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Circle is a 2015 American sci-fi thriller film about fifty strangers who are held captive in a dark room and forced to choose who dies one-by-one until they decide which one person among them deserves to live. The film was inspired by 12 Angry Men.


  • We all know that we can’t vote for ourselves. Well...what do you think happens when we get down to the last person left?
  • You don't have much time.

Bearded Man[edit]

  • One of us gets to live.

African-American Man[edit]

  • [to everybody, before dying] FUCK Y'ALL, MAN!!

Asian Kid[edit]

  • We're choosing who dies.
  • [to lawyer; after he makes disregarding comments about the lesbian] It's not fuckin' 1950, dude.

Rich Man[edit]

  • [to the husband; about his wife] DO YOU WANNA SAVE HER OR NOT?!!!


College Guy: I'm just trying to help!
Old Woman: Fuck you.
[The College Guy is killed.]

Cop: Hey! Hey!
Tattooed Man: Who, me?
Cop: Yeah, don't I know you?
Lawyer: [stares at tattooed man; grins] Huh. I wonder why?
Cop: No, seriously. He asked if we knew anyone in here. [points to tattooed man] I know him.
Tattooed Man: I don't know you, man.
Cop: You're a mechanic in North Hollywood. Raul. Raul Jimenez. I remember you.
Cancer Survivor: What did he do?
Tattooed Man: I didn't do shit. He's lying, man.
Cop: He beat the shit out of his girlfriend. Really bad. At least I think it was his girlfriend. Hopefully, not anymore.
Tattooed Man: Come on, man. You serious?
Cancer Survivor: [to cop] Are you sure it was him?
Cop: Yeah. I remember him 'cause of that tattoo under his right eye. That teardrop. See it?
Tattooed Man: Fuck you, man.
Cancer Survivor: [to tattooed man] What's it for?
Tattooed Man: It's for my cousin. He got shot. [looks at cop] By a pig like you.
Cop: Yeah, and it's my fault you guys are criminals.
Tattooed Man: He was sixteen.
Cop: One less criminal on the street.
Tattooed Man: Fuck you, man.

Eric: It's a game. It's a process of elimination. The last man standing gets to walk out of here alive.
Lesbian: Or woman.

[The group attempt to eliminate the Little Girl, but she ends up being spared.]
Translator: What is wrong with you people?
Cancer Survivor: She's just a kid! Why would you go after her?
Asian Kid: Well, one of them has to die. We need to decide.
Translator: No, we don't.
Solider: Listen, we should just leave them out of this for as long as possible. Let's just forget about it.
Eric: No, we can't do that! Not anymore.
Solider: Why not?
Eric: It's too dangerous for them! They've been exposed.
Cancer Survivor: Oh, come on! Nobody is going to vote for them again, right?
Lesbian: She's never heard of birth control, so she gets to live?

[The Pilot has just volunteered to die.]
Rich Man: Well, this is gonna be a whole lot easier if we can get a few volunteers.
One-Armed Man: Easier for who? You?
Rich Man: Look, we gotta take control of this situation and this is the best way.
Lawyer: I mean, hey, if we're all gonna die, it might as well be on our own terms.
One-Armed Man: Yeah, yeah, that'll teach those fuckin' aliens.
Husband: Hey, we're doing what we can, man.
Lawyer: Yeah, it's the best idea we got.
One-Armed Man: Then you volunteer.
Lawyer: I don't see you stepping forward.
One-Armed Man: We should all step forward. [points to the Pregnant Lady] I mean, everybody but her.
Atheist: [sarcastically] So mass suicide, then? That's great. Let's do that.


  • Michael Nardelli as Eric
  • Allegra Masters as Pregnant Woman
  • Molly Jackson as Little girl (Katie)
  • Jordi Vilasuso as Soldier
  • Julie Benz as Wife
  • Kaiwi Lyman as Bearded man
  • Lisa Pelikan as Cancer Survivor
  • Lawrence Kao as Asian Kid
  • Zachary James Rukavina as One-Armed Man
  • Daniel Lench as Rich man
  • Matt Corboy as Husband (Craig)
  • Rene Heger as Atheist
  • Coley Speaks as African-American Man
  • Sara Sanderson as Pretty girl (Christina)
  • Michael McLafferty as Lawyer
  • Mercy Malick as Lesbian
  • Muneer Katchi as Silent Man
  • Michael DiBacco as Cop
  • Marc Cedric Smith as The Pilot
  • Carter Jenkins as College Guy
  • Daniel Yelsky as Shaun
  • Rivka Rivera as Translator
  • Howard S. Miller as Howard
  • Cesar Garcia as Tattooed Man
  • David Reivers as Bruce
  • David Saucedo as Hispanic man
  • Jamie Lee Redmon as Teenage girl
  • Aimee McKay as Beth
  • Jacquelyn Houston as Doctor (Susan)
  • Gloria Sandoval as Foreign woman
  • Kurt Long as Deacon
  • Bill Lewis as Oldest Man
  • Han Nah Kim as Asian Girl
  • John Edward Lee as Counting man
  • Fay DeWitt as Old Woman
  • Emilio Kassel as Mother killing man
  • Kevin Sheridan as First Man

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