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Claire Karekezi

Claire Karekezi (born 1982) is a neurosurgeon at the Rwanda Military Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda. As the first woman neurosurgeon in Rwanda, and one of six neurosurgeons serving a population of 13 million, Karekezi serves as an advocate for women in neurosurgery. She has become an inspiration for young people pursuing neurosurgery, particularly young women. Karekezi specializes in neuro-oncology and skull-base surgery, is the acting chairperson of the African Women in Neurosurgery (AWIN), Committee of the Continental Association of African Neurosurgical Societies (CAANS), and was elected as a member of the national council of the Rwanda Medical and Dental Council (RMDC) and the Secretary of the bureau for 2022-2026


"Rwanda’s first female neurosurgeon urges girls to embrace science" (2019)[edit]

"Rwanda’s first female neurosurgeon urges girls to embrace science" The New Times (February 12, 2019)
  • Do not let anybody tell you that it is impossible, you can achieve anything.
  • It took time, but if you have the passion, and the perseverance to stick around, you make it for sure.
  • For anyone in science or not in science, doing what you love is the key, it is the first thing.
  • The woman of today is courageous, willing to follow their dream.
  • Girls need help, they need to be pushed, they need to be supported, we need more role models, we need more successful women to reach back to these young women.
  • Teaching science for a woman is as normal as it is for men, since we both have the capacity.
  • What make some other girls succeed in sciences is having the mentality that they are not that difficult.

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