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Clannad: After Story (2008–2009) is an anime series based on Clannad. It is a sequel to the 2007-2008 anime series Clannad, based on the same visual novel. It follows the relationship between Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa as they graduate from high school and continue their life's journey.


The Goodbye at the End of Summer [Episode 1][edit]

[Nagisa tells Kyou, Ryou, Kotomi, and Youhei about the baseball game Akio mentioned.]
Kyou Fujibayashi: You kidding? Of course I'll play with you guys!
Nagisa Furukawa: If we have you on our team Kyou, there's no way we can lose!
Youhei Sunohara: I gotta admit Nagisa, your dad must have a pretty keen eye for talent if he's scouting the great Youhei Sunohara!
Tomoya Okazaki: Yeah, apparently he sensed your amazing athletic abilities with his psychic powers?
Youhei: What can I say? I talent like mine can't help but shine. Even if I try to live a normal life.
Tomoya: [To himself] Well, that didn't take much. Good thing he's so gullible.
Youhei: Say what now?!
Tomoya: I'm just kidding! You're an incredible genius, an incredible athlete, incredibly thin providing incredible protection, even at night!
Youhei: You called it!
Kotomi Ichinose: Tomoya, do you think I could play baseball with you too?
Tomoya: Uh, do you know the rules, Kotomi?
Kotomi: I think I have a pretty good idea, since I watched you and Tomoyo played against the school team. I've wanted to give it a try ever since.
Youhei: You saw that...?
Kyou: What about you, Ryou? Are you gonna play?
Ryou Fujibayashi: Um, I'll just cheer from the sidelines. Sports aren't exactly my strong point.
Nagisa: Then I guess that makes two people cheering for you! You can't let us down! Okay, Tomoya?
Kyou: [Eying Nagisa and Tomoya] Hm?
Tomoya: What is it now?
Kyou: Oh, it's nothing. Just cute to see you two acting like a couple.
Nagisa: [Embarrassed] Oh, you think so?

[Tomoya and Youhei are planning on asking Tomoyo to help out with the baseball game.]
Tomoyo Sakagami: It's not like you to call on me like this. Is there something wrong?
Tomoya: Sunohara told me he wants to get nasty with you in public. [Tomoyo kicks Youhei, which causes him to slam face-first into a wall.] I guess I should have known that Tomoyo would pass the strength test with flying colors.
Youhei: [Angry] I'm not your guinea pig, dammit!
Tomoyo: What are you talking about?
[Cuts to Tomoya, Tomoyo, Nagisa, and Youhei walking down the hill.]
Nagisa: Thanks for joining the team, Tomoyo. We're happy to have you.
Tomoyo: I haven't agreed to anything yet. All I said is that I might join if you could get Misae to join, too.
Tomoya: Misae looks like she's in pretty good shape. We gotta make sure we recruit her no matter what.
Youhei: Don't worry! She'll do it for me! We go way back! [Nagisa sees Yusuke Yoshino working on a telephone pole.]
Nagisa: Oh, isn't that Yusuke Yoshino?
Tomoyo: Oh, yeah. The guy from the wedding, right?
Youhei: While we're at it, we might as well ask him to join, too! [He then calls out to Yusuke, waving] Hey! Yoshino! [He doesn't hear him]
Nagisa: I don't think he can hear you.
Youhei: Let's do a "Yoshino call"!
Tomoya: A "Yoshino call"?
Youhei: Yeah, like when you want an encore. He used to be in a rock band, right? We gotta speak his language if we want him to hear us! All together! [Tomoya, Nagisa, Tomoyo, and Youhei start chanting "Yoshino". Yoshino eventually comes down from the pole and smacks Youhei with his worker's helmet.]
Yusuke Yoshino: Are you making fun of me, punk?!

[Tomoya and his friends are playing a baseball game while it is their turn up to bat.]
Youhei: [At Tomoya] Why are all the girls so much better than us? That pitcher's hardcore and they're still getting hits left and right.
Akio Furukawa: No outs with runners on first and third! Who's up next? [Realizes Nagisa is up to bat next.] Oh, right...It's you...I forgot...Do a squeeze play!
Nagisa: Uh, squeeze play? What am I supposed to squeeze?
Akio: Never mind. Just swing the bat, okay? [Nagisa strikes out]
Umpire: Strike! Batter out!
Nagisa: [At Akio] I'm sorry.

