian Cacao Almond Vanilla Truffles: Trinidadian cacao and a cream filling made from roasted almonds with a touch of vanilla make these truffles one of a kind.
Blended Cacao Mint Coffee Truffles: A blend of cacao beans from Trinidad and Colombo, combined with a creamy mint coffee inside makes these truffles famous.
Blended Cacao Raspberry Coconut Truffles: Fresh raspberry, coconut and a blend of cacaos from Sulawesi and Mahajanga make these truffles impossible to forget.
Blended Cacao Milk Chocolate Truffles: The world's finest milk chocolate is made by combining exclusive stock cacaos from Colombo, Sulawesi and Quito.
Extra Dark Limited Stock Blended Cacao Truffles: A unique blend of cacaos from Colombo, Mahajanga, Trinidad and Sulawesi is used to make these extra dark, extra delicious truffles.






I'm already offering you the lowest prices in all of [Port]!
Please, you must realize these ingredients are not easy to come by. Are my prices not fair?
Are you kidding? My own mother just purchased some ingredients from me at a higher price!
My brother told me this very morning: "[Character], remember what happened last time you lowered your prices? You had to sell the shirt from your back in order to feed your family."
Check the quality of these goods and you'll see they're worth the price. I only buy from the finest producers.
Look. These are my prices. I think you will find they are fair.
I am not of a mind to negotiate with you right now. My prices are firm.
Shop around. Be my guest.
Listen. You know what it's like here in [Port]. I have a family to feed too, you know.
You and I both know that these are extremely fair prices for the quality you find here in my market.


I suppose I could shave a bit off these prices. What do you think?
You drive a hard bargain, and I'd like to keep you as a regular customer. How do these prices look?
For you, my friend, I can make a very special offer.
Okay, okay. I can lower my prices a bit, but my children will go hungry tonight!
If I say this out loud the other vendors here will be angry... so I'm going to write some new prices on this piece of paper. What do you think?
I am interested in making a sale here. I guess I can do something.
I don't normally do this, but I'm in a wonderful mood today. How do these prices look to you?
I can give you a break this time, but don't be expecting this kind of treatment every time you come by...
Wow! You drive a hard bargain. I won't make a dime at these prices; I hope you're happy.
Of course I can do something for you, such a special customer.


How dare you insult me so! Mine are the finest goods available. If anything, they should command the highest prices possible! Now pay or be gone.
Why can you not be happy with my already low and very fair prices? Well... you lost your chance to be reasonable, my friend. Check out these prices!
Perhaps you do not understand... I can charge whatever I feel is appropriate. Now, either buy from me at these prices or be gone from [Market].
I grow tired of your company. Either make a purchase or be off!
I just heard from a trusted friend that my recent order will be late. I'm afraid I'll have to raise my prices.
Enough is enough. Now pay or be gone.
Now you have gone too far. How do you like these prices?
You have tried my patience. My prices are now going up.
You've got me thinking, all right. I think my prices are too low. I am afraid I am going to raise them.
Maybe next time you'll recognize a good deal when you see one. For now, my prices have just gone up.

Quests & Storyline[edit]


Greetings, [Player]. I am so glad that you are here to restore honor to the recipes of my family. You have a noble, but challenging task ahead of you. Shall I help you get started?
- Evangeline Baumeister, San Francisco






