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Chronicle is a 2012 film about three high school friends who gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as one of them embraces his darker side.

Directed by Josh Trank. Written by Max Landis. Story by Max Landis and Josh Trank
Not all heroes are super.(taglines)

Andrew Detmer[edit]

  • Matt! Don't be an idiot! Matt! Matt! You're my ride home!
  • I've been doing a lot of reading, you know? Like, online about, like, just evolution and natural selection and how like there's this thing, right? It's called the apex predator, right? And basically what this is, is the strongest animal in the ecosystem, right? And as human beings, we're considered the apex predator but only because smaller animals can't feed on us because of weapons and stuff, right? A lion does not feel guilty when it kills a gazelle, right? You do not feel guilty when you squash a fly... and I think that means something. I just think that really means something. [uses his powers to crush a car behind him]

Matt Garrety[edit]

  • [in Tibet, speaking to camera] Hey, Andrew. I just wanted to say that... I'm sorry and, uh, I-- I hope... that you know that I did what I had to do. You're not a bad person. I know that. That's all that matters. And, uh, I want you to know... that I'm gonna be better from now on. I'm gonna help people. I'm gonna find out what happened to us down there. I don't care how long it takes. I'm gonna get answers. I'm gonna do it for you, and I'm gonna do it for Steve. And... I just—I love you, man. I didn't ever get a chance to tell you, but I love you. And guess what? You made it. Whoo-hoo! Isn't it beautiful? Goodbye, Andrew. [Matt flies away and leaves the camera to view the beautiful tranquil scene]

Richard Detmer[edit]

  • [to Andrew] Your mother is dead. She died last night while I was out looking for you. I came home and, uh...she was there in her bed. If I just could have been there before. I was always there for her when you were out screwing around, and this one time, this one time that she needed me and you took me away. I want you to apologize to me. I know you can hear me, so I want you to sit up right now and apologize to me. You selfish, selfish asshole! [he stands up and begins shouting] This is your fault! You did...! [The scene cuts to the security camera with no audio, as the footage shows Richard shouting at Andrew while the police camera moves closer to the hospital bed] Do you hear me? Your mother is dead and it’s YOUR FAULT!!! [Andrew wakes up and grabs Richard's arm and the hospital room explodes]

Steve Montgomery[edit]

  • Yes, it was the black guy this time.
  • Ignore us! We're just... mormons!


[Richard Detmer enters Andrew's room while Andrew films himself using his camera on his desk]
Andrew: What do you want? [Richard punches Andrew, grabs him from his chair, shakes him violently, and then throws him to the floor]
Richard: When I say "Open the door," you open that door. You got it? Finish your goddamn homework.
[He leaves and later, Andrew gets back into his chair and adjusts the camera before using the computer again]

Richard: Hey.
Andrew: What?
Richard: How are you getting to school?
Andrew: I don't know what you mean.
Richard: Don't bullshit me, you idiot. Matt doesn't come. He doesn't drive up. You leave the house. Who the hell's giving you rides to school?
Andrew: M-Matt.
Richard: Alright. You know what? You're lying. You're up to something, and you can't hide it. You think you can just sneak, hmm? Sneak in, sneak around my house, smiling? I'm onto your shit.

Richard: Hoarding a $500 camera while your mom dies in there? I mean, how selfish can you be?! ... I went through your camera.
Andrew: What did you see?
Richard: Just you being a loser. You think that those people are your friends? Huh? They're not. You're an embarrassment. You're running around this town, spending my money...[he abruptly starts shouting] Look at me when I'm talking to you!
Andrew: I didn't spend any of your money, Richard.
Richard: 'Cause I don't have a dime to spend. Every last cent- Look at me! Every last cent goes to school for you-
Andrew: School?
Richard: And medication for your mother.
Andrew: I go to a public school!
Richard: And now, I won't pay for a goddamn-
Andrew: You don't pay for a public school, you idiot!
[For a moment, there was silence…]
Richard : What did you call me? Did you call me an idiot, little shit?!? [he throws the table and Andrew backs away] Did you call me an idiot?! Huh!? [he throws a chair as Andrew backs against the wall] You piece of shit! [he slaps Andrew with enough force to knock him to the ground] Get up! I said get up! [he pulls his son up] Get up! Damn it! [In a rage, Andrew grabs his father by the throat, throttles him across the room, and slams him against the wall before holding him up by his neck]
Andrew: I could crush you, you hear me!?!
Richard: Stop it-! [He is choking]
Andrew: I can CRUSH YOU!
Richard: Get-! [choking]
[Andrew throws Richard with enough force to send him flying the entire length of the basement. His father stays down on the floor in pain.]