[Tomoya and his friends are playing a base ball game and Kotomi is up to bat.]
Kotomi: The first pitch has a 62% chance at being a low-inside ball. Bat length: 800mm. Ball size: 70mm. Based on the length of my arms and operating range, combined with my calculation of the ball's speed, I should be able to hit it! [The batter throws the ball and Kotomi barely hits the ball.]
Youhei: A Texas leaguer. Wow.
Tomoya: [Shouting] Run Kotomi! Run! [Kotomi runs for first base.]
Umpire: Safe!
Kotomi: Alright! I did it!

Search for Fake Love [Episode 2][edit]

Illusionary Robot: We finally ventured outside of the building. Illusionary Girl: Be careful not to go too far. If you weren't careful, you might not be able to make it back. Illusionary Robot: This is a world that has ended, an empty, sad place. A place where we are all alone. We were looking for scraps. Bits and pieces of anything that might be useful to us. In this world, we are forced to scavenge if we hope to survive. Illusionary Girl: Here we go. This one, too. Illusionary Girl: Were you scared? I'm glad you could make it back. There you go. It's strange, isn't it? They had such a gentle aura to them.

Kyou Fujibayashi: [To Youhei] You care to repeat those words? If you can, I'll stick my hand into your mouth and rip out your vocal cords as a reward.

[Tomoya is sitting in class and Youhei arrives late.]
Youhei Sunohara: Are we eating lunch in the cafeteria?
Tomoya Okazaki: Wait a sec, you just got here, didn't you?
Youhei: Yeah.
Tomoya: Then you gotta make some kind of opening statement. If you don't, it'll throw me off all afternoon.
Youhei: [Irritated] Okay, fine! I'll just start over again! [With a more cheerful tone] Hey, how are you, Okazaki? Where would you enjoy eating lunch today?
Tomoya: Way too eloquent.
Youhei: Huh?
Tomoya: I'm saying that was too eloquent for you. It was so out of character, I don't know how to respond.
Youhei: [Irritated] Then what do you want me to do?!
Tomoya: Try saying "all that, and a toilet." at the end of your sentences. That'll take an edge off the eloquence and make it sound more low-brow like you.
Youhei: [Sighs] Yeah, whatever. Maybe some other time, okay?

[Tomoya and Nagisa are telling Youhei that Mei is staying over at Nagisa's house again.]
Youhei: Huh? Mei's staying at your place again? Are you okay with that?
Nagisa Furukawa: Of course! We don't mind at all! The whole family loves Mei!
Tomoya: And just for the record, she already told your parents and ok'd it with her school back home. She wanted to stick around and keep an eye on you.
Youhei: Huh?
Mei Sunohara: [In Tomoya's flashback] My brother's in his last semester of high school and he still doesn't know what to do with himself. I'd better stay here. I'm too worried to go home.
Tomoya: [At Youhei] Mei said she wants to have a nice, long talk with you so you be ready.
Nagisa: Sunohara, have you ever thought about your future goals or what you want to do with yourself?
Youhei: Hm...Can't say it comes to mind, no. Obviously college is out of the question, so I guess I'll just find any old job and work any old way. But...If I happen to find a responsible girlfriend to look after me, I bet Mei wouldn't be so worried all the time.
Tomoya: Yeah! That's it! [Cuts to Youhei, Tomoya, and Nagisa in the courtyard.] All you gotta do is pretend you're going out with some nice girl. Someone really smart or dependable or whatever. We can introduce her to Mei and she'll stop worrying.
Nagisa: I see what you mean, but it's not good to lie.
Youhei: I know. You think anyone would go for that?
Tomoya: Well, sure. Why not? It's not like you're ugly or anything. Even if you have a rotten personality, you still have a baby face. You appeal to their maternal instinct. You're Baby Sunohara! [Nagisa looks at Youhei with a curious look.]
Youhei: Y-You think so?
Tomoya: Just think. If you and your fake girlfriend happen to hit it off, it might even turn into a real relationship.
Youhei: Whoa! The Okazaki magic, huh?! [Getting extremely determined.] Alright! Bring it on! I'm ready to rock!
Nagisa: [Whispering] Tomoya, are you actually helping him or are you just having fun at his expense?
Tomoya: Uh, a little bit of both, but he'll live.

