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Christopher Monckton in 2010

Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (born 14 February 1952) is a former British policy advisor and journalist. He is presently a contributer to Watts Up With That?.


  • The Scots are subsidy junkies whingeing like a trampled bagpipe as they wait for their next fix of English taxpayers' money.
    • Angus McLeod. Christopher Monckton and his support for subsidies to Scotland, Sunday Mail, April 16, 1995.
  • So at last the communists who piled out of the Berlin Wall and into the environmental movement and took over Greenpeace so that my friends who founded it left within a year because they'd captured it. Now the apotheosis is at hand. They are about to impose a communist world government on the world.
  • The point is, these [oil spill] accidents will happen. As we scientists say, shit happens.
  • I have begun drafting a memorandum for the prosecuting authorities, together with all evidence necessary to establish not only the existence of numerous specific instances of scientific or economic fraud in relation to the official "global warming" storyline but also the connections between these instances, and the overall scheme of deception that the individual artifices appear calculated to reinforce.
  • I would want to make absolutely sure that he [President Obama] was born here before allowing him to be elected. And the birth certificate that he put up on that website, I don't know where he was born. But I do know that birth certificate isn't genuine.
  • As I write, it is not yet clear who has won the presidential election. Win or lose, though, Mr Obama was not and is not the president. The Hawaiian long-form "birth certificate" he publicly endorsed and posted at the White House website last year as proof that he was born in the jurisdiction of the U.S. and is thus constitutionally eligible to be president is a forgery.
  • Communists, socialists and fascists everywhere, from Mr. Obama upward, have taken to the global warming cause like a quack to colored water. Just about every word they utter on this subject is a falsehood calculated to deceive, or—in plain English—a lie.
  • The "Democrats" have learned from the unlamented KGB, whose primary weapon of desinformatsiya, or disinformation, was a million agents whose job was to ruin the reputation of every key opponent of worldwide Communism by making up vicious rumors and peddling them via a plethora of front organizations. The left have done their best to trash my reputation because I have dared to question the climate scare with which they had hoped to bully the West into shutting itself down without a shot being fired. Just look at my CreepyMedia page. I know what it is like to be on the receiving end of artful lies told over and over again by a host of paid trolls and useful idiots.
  • The hard left, now in control almost everywhere, no longer make any pretense at respect for the U.S. Constitution or for the freedoms it was once supposed to guarantee. They are openly turning America into a Communist country with institutions many times more expensively tyrannical than the amiable tea-tax collectors of good King George.
  • Nearly everyone who is unemployed votes "Democrat." Nearly every immigrant, at least in the first generation, votes "Democrat." Nearly every non-white American votes "Democrat." The GOP know that so intellectually and financially bankrupt an administration should never have been re-elected – indeed, given the scale of electoral fraud practiced by the “Democrats,” he may not actually have been re-elected (always supposing that he had the constitutional right to hold the office of president in the first place).


  • Not greatly to my surprise—indeed I predicted it—the satellite crashed on take-off because the last thing they [NASA] want is real world hard data.
    • Attributed by Adam Morton, reporting in The Age, about a speaking engagement in which Lord Monckton implied that NASA had sabotaged a Taurus rocket in order to prevent the Orbiting Carbon Observatory from reaching space.

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