Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

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Cinderella III: A Twist In Time (released in UK as simply Cinderella: A Twist in Time without any mention of it being a sequel) is the second direct-to-video sequel to the 1950 Walt Disney Pictures animated classic Cinderella.

What if...? taglines


  • Prince: What's going on here?!


[first lines]
Cinderella: [narrating] Do you remember the story of a girl who lived a life of cinders, and how she found true love because she kept a beautiful dream in her heart? Of course it helped that she had mouse friends who could sew and a Fairy Godmother who could do wonders with pumpkins. Well, that girl is me.

Prince Charming: Would my perfectly, perfect wife put her on perfectly fitting shoes?
Cinderella: You found my shoes.
Prince Charming: [playing keep away with the shoes] Better hurry. Fairy Godmother's waiting.
Cinderella: What were the mice using them for this time?
Prince Charming: [turns shoe upside down and water pours out] Boats.

Anastasia: [after turning the Fairy Godmother into stone] Uh, oh! Hello, hello, grandma? Ooh! I'm, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!
Lady Tremaine: [takes the wand from Anastasia] So this is how Cinderella did it. What delicious irony. Do you realize what this means, girls?
Drizella: YES! No more laundry.
Lady Tremaine: Ugh! It means power, riches, revenge!
Drizella and Anastasia: Ohh!

Lady Tremaine: Now, Cinderella, to undo your trickery and take what's rightfully ours. I call upon all the forces of the universe. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Reverse the moon and sun, turn back tide and time, unravel Cinderella's happily ever after to the moment my troubles began!

Anastasia: [while prancing around the room, laughing excitedly] Ah! It fits! Oh, Mother! Mother, it fits!
Drizella: [bitterly] Gee, I wonder if it fits...

Cinderella: How could the slipper have fit Anastasia? I danced with the Prince, that was my slipper. [pulls the other slipper out of her pocket] Here, I have the other one. I'm the one he's looking for.
Lady Tremaine: You may have danced with him. You may even have thought it was love. But the slipper fits Anastasia, and that's who he's marrying. Whatever you think happened last night was a dream. [breaks the other slipper with her cane] I don't care where you go or what you do, but you stay away from the palace. Stay away from the Prince.

Jaq: We found Princey!
Cinderella: I did, too. But he doesn't even know who I am. [She turns to walk away]
Jaq and Gus: No! No, no, no!
Gus: It's a-magic.
Cinderella: What? What are you talking about? [The mice babble incoherently, then Jaq fashions his appearance to look like Lady Tremaine] Stepmother? [Gus throws a piece of blue cloth around him to look like the Fairy Godmother] Fairy Godmother?
Gus: [holding a splinter as a makeshift wand] Bibbidi bobbidi boo.
Jaq: [snatching the splinter] Ha-ha!
Cinderella: She stole it?
Jaq: [while Gus imitates crying] I show Princey! [Gus misses his cue] Princey! Princey! [Gus rushes off and comes back in his normal shirt]
Gus: My Cinderelly awaits.
Jaq: Princey, you will marry Anastasia.
Gus: Anasthesia.
Jaq: Bibbidi bobbidi boo! [There's a cartoony "boing!" sound and Gus imitates hypnosis]
Cinderella: She made him forget who I am. [The mice nod sadly] Magic! That explains it! [With renewed confidence, she looks at the mice] Boys, we have to get that wand.

Cinderella: [singing] I've always dreamed.
That my life could be like a fairy tale, a perfect fantasy.
But it was nothing more than a dream.

Prince Charming: Will you marry me Cinderelly?
Cinderella: [giggling] Yes! But actually, it's Cinderella.

Jaq: Now, what're we gonna do?
Cinderella: Well, I'm not gonna miss my own wedding!

Anastasia: [as Cinderella approaches, Anastasia prepares to complete the vow] I... don't.
Cinderella: [Amazed at Anastasia refusing to marry the Prince] Anastasia?
Anastasia: [Seeing the real Cinderella, Anastasia and the Prince pull their hands away from each other] Cinderella.
Lady Tremaine: [She and Drizella emerge from their hiding place] You spoiled little ingrate. I've given you everything you've ever wanted, Anastasia!
Anastasia: But I want someone to love me for me!
The King: Guards! Guards! Seize that Woman!

Lady Tremaine: [pointing the wand at Anastasia] And now for you.
Drizella: Oh, turn her into a toad, mother!
Cinderella: [she steps in to protect Anastasia] Stop! No more!
Lady Tremaine: Uh! Even better.
Prince Charming: Cinderella!
Lady Tremaine: [pointing the wand at both Cinderella and Anastasia] Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!
Prince Charming: No! [deflects the magic with his sword]

Anastasia: [Anastasia brings Cinderella and the Prince back together] This is the real Cinderella, your one true love.
Prince Charming: It's you.
Anastasia: [Anastasia heads down the stairs and picks up the wand, as everyone looks on, visibly concerned] Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. [She places the wand on her chest and transforms back to her normal self]
The King: I can't take much more of this.
Cinderella: [Amazed at Anastasia turning back to her normal self, Cinderella heads down the steps to thank her for turning down the Prince] Anastasia... [Anastasia gives her the wand, and Cinderella hugs her. Their animosity is now at an end] Thank you. [She points the wand to bring back the Fairy Godmother] Bibbidi-Bobbidi...
Anastasia: ...Boo.

[last lines]
Cinderella: [narrating] And they lived happily ever after... again.


  • What if...?
  • What if the slipper didn't fit?
  • What if the magic was taken away?


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