[Tomoya, Youhei, and Nagisa are looking for a fake girlfriend for Youhei. They spot Tomoyo with several other girls.]
Nagisa: [To Youhei] Well, Tomoyo is sitting right over there. Why don't you ask her?
Youhei: [Surprised] For real?
Nagisa: Why not? I think she'd make a great girlfriend. She's pretty and caring and smart.
Tomoya: [To Nagisa] I don't know. It might be dangerous. Look at him, he's freaking out.
Youhei: [Nervous. To Tomoya] S-Shut up! W-who's freaking out, huh?!
Nagisa: [To Tomoya] Think we should take him to a doctor?
Tomoya: [Groans. To Youhei] Calm down. Just take a deep breath, okay?
Youhei: [Takes in several breaths] Okay! Time to deliver!
Nagisa: I really think we need to go to the doctor...

Disagreeing Hearts [Episode 3][edit]

Youhei Sunohara: When in midst of love, sisters go out of sight. Love is amazing!

[Sanae introduces herself to Mei in her disguise, using an alias, and pretending to be Youhei's girlfriend.]
Sanae Furukawa: I'm Sanako Isogai; 17 years old. [She bows] Your big brother has taken very good care of me.
Mei Sunohara: [Takes a close look at Sanae] Funny, I feel like we've met somewhere before.
Sanae: This is a small town. We probably just bumped into each other somewhere or another.
Mei: You're awful pretty.
Sanae: That's very sweet of you to say.
Mei: Huh...A pretty girl like you with my brother...With my brother...With my brother?... [She embraces Sanae] You poor thing!
Youhei: [Angry] What's that supposed to mean?!

With the Same Smile as That Day [Episode 4][edit]

[Tomoya is helping Youhei going to ask Akio to marry Sanae.]
Tomoya Okazaki: Alright, there's the Old Man.
Youhei Sunohara: Oh, man. I'm really starting to freak out right now!
Tomoya: You gonna give up?
Youhei: I shan't, for Sanae is my angel and I would face the fires of Hell for her love!
Tomoya: Alright then...Good luck with that. [Youhei walks over to Akio.]
Youhei: Hello, sir!
Akio Furukawa: Oh, you're that Sunohara kid, right? What's up? Here to buy some bread?
Youhei: Sir, please allow me to marry your sweet Sanae. [He bows]
Akio: [Confused] Huh?
[Sanae and Nagisa come out of the bakery.]
Sanae Furukawa: What's wrong, honey? You look upset. [Tomoya starts laughing.]
Youhei: Honey?!
Nagisa Furukawa: Tomoya, you mean after all this time, you still haven't told Sunohara the truth about my mom?
Youhei: Your mom?! Say what?!
Sanae: That's right. Akio and I are husband and wife.
Youhei: [Surprised] WHAT?!
Akio: You trying to make a move on my woman, punk?! You're gonna die! [Akio chases after Youhei, screaming.] Get back here!
Tomoya: [narrating] It's funny. I'll never forget the first time I met Sunohara. [Shows a flashback of Tomoya walking down the hall with Mr. Komura and Youhei comes out of the teachers office.] Some weird guy with bleached hair and bandages. I couldn't help laughing the moment I saw him. Actually, I think that was the first time I laughed since I came to that school. He might have looked stupid, but it was the kind of stupid I wanted in on. Not much of a story, but that's how we met. Ever since then, we've been together all the time. Ever since then, we've been laughing...and we still are now.

