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Cimarron is a 1931 Pre-Code Western film about a newspaper editor who settles in an Oklahoma boom town with his reluctant wife at the end of the nineteenth century.

Directed by Wesley Ruggles. Written by Howard Estabrook, based on the Edna Ferber novel Cimarron.
World's Mightiest Show! (taglines)

Yancy Cravat[edit]

  • Wife and mother, stainless woman, hide me... hide me in your love.
  • I'll show them first crack that the Oklahoma Wigwam prints all the news all the time - knowing no law except the law of God and the government of the United States. Say, that's a pretty good slogan. Top of the page - just ahead of the editorial column.
  • Sugar, if we all took root and squatted, there would never be any new country.
  • [while addressing the jury, referring to the prosecutor in the case against Dixie Lee] Turn your eye to that figure that has so deservedly held your attention... this gifted person - Mr. Patrick Leary - is the only man in the glorious and brilliant southwest... nay, in this magnificent nation - of whom it may actually be said that he is able to strut sitting down. [laughter from the jury and spectators]
  • Why, we've had enough of this Wichita. We're goin' out to a brand new two-fisted, rip snortin' country full of Indians, rattlesnakes, gun toters and desperados. Whoopee!
  • There's loyalty, Sabra, that money can't buy.
  • Dixie Lees have been stoned in the market place for 2,000 years. You've got to drive the devil out first.
  • Never is a long time.

Sol Levy[edit]

  • They will always talk about Yancy. He's gonna be part of the history of the great Southwest. It's men like him that build the world. The rest of them, like me... why, we just come along and live in it.


Sabra: Did you have to kill him?
Yancy: No, I could have let him kill me.

Mrs. Tracy Wyatt: One of my ancestors was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Sol Levy: That's all right. A relative of mine, a fellow named Moses, wrote the Ten Commandments.

Sabra: Do you feel nervous about your sermon, dear?
Yancy: I'd rather plead to a Texas jury than preach to this gang.

Yancy: Why, it'll be all over the southwest that Yancy Cravat was hiding behind a woman's petticoat!
Sabra: But you didn't! They can't say so! You shot him there nicely in the ear, darling.
Yancy: Well, you shouldn't interfere when men are having a little friendly shootin'.



  • World's Mightiest Show!
  • Edna Ferber's Mighty Novel Becomes The Towering Colossus Of The Films !
  • Terrific As All Creation
  • Earth-shaking in its grandeur! A titanic canvas sprung to life!

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