Many have loved Evangeline Baumeister, this is true. None, though, could best her first and only true love. Man named Jarrah Tangye. You'll find him in Hong Kong these days. Must be quite a fellow...
- Jeremiah Pepper, San Francisco
We see all types of people here at the Barbary Coast Saloon. You never know who you're gonna run into in saloons. Most folks are decent types, all right, but I sure can't say that for all of 'em.
- Jeremiah Pepper, San Francisco
We're not particular, here at the market. But it sure is nice to sell ingredients to someone who knows how to turn them into something delicious. Welcome...
- Bernardo Munacho, Quito
Sure, you can find ordinary Cacao Beans at many markets, but if your recipe calls for a specific variety of beans, you need to deal directly with the growers at their farms. I use new methods to grow and harvest only the finest beans here.
- Juanita de la Garda, Quito
A good day to you, [Player]. I am so pleased to see the Baumeister recipes being put to proper use. Not to take anything away from Rowena, but quality just hadn't been up to snuff. Of course, I remember tasting my first Baumeister Infusion when I was just a wee lad.
- Sir Albion Forester, London
I've been working at this place for a long, long time. Now this is just my opinion, but I never had a lot of problems with the wife, Rowena. The husband, on the other hand - Estaban Grimaldo - that's another story all together...
- Claire Watson, London
When you've been around as long as I have, [Player], you get to be a pretty good judge of character. I truly believe that if Estaban Grimaldo had never entered the picture, Baumeister Confections would be thriving to this very day...
- Alhaji Busia Afrifa, Accra
You are looking for recipes, is it? I don't have anything just now, but I do come across them now and again...
- Kwadwo Agyepong, Accra
I am indeed a Baumeister - a cousin anyhow - but I try to steer clear of that situation, at least as much as I can. My husband and I are simply trying to earn a decent living doing what we love - purveying chocolates.
- Nehanda Nkrumah, Accra
While I have never left the island of Madagascar, I have read widely, and I keep up with what's going on out there. I know that what you are doing is honorable - do not be deterred!
- Hasina Nkolokosa, Mahajanga
Have I heard of Estaban Grimaldo? Of course! His money is as good as anyone else's, as far as I'm concerned. Are you in need of ingredients, my friend?
- Safidy Mapanje, Mahajanga
Oh, those sisters of mine, how I wish they would just resolve their differences. For myself, I will buy quality chocolates from whomever sells them to me at the right price. Have a look at what I'm willing to pay...
You may have met my fiancé, Sarah Hoffenpepper? She is wonderful, isn't she? I have loved many in my day, but none compares to her. And what a sweet tooth! Sarah feels Grimaldo is to blame for our family's troubles, but I'm not so sure...
- Deiter Baumeister, Istanbul
I am a distant cousin to the chocolate-making Baumeisters. It gives me great pleasure to know that the old family recipes are being put to good use.
- Janean Tissa, Colombo
My uncle Hieronymus started Baumeister Confections, so I guess chocolate runs in my blood. I am cultivating the finest Colombo Cacao here, and I look forward to tasting the Raspberry Colombo Cacao Chocolate Infusions you will make with my beans.
- Eritrice Fetzerin, Colombo
Have you met my sister over at Makasaar Sweets? She runs the finest shop in all of Indonesia, and sources her goods from all over the world.
- Wuaya Sarundayang, Sulawesi
My fiancé, Deiter Baumeister, tries to stay out of things between his sisters, but I know what's what with those two. And believe me, you're on the right side...
I am sure glad to know that Evangeline has found someone she can trust to help with her situation. I know things will work out someday...
Deiter Baumeister, who is to be my husband, would never say so, but believe me, he appreciates all that you are doing for his sister.
- Sarah Hoffenpepper
I am the eldest daughter of Marten Baumeister, Jr. - 1st cousin to the Baumeister Confections clan. I am very pleased with what you are doing with their recipes, and wish you nothing but success in your efforts.
- Isabella Baumeister

Misc. Dialogue[edit]

General Talk[edit]

What a wonderful day for chocolate!
Every day is sweet, if chocolate is part of your day.
I have yet to meet a case of chocolates I didn't like.
Nobody knows the truffles I've seen.
There is nothing like a good case of chocolates to help one unwind after a long journey.
A chocolate infusion each day keeps the doctor away.
I thought about trying to give up chocolate once, but then I thought better of it.
Life is uncertain. My suggestion to you is that you eat some good chocolates while you can.
Hello, [Player]. I believe I may have sampled some of your wares recently. Mighty impressive indeed!
I've heard it said that Napoleon carried chocolate with him on his military campaigns. Sounds like my kind of army.
The first chocolate factory was established in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1765. Of course, they didn't have any of our modern conveniences, like steam.
The first chocolate factory was established in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1765. I guess even the Puritans enjoyed a good bar of chocolate.
Christopher Columbus was introduced to the wonders of Cacao Beans during his 4th voyage, in 1502. By 1503, I'll bet he was a full-blown chocoholic.
Cacao Beans only grow between 20 degrees North and 20 degrees South of the Equator. Picky little buggers.
Without fermentation, cacao beans yield little or no chocolate flavor. And without chocolate flavor, what's the point, really?
Mark my words: One of these days science will prove unequivocally that quality chocolate is good for your health.
Mayan and Aztec Indians viewed chocolate as a symbol of power. Personally, I view it as something really delicious to eat.
In 1828, Coenraad Johannes van Houten, a Dutch Chocolatier, invented the cocoa press. Three cheers for Coenraad! No Coenraad, no cocoa butter.
There is nothing like a good case of chocolates to help one unwind after a long journey.
Too bad Louis XIV of France is no longer around. You could have applied to be the Royal Chocolate Maker to the King.
Chocolate is said to date back more than 4,000 years, to the culture of the Mayas, who built what was once a marvelous city on this site. - Acan Gucumatz, Merida
A sunny day, a beautiful Plaza, what more could a man ask for in this world? - Fernando Verdez, Merida
I am a naturalist, who gets to spend her days showing off the wonders of the Galápagos Islands. My uncle was in chocolate game, and I do have an eye out for recipes... - Candace Baumeister, Quito
I am the youngest Baumeister, and my only desire is for my sisters to get along. Of course, I do love fine chocolates, but I guess that's part of being a Baumeister. - Felix Baumeister, Trinidad
I have two passions: science and chocolate. Out in the Amazon, I get to indulge them both. - Susana Solidad, Rio de Janeiro
Legend has it this tower was built by a Sultan to protect his daughter, whom it was prophesized would die on her 18th birthday. - Azalen Sozen, Istanbul
Yes, I was in love with Evangeline Baumeister. Still am, I guess, in many ways... - Jarrah Tangye, Hong Kong