The Season You Were In [Episode 5][edit]

Illusionary Robot: What is this light? Every once in a while, I see it shining. It's so bright, but when you reach out to touch it, it passes through your fingers. In other words, this light must be the shadow of something else. Something wonderfully shining in another place. Does that mean there's another world? Another world and another place casting its light on us? Illusionary Girl: All done. Let's give it a try. Here. Watch, this is how you make it work. It's fun, isn't it? Illusionary Robot: A plaything for two. Before I was here, she couldn't have done this no matter how much she wanted to. She was all alone. All alone in this sad world. What did she think about? What did she do? Did she dream of times like these? With someone like me? Illusionary Girl: It would be nice if we could shed tears, don't you think? Even in a world like this, winter still comes. Illusionary Robot: Where does this sky lead? What lies beyond it? Is it connected to another world? And if it is, is it the world I once knew? The world full of life, full of shining light?

Forever By Your Side [Episode 6][edit]

Her Whereabouts [Episode 7][edit]

Illusionary Robot: I saw two lights shining. It was only for an instant, but it felt like time had stopped. They shimmered so brightly I could almost feel their warmth seeping through the window. In this world of cold, unforgiving winds, something was beginning to change. Along with the coming of winter, along with the dropping temperature, she was beginning to sleep more often. The clouds that appeared a few days ago are slowly spreading, casting a shadow over the land. The clouds will eventually cover this world, and bury the earth in white snow. The icy winds are already biting at us. If we don't hurry, it will be too late. I felt that this was the time to make a decision. Illusionary Girl: Oh, hello. You've been here watching over me, haven't you? Thank you. Is there something outside? Do you wanna go see? Careful, winter's coming soon. If it gets any colder than it is now, I won't be able to move anymore. Also, if we leave this house now, I have a feeling we won't be able to come back ever again. Do you still wanna go? What's out there? What do you wanna see so badly? A place that's different than this one? A warm place full of secrets? A world where every day is fun?

Youhei Sunohara: As long as you're doing what you're supposed to do, you don't have to attend classes. That's the law of society.

Valiant Fight [Episode 8][edit]

En Route on the Sloped Road [Episode 9][edit]

Illusionary Robot: We've been working hard on a new machine. One that can fly in the sky. We're going to use it to leave this world far behind. The world we're going to is full of life, full of warmth and fun. But we have to hurry. Time is short. Winter is approaching fast. And when the cold sets in, she won't be able to work on things like this. That's why we can't rest, why we can't stop until the very end.

Kyou Fujibayashi, Ryou Fujibayashi: [together] Happy birthday, Nagisa.
Kotomi Ichinose: I hope you have many more to come.
Youhei Sunohara: Happy birthday and Merry Christmas!
Kyou: Sure are cheerly despite getting turned down cold. In case you didn't hear, he actually sent an application to a modeling agency.
Youhei: I can do whatever I want! I'm moving back home next year, so I'll just end up getting a job there either way!
Tomoya Okazaki: Nagisa.
Nagisa Furukawa: Hm?
Tomoya: Here, I got you a Birthday/Christmas present.
Nagisa: Really? It's a Dango!
Tomoya: Hm?
Nagisa: Thank you so much, Tomoya. Thank you guys for coming here to visit me. I know I'm not worth much, but...
Akio Furukawa: Don't talk about yourself like that, Nagisa. We love you. You're just as important as anyone else in this family.
Kotomi: Uh-huh.
Kyou: That's right.And not only that, you're a wonderful friend to all of us, too.
Akio: I know you think of yourself as a burden sometimes. But as long as you're happy, we're happy, too. So please be happy, Nagisa, for us.
Nagisa: I'm sorry, you guys. Okay. I'll try my best.
Youhei: He-he.
Tomoya: [narrating] It was Christmas Eve, Nagisa's birthday. It was also the day when Nagisa decided that she was going to repeat her last year of school. After the New Year, fewer seniors bothered coming to class. I spent my time with Nagisa. Even though she was small, and even though she was frail, she always tried her best. And I wanted to try my best to protect her for the rest of my life.

Season of Beginnings [Episode 10][edit]

Illusionary Robot: Bit by bit, I collected pieces of junk. And bit by bit, she put them together. All the while, clouds began to fill the sky. I wanted to fly with these wings to leave this place long behind before the cold sets in. When winter comes, she'll stop moving. That's what she told me, at least. To be honest, I don't quite understand what she meant. All I know is that time is short, and we have to do something before it's too late.

