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Christian terrorism, a form of religious terrorism, comprises terrorist acts which are committed by groups or individuals who profess Christian motivations or goals.Christian terrorists justify their violent tactics through their interpretation of the Bible and Christianity, in accordance with their own objectives and worldview.


  • In summary, since the end of the Cold War, Christian terrorists have unleashed violence in various parts of the world, often with the same viciousness as their Islamist counterparts.
    • The Global Politics of Jesus– A Christian Case for Church-State Separation Autorius (-iai): Nilay Saiya, 124
  • This is the best time to remind the Americans that Baptist Christian terrorists are active in India’s North-East and they derive their financial support from the southern parts of the USA where the Baptist Church has a strong following. Funds are collected in the form of donations in various church establishments in the name of evangelical work. Some of this money is spent in true philanthropic work of spreading education and healthcare. However, it has been suspected for a long time that a part of this fund gets diverted for buying arms for the Baptist terrorists of the North-East. Our ex-Chief Election Commissioner, T.N. Seshan, gave voice to this suspicion in a television panel discussion on Doordarshan as early as in 1993. Our Army is baffled by the seemingly unending supply of sophisticated and expensive arms and equipment flooding into our North-East. All terrorists of various hues....
    • Separatism in North-East India– Role of Religion, Language and Script Autorius (-iai): Dr. Kunal Ghosh
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