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Saint George and the Dragon by Gustave Moreau.

Christian mythology is the body of traditional narrative associated with Christianity. In its academic sense, the word myth simply means "a traditional story," regardless of its truth or falsity.


  • Christian mythology is made up partly from the ancient mythology and partly from the Jewish traditions.
  • The Roman Christian mythology (and theology) discourages the vice of licentiousness, and so this is better than the heathen, but it encourages bigotry, hypocrisy, cant, and many another vice which the older Mother of Abominations kept clear from.
  • [According to] Genesis 6:1-6, there the 'children of God' have intercourse with women, producing a race of Nephilim, 'mighty men that were old, men of renown'. Enoch 6-11 describes how these heavenly beings (all named) teach the women about spells, root-cutting and plants, astrology, weapons of war, and cosmetics. The women give birth to giants, who turn to cannibalism and drinking blood. The earth cries out for help, and God orders the execution of the giants, the binding of the Watchers beneath the hill until the day of judgment, and thereafter in a fiery chasm.
    • John William Rogerson, on The Old Testament World. p. 204

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