The Promised Founder's Festival [Episode 11][edit]

Yusuke Yoshino: What can't be done will be covered by others. That's what work is about.

Sudden Events [Episode 12][edit]

[Tomoya and Nagisa arrived home while the phone rings.]
Nagisa Furukawa: Hold on just a sec. I'll get it for you.
Tomoya Okazaki: Oh, that's great. Thank you.
[She answers the phone.]
Nagisa: Hello. Okazaki residence. Yes. He's in the other room. I'll go get him for you. Hey Tomoya! It's someone from Hikarisaka Electric!
Tomoya: Huh? You don't think I got the job already, do you? Hello. Okazaki speaking. Oh yeah, hi boss. Can I help you with something? Huh? From Kinoshita? Oh, uh, okay. What's his number? Okay... Yeah... Got it. Yeah, thanks for giving me a call, I appreciate it. Yes, sir. I'll talk to you soon.
Nagisa: Is something wrong?
Tomoya: They said one of my dad's associates called for me. I don't know...
Kinoshita: Hello, this is Kinoshita.
Tomoya: Uh, yeah, this is Okazaki.
Kinoshita: Oh, Tomoya. Bad news.
Tomoya: Huh?
Kinoshita: It's, uh, about your father. He was arrested by the police. Apparently, he was dealing, um, something illegal. I just heard the story myself. So I thought I'd better contact you in case you didn't know.
Boss: This is a small town, so rumors spread quickly, you know how it is. Well, anyway, I'm sorry, but the construction company is withdrawing their job offer.
Tomoya: Oh, I see...
Boss: If it's any consolation, you're still welcome here, of course. Nothing has changed. This just happened at a bad time. You'll have other opportunities. Don't let it get you down.
Tomoya: Nagisa.
Nagisa: Yes?
Tomoya: What do you say we leave this town? Just you and me. I should have realized it sooner but my father is, like some kind of curse. He ruins everything for me. I wanna start over somewhere as far away from him as possible.
Nagisa: No. You can't do that. That would be like running away. This is something you have to work out. We don't have to run. We'll be happy as long as we have each other, right?
Tomoya: But why does it have to be here?! We can be happy anywhere, can't we?! You said we'd be happy as long as we have each other, didn't you?
Nagisa: I didn't mean that we have to stay here for sure. I'll go anywhere as long as I'm with you. But, when we leave this town, we have to leave with positive feelings, not because we're running away. If we leave with regret, then we won't be able to come back. We'll be throwing it away. This is our town. This is the place where you and I were born. It's not something we should just throw away.
Tomoya: Even if nothing good ever happened here?
Nagisa: I don't know, a lot of good things happened to me. Meeting you is the best thing that's happened to me in my entire life.

[Tomoya and Nagisa are visiting Tomoya's father at a police precinct.]
Tomoya: [Sighs] I don't get it. What are you trying to pull? What the hell do you want from me? You think it's fun to screw up other people's lives? Is that it? To be honest, I don't even consider you my father anymore. Of course, that doesn't seem to make any difference to anyone else. To the rest of the world, I'm still your son. Come on...Don't you have anything to say about this? Don't you have anything to say to this son whose life you've destroyed over and over again? [He doesn't answer. He then starts shouting at him.] WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH YOU?! [Tomoya's chair falls back as he abruptly stands up.]
Nagisa: Tomoya, stop!
Tomoya: I've had enough. [He turns to exit] I have nothing more to say to you; there's no point. You can rot in Hell for all I care! [He exits]
Nagisa: Tomoya...

Nagisa: [speaking to Tomoya] If we're together, we can become stronger.

