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Christoffer Boe (born 7 May 1974) is a Danish film director. His films include Reconstruction, Allegro and Offscreen.


  • A debut movie is something that you envision for many, many years. If you really want to make a movie, you constantly think about this first movie, so when you make it, you want to have everything in it.
  • We're in this strange age where we can't say ‘I love you,’ at least not sincerely. … It's something where, if you simplify it, the whole point of trying to capture it would sort of make it dead. The fragmented thing can create a situation where the holes between the pieces of the puzzle can be filled with meaning, and thereby you get a greater sense of complexity or feeling.
    • Quoted in Fade to Black: Christoffer Boe, interview with Darroch Greer, Millimeter (September 1, 2004)

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