[Andrew is flying in the sky and is crying during a lightning storm after being beaten by his father and standing up to him. Steve flies up to comfort him.]
Steve: Hey! Hey, asshole! What are you doing up here?
Andrew: Just leave me alone, Steve!
Steve: You can't be up here, dude. This isn't safe.
Andrew: I don't want to talk to anyone.
Steve: Bro! What are you doing up here?
Andrew: Leave me alone! How did you find me?
Steve: I don't know, man. My nose was bleeding and I heard your voice or something like-- What the hell happened to your face?
Andrew: Nothing, man. Just leave me alone.
Steve: No, dude, that's not nothing. That-- Your dad! Your dad beat the shit out of you. He can't do that to you.
Andrew: Will you stop acting like you give a shit?
Steve: Dude. Why are you talking to me like this? I'm your best friend.
Andrew: I don't have any friends! You were never my friend before any of this.
Steve: I hang out with you and Matt, like, every day! We're supposed to fly around the world together. Don't you-- Do you remember that? You think I'm--
Andrew: Stop! Just stop talking to me! Why won't you just leave me alone?
Steve: Come on, man.
Andrew: Steve, I'm telling you, get away from me! Get away from me now! Please! Now! [Suddenly, out of nowhere, a bolt of lightning hits Steve and he is killed instantly]

[After Andrew has just torn the wisdom teeth out of a bully's mouth at school, Matt flies into Andrew's room]
Matt: Andrew, what happened at school? Huh?
Andrew: [Panicking a little] I need to go and pick up my mom's medication!
Matt: Oh, yeah? [he grabs Andrew's backpack from him] You're gonna break the rules again? We're too strong for that now, Andrew! [he throws his backpack to the floor] If you did that, you know what I'd have to do!
Andrew: You'd have to what?
Matt: You have to start thinking.
Andrew: What would you have to do, Matt?
Matt: There are consequences, Andrew!
Andrew: You could not do anything to me because I am stronger than you.
Matt: Oh, stop giving me this bullshit! Andrew, I know what you did! I'm not gonna let you do it again!
Andrew: I’m not going to break your stupid rules! Okay?! So just screw off, and stay out of my life! [Andrew pushes Matt and Matt pushes back harder. Matt attempts to punch Andrew in the face but he stops his fist from hitting him by using his powers. At this, Matt flies away]

[Andrew flies out of the exploded hospital, holding Richard by the leg]
Andrew: It's your fault!
Richard: Please. God, put me down!
Andrew: You did this!
Andrew: Your fault! You did this to me! You die!
[Andrew drops his father. But Matt catches Richard in mid-air, much to the crowd and Casey’s shock]

Matt: Andrew! Andrew, look at me! This has to stop right now, okay? This is really, really bad! What happened to you?
Andrew: Why did you catch him?
Matt: Listen, just focus, okay?
Andrew: I dropped him! Why did you catch him?
Matt: Andrew, this is not a game! Do you understand? You're hurting people!
Andrew: You're weak, Matt! You're all weak! I am stronger than all of this!
Matt: Andrew, listen to me, okay? Just... I need you to listen! Just focus for a second!
Andrew: Do not tell me what to do!
Matt: They can't stop us, it's not too late for us to go!
Andrew: It is too late! I'm done! It's over... God, you treated me like shit! You left me alone!
Matt: Andrew, you're not alone up here! I'm here with you! I should've been with you all along, but I'm here now and we can stop this right now, you and me! Andrew, we can just fly away, we can get out of here! We can be family! Andrew. Andrew, take a look at yourself! This isn't who you are!
Andrew: [muttering under his breath] Apex predator...
Matt: What?
Andrew: I'm an apex predator. [Far from the distance, a honking noise can be heard, much to Matt’s confusion. When he turns around, a flying bus came running over him and crushing him into a nearby building]


  • Not all heroes are super.
  • What are you capable of?
  • Boys will be boys.
  • It's all fun and games until everybody gets hurt.


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