[Tomoya is storming down an alley after visiting his father with Nagisa chasing after him]
Nagisa: Tomoya! Wait! Hold on! Come back! [Tomoya is holding his wrist with one arm, restraining it.] Tomoya... [Tomoya then punches a nearby wall] Stop it! What are you doing?! [Nagisa takes his fist away from the wall, revealing it to be badly bruised. Tomoya then forces Nagisa to let go of him. He pauses and then prepares to punch the wall again with the same fist.] Tomoya! Tomoya! Stop! Tomoya! Tomoya! [Tomoya then is forced by Nagisa to turn around, revealing her crying face. Tomoya then falls to his knees with Nagisa.] Does...your hand hurt...?
Tomoya: Yeah...
Nagisa: It'll hurt if you take a bath...
Tomoya: Probably so...[Pause] Nagisa?
Nagisa: Yes?
Tomoya: Will you marry me?
Nagisa: [Pause] Yes.
Tomoya: Are you sure?
Nagisa: For as long as we've been together, I've known you were the only one. I mean it.
Tomoya: Even if I'm like this? Even though...I'm so pathetic?...
Nagisa: It's fine. I'm pathetic, too. But...I think if we're together...we can grow stronger...
Tomoya: [Embraces Nagisa] Then'll stay with me?
Nagisa: Yes...Of course I'll stay with you...No matter what happens...Forever and ever...

Graduation [Episode 13][edit]

[Akio comes out into the park where it is raining and Tomoya is practicing his swings with a baseball bat. Nagisa is standing by the side.]
Tomoya Okazaki: Old Man...
Akio Furukawa: Sure is coming down hard. Guess it's another rainy autumn, huh? [Sanae stands by Nagisa's side.] Hit or miss, this is the last pitch you're gonna get. Ready? [Tomoya nods affirmatively then gets in his batting stance. Akio pitches the ball, in which Tomoya finally hits.]
Nagisa Furukawa: Tomoya!
Sanae Furukawa: Home run! [Tomoya then runs over towards Akio and gets on his hands and feet.]
Tomoya: Give me Nagisa's hand in marriage! [Long pause. Akio then responds]
Akio: Look at that. Just like me when I was that age.
Sanae: Really honey, I've known you two were alike since I first met him. You're two of a kind.
Akio: I was in a hurry to grow up, even though I didn't know why. Guess kids never learn, do they? [Nagisa comes to Tomoya's side]
Sanae: All the more reason you should understand.
Akio: [To Tomoya] Pick your head up. [He does so] If you ever make my little girl suffer, then I'm taking her back from you. You don't want to test me on that, kid.
Tomoya: mean...?
Nagisa: Thank you, dad! [Akio walks away to pick up his umbrella]
Sanae: Tomoya, Nagisa isn't just our daughter, she's our hope. So I want you to know that today on you're part of that hope, too. So never forget that your happiness is our happiness as well. In other words, try your best to be happy, okay?
[Tomoya and Nagisa then bow to Sanae and Akio]

[Tomoya, Nagisa, Akio and Sanae are sitting around a table on Nagisa's 20th birthday, drinking sake.]
Akio: I feel like I've been waiting for this all my life! The day I can finally have a drink with my daughter!
Tomoya: [To Nagisa] This is your first time drinking sake, huh?
Nagisa: Yes, it's a new experience for me. [She sniffs the sake then shudders.]
Sanae: Nagisa, no need to force yourself, okay?
Nagisa: No, I can have one cup at least. I have to for dad's sake.
Akio: Nagisa...You have no idea how proud I am to call you my daughter.
Tomoya: [At Akio] Booze really means a lot to you...
Nagisa: Here I go. [She drinks the sake]
Akio: Whoo-hoo-hoo! Just look at her go! [Nagisa finishes drinking, then her face turns red.]
Tomoya: [To Nagisa] Uh, you look dizzy. Are you alright?
Nagisa: Hey, Tomoya...You're so far away...Why are you spinning?
Tomoya: Huh?
[Nagisa then shuffles across the floor to get closer to Tomoya.]
Nagisa: I like you up-close.
Tomoya: You're drunk already, huh?
Nagisa: I'm not drunk! How dare you!
Tomoya: I hate to break it to you, but that's what all drunks say. [Nagisa looks at him with gazing eyes]
Nagisa: Tomoya...
Sanae: You two are so lovey-dovey!
Tomoya: I don't think "lovey-dovey" is the word for this!
Nagisa: Hey, Tomoya!
Tomoya: Uh, yes?
Nagisa: I see you staring at my mom! You cut that out!
Tomoya: What the heck are you talking about?
Sanae: Yeah, Tomoya...Like, what's the deal, huh? [Tomoya then sees her after drinking her sake.]
Tomoya: Aw, now you got Sanae drinking, too! Great!
Sanae: Oh my, Tomoya. Could it be you've take an interest in little old me?
Nagisa: Bored with me already, Tomoya?!
Akio: Whoa! Here comes the catfight!
Tomoya: One of those cats is your wife, you know!
Nagisa: Come on, Tomoya! Who do you like better?!
Sanae: Oh my...Is he gonna confess his love to me?
Tomoya: [At Nagisa] What do you mean? Of course I-
Akio: Pick Sanae! Her boobs are bigger! [Tomoya takes note of them, slams his head on the table, then turns his attention back to Nagisa.]
Nagisa: Hey, buddy! What are you getting all flustered about, huh?
Akio: That proves he likes Sanae after all!
Tomoya: No, no, no, no, no, no!
Sanae: You don't like me?
Tomoya: No, it's not that! I mean, I like you as a person!
Nagisa: You admit it?!
Akio: [At Sanae] Alright, I think we've teased the boy enough. Who cares if he likes you or not? You've got me, don't ya?
Sanae: I wasn't teasing him. I was serious. I might be interested in him myself.
Akio: What?! Don't leave me, Sanae!
Nagisa: Make up your mind, Tomoya!

