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Christopher "Chris" Kamara (born 25 December 1957) is a retired footballer who's now a leading football reporter for Sky Sports. He's been a member of the Soccer Saturday team since 1999 which lead him to his current role as a match reporter by live video link.


  • "Papa Bouba Diop the man mountain himself is playing as a striker and he's got healey one side of him and Diamante's coming out the over side of him, it's Papa Bouba Diop with the header! It's a goal. It's a goal it David Healy he's running away. Andrew D'Urso playing on sorry my monitor's down again I'm looking over my shoulder, I don't really know the assistant, has he give it? Oh the assistant has it give it I don't think Jeff. No the referee hasn't give it either...don't really know what's happening Jeff ha ha. Could be, could be not ha ha ha!"
    • [1] Reporting back from Craven Cottage 18 August 2007.
  • Jeff Stelling: "There's been a red card but for who Chris Kamara?" Chris: "I don't know Jeff has there? I must have missed that. Is it a red card? I don't know, I don't know the rain must have got in my eyes Jeff. No you're right I saw him go off but I thought they were bringing a sub on Jeff. Still nil nil ha ha ha"
    • [2] Reporting back from Fratton Park 03 April 2010.
  • "Their football Arsenal is on another level but Spurs are fighting like beavers defending for their lives, It's a terrific game, still one nill" Jeff: "Did I hear that correctly? fighting like beavers? not tigers or lions but beavers those ferocious little devils" Chris: "The game as a spectacle is magnificent. Spurs working like beavers but the football from Arsenal Jeff, well it's out of this world it's sensational, their carving them up as easy as.....well, as easy as anything Jeff"

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