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Christopher Stasheff (15 January 1944 – 10 June 2018) was an American science fiction and fantasy author.


The Warlock in Spite of Himself (1969)[edit]

There are only two sections, and no chapter divisions in the book. No page numbers, as all quotes are from the e-book edition published by PhoenixPick ISBN 978-1-60450-486-6
  • But revolutionaries are always out of place when the revolution is over, and are likely to prove an embarrassing factor to the police forces of the new government.
    • Section 1, Location 233
  • Democracy, the only practical compromise between totalitarianism and anarchy.
    • Location 242
  • “Rod, you are jumping to conclusions.”
    “No, just coming up with a brilliant flash of insight.”
    • Location 388
  • The important thing about a revolution is that it begin; you can always take control of it later.
    • Section 2, Location 3366
  • “We shall win, for the honor of Plantagenet or Gramarye, or die nobly.”
    “I have yet,” Rod said tightly, “to see a noble death in battle. They’re all just a little on the messy side.”
    • Location 4664
  • “You can judge a god, an ideal, by the people who worship it, Tom.”
    • Location 5183
  • The moment of silence stretched out as thin as the content of a congressman’s speech.
    • Location 5205
  • “Don’t die for…a dream…”
    • Location 6101 (ellipses as in the book)

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