Tomoya: I'm going to marry Nagisa. We registered our marriage without a ceremony. Nagisa Okazaki. It's funny. But somehow it makes me happy just to hear that.

A New Family [Episode 14][edit]

[Tomoya and Nagisa have moved in as a married couple.]
Nagisa Okazaki: Um...
Tomoya Okazaki: What's wrong?
Nagisa: I'm not quite sure what to say at a time like this...
Tomoya: A time like what? What do you mean?
Nagisa: Our new life starts together today. Should I say "Ready, set, go" or something like that?
Tomoya: No, that's weird. It's not like a race or anything. [Chuckles]
Nagisa: Hm, you're right, but what should we say?
Tomoya: The idea is that we're gonna live together and support each other and all, so something like "Let's give it our best"?
Nagisa: In that case, I'd like to make a vow to start things off on a good note.
Tomoya: A vow?
Nagisa: Yep. I, Nagisa Okazaki, will no longer cry. No matter how hard things get, I vow to hang in there and never give up. [Tomoya gives her a positive look.] But, even if I don't cry when I'm sad, I might do it when I'm happy. That's just the kind of person I am. From now on, I'll do my best to support you.
Tomoya: Thank you, and I'll do my best to support you too, Nagisa.

Nagisa: Tomoya?
Tomoya: Uh What is it?
Nagisa: Is it really okay for me to take a bath first? I don't wanna keep you waiting.
Tomoya: No, it's fine. I, uh, I'll take a bath first tomorrow and then we'll be even, alright?
Nagisa: Okay. That sounds fair. In that case, I'll see you when I get out.
Tomoya: Calm down. Come on, Tomoya, you've heard her taking a bath at her house plenty of times. It's no big deal.
Nagisa: Ahhh!
Tomoya: What's wrong?!
Nagisa: I'm sorry. I didn't know the water would be so cold.
Tomoya: It takes a while for the water to get hot, but it'll be fine in a minute. Turn the faucet a little at a time, okay?
Nagisa: Right. Got it. Um, sorry for the trouble. I'll try to be quick.
Tomoya: No, it's fine. Please take your time.
Nagisa: No way! I can't do that! You have to get up early tomorrow for work, so you need to get to bed soon.
Tomoya: Huh? Oh, you're right... Guess I forgot.
Nagisa: I should probably get to bed, too. I'm gonna start looking for a job tomorrow.
Tomoya: Huh?
Nagisa: I can't just stay home and fool around all day while you're working. I have to earn my keep.

