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Christian music is music that is written to express either personal or a communal belief regarding the Christian life, as well as to exist as a Christian alternative to main stream secular music.


  • We have brought into our churches certain operatic and theatrical music; such a confused, disorderly chattering of some words as I hardly think was ever in any of the Grecian or Roman theatres. The church rings with the noise of trumpets, pipes, and dulcimers; and human voices strive to bear their part with them. Men run to church as to a theatre, to have their ears tickled. And for this end organ makers are hired with great salaries, and a company of boys, who waste all their time learning these whining tones.
    • Erasmus, Commentary on I Cor. 14:19
  • Christian music doesn't require any thought at all! All you have to do is get crappy love songs and replace the word "baby" with "Jesus".
  • Like all music, the figured bass should have no other end and aim than the glory of God and the recreation of the soul; where this is not kept in mind there is no true music, but only an infernal clamour and ranting.
    • Johann Sebastian Bach, quoted in Ludwig Prautzsch Bibel und Symbol in den Werken Bachs p. 7 [1]; translation from Albert Schweitzer (trans. Ernest Newman) J. S. Bach (New York: Dover, 1966) vol. 1, p. 167.
  • Where there is devotional music, God with his grace is always present.
    • Johann Sebastian Bach, Original: "Bei einer andächtigen Musik ist allezeit Gott mit seiner Gnaden Gegenwart".

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