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Christopher Smith (2. July 1965 in Aylesbury, England) is a British academic and classicist specialising in early Ancient Rome. He is Professor of Ancient history at the University of St Andrews and was formerly Director of the British School at Rome.


The Etruscans (2014)[edit]

  • Yet wherever one looks, in non-specialist guides, or in holiday brochures, one reads about the 'mysterious' Etruscans; hidden Etruria; underground Etruria — as if the culture is somehow concealed from us. It is a sales gimmick which has been very useful and profitable, but it is also misleading. (...) The Etruscans were no more more mysterious than most other peoples of archaic Italy.
    • p.1. Christopher Smith (2014), The Etruscans: a very short introduction, Oxford: Oxford. University Press, 2014. p.1. ISBN: 978-‐0-‐19-‐954791-‐3.

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