Be sure to poke around in each port that you visit -- you never know what the residents may be up to and what adventures and opportunities await you.
Prices at each market fluctuate based on local supply and demand, season, tastes and special conditions.
If you haggle too hard or too much, you may anger a merchant and see their prices skyrocket!
Prices at Chocolate Shops are firm and are determined by local market conditions, season, tastes and special situations.
Shops that you own will always offer you premium pricing for your chocolates.
Keep your products novel and prices will remain high. Bore your customers and you may see your profits take a dive.
Make chocolates as often as you like, but keep in mind that each factory run takes up a week that you could spend sourcing new ingredients, selling confections, and charting new paths for your business...
Be careful, [Player]. Not everyone around here is to be trusted.
Quest Tips:
Hey fellow traveler, I heard some news that may be useful to you: (tip).
I heard this through the grapevine: (tip).
Don't tell anyone else... (tip).
(tip). Just don't go blabbing it around and we'll both do fine!
Greetings, friend. Know what? (tip). Keep it under your hat...


Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Romantics around the world are giving chocolate prices a boost!
Easter: Easter is just around the corner, and the bunny is driving up demand for your chocolates!
Halloween: Trick-or-Treaters need more treats! Halloween will be here before you know it. Chocolate prices will be up across the board!
Christmas: Sales of chocolate gifts will be pushing up prices through the year-end holiday season.
Ingredient Prices Up:
A supply ship has sunk, and as a result the price of [Ingredient] is through the roof in [Port].
A warehouse fire in [Port] has driven up the price of [Ingredient]!
Bad storms off the coast have clearly affected prices. You should expect a high price for [Ingredient] in [Port] for a while.
Demand is high for [Ingredient] in [Port] this season. Prices are up.
If you're in the market for [Ingredient], I suggest heading anywhere but [Port] - the price is way up there right now.
The price of [Ingredient] is way up in [Port] right now - must be having supply troubles, I guess.
The producers of [Ingredient] in [Port] are on strike! Prices are up.
Ingredient Prices Down:
A glut of [Ingredient] on the market in [Port] has dropped the price there dramatically.
I can't speak for other places, but you'll get a great deal on [Ingredient] in [Port] for the time being.
If you're looking for a good deal on [Ingredient], be sure to visit [Port] soon...
It is not complicated. Producers are simply over-supplying these days. You can take advantage of a great price on [Ingredient] in [Port], if you hurry.
The price of [Ingredient] is dropping fast in [Port] right now - the market must be saturated.
There are some amazing bargains to be had in [Port] this season. It seems demand is way off for [Ingredient] there.
Chocolate Prices Up:
Chocolate lovers in [Port] are demanding more [Product] and are willing to pay.
Consumers in [Port] can't seem to get enough [Product], and they are driving the price way up.
If you have [Product] to sell, head for [Port] - they're commanding quite the price there of late.
It seems that [Product] are all the rage in [Port] this season, and their prices reflect the growing demand.
Judging from their price there, something about [Product] has sure tickled the fancy of [Port] consumers.
Let's just say that I have it on good authority that [Product] will command top dollar in [Port] for a while yet.
Chocolate Prices Down:
[Product] are not selling well in [Port], and prices are dropping there.
Don't let this get around, but the price is down for [Product] in [Port].
I can't tell you the cause, in fact I wish I knew it myself, but I can tell you that the price of [Product] is way off in [Port].
I was just in [Port], and I noticed that the price seemed very low for [Product].
If you've got [Product], I'd go somewhere other than [Port] to sell them - it seems prices there are down just now.
There's no accounting for taste, is there? Consumers simply aren't willing to pay top dollar for [Product] in [Port] these days.

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