Tomoya: Nagisa, are you awake?
Nagisa: Yup. I'm still awake.
Tomoya: Are you serious about looking for a job tomorrow?
Nagisa: Yup. But don't worry. Even if I'm not a housewife, I'll still cook and clean. I want to, 'cause this is my house, too, right?
Tomoya: In that case, I'll take care of some housework myself. Don't work too hard and make yourself sick again.
Nagisa: I know I may not be very strong, but I don't wanna live the rest of my life like I'm weak, either. Sorry, Tomoya. I don't know, maybe I'm just being selfish.
Tomoya: No, I don't think that at all. You never asked for anything from me that I wasn't willing to give.
Nagisa: But that's the thing. Even if you don't mind, I'm always asking you to do things for me.
Tomoya: Yeah, but who cares? You ask me to do easy stuff like play ball with your dad or hold your hand or whatever.
Nagisa: Then would you hold my hand now?
Tomoya: Hm?
[Tomoya and Nagisa reaches each others hands and hold them.]
Nagisa: This is it. It's so sudden, but we're married now.
Tomoya: From now on, everything we do, we do together, alright? But that being said, I'm sure we'll have our fair share of troubles.
Nagisa: As long as I have you, I can handle anything. No problem.
Tomoya: Yeah, same here. You took the words right out of my mouth. With your support, I feel like anything is possible. I need you. You gotta stay with me forever, okay?
Nagisa: Of course I'll stay. Forever, wherever. I'll always be with you.

Nagisa: You sure look like you're deep in thought. What's on your mind?
Tomoya: Oh, I was just thinking about something Miyazawa said. Remember the thing about the old town legend? She said that whenever someone achieves true happiness, an orb of light appears. Of course, I don't know if the legend is true or not, but it makes me wonder if we have one of those orbs of light hovering around us right now. She also said if you can manage to catch one of those lights, you'll have a wish granted. If you got one, what would you wish?
Nagisa: I don't know. I don't need anything.
Tomoya: There must be something.
Nagisa: Well, there's nothing I can think of, at least. Actually, there might be one thing.
Tomoya: Really? What is it then? If you tell me, then I'll buy it for you.
Nagisa: I think I want a baby. You think that could ever happen?

Akio Furukawa: At last, my Nagisa photo collection is complete!
Tomoya: You're nuts, old man. When did you take all these?
Akio: Let's just say I ate enough of those chocolate diamond whatever parfaits to kill a man! Sure wasn't easy. Sometimes, I crawled on the floor, other times, I hid in the kitchen or clung form the ceiling or stood on my head to get just the right angle.
Tomoya: I'm surprised they didn't kick you out.
Akio: Anyway, where did our little ladies run off to? I wanna show them the fruits of my labor.
Tomoya: Dunno. Nagisa said she needed to talk to Sanae about something important before we came. But wait, you mean you're gonna show them these?
Akio: Uh-huh.
Tomoya: Nagisa, what's wrong?!
Sanae Furukawa: Are you okay?
Nagisa: Sorry, guys. Just a little nauseous
Akio: Nauseous huh? What are you pregnant or something?
Tomoya: Don't joke about that!
Akio: Hit a soft spot, huh? Sorry kid, if you had any balls, she'd have a bun in the oven already.
Sanae: She does, we just found out.
Akio and Tomoya: Huh?
Sanae: I'm not talking about baking.
Akio: Wait, you mean...
Sanae: Nagisa and Tomoya are having a child. Congratulations.
Akio: Wait, Sanae! When you say they're having a child, you mean a stork came to visit them, or they picked it up in a cabbage patch, or a fairy god mother granted their wish, or something!
Nagisa: No Dad. That's not how it works. Tomoya and I are married now, so
Tomoya: [Thinking] What? Nagisa, no. Don't say it.
Nagisa: We have sex and sex makes babies!
Tomoya: [Thinking] It's takes a special kind of girl to say that to her parents. Actually, it takes a special kind of human to say that at all. You're one in a million, Nagisa.
Sanae: She hasn't had her period in two months. I think it's safe to say it's for real.
Tomoya: Uh...u...
Akio: You little creep! You're dead! [Growling noise] I mean, congratulations, kid.
Tomoya: Uh...t-thanks.

In the Remains of Summer [Episode 15][edit]

Nagisa Okazaki: Hello, I'm Nagisa Okazaki. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
Tomoya Okazaki: Hi. I'm her husband, Tomoya.

Nagisa: I love the breeze. It feels so nice and cool. (Gasp) The baby just moved!
Tomoya: Whoa, really?
Nagisa: Yah. It's