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Chrystos (born November 7, 1946, as Christina Smith) is a Native American activist and writer.


"They're always telling me I'm too angry" (1995)[edit]

From Fugitive Colors (1995) Full text online
  • They're always telling me I'm too angry
Especially when I mention land theft or rape or genocide
They go to therapy to understand themselves
pound anonymous pillows safely with a stranger
in the closed room of improper behavior
There is
no pillow I’m angry with.
  • I’m too tired to be angry enough
Angry that I can’t go anyplace
without seeing demeaning images and outright lies about Indian people
I’m livid that we can’t even keep the few pitiful acres we have left
if they happen to have uranium or copper or coal.
  • I'm angry that I can't sleep    that I hate myself
that I can’t write as well as I want
because I’m so damn angry I can’t breathe
Furious that nobody else seems to be angry
and they don’t want me to be either
Enraged at this whole sodden rotting mess they keep calling
as it poisons the air and the water and kills everyone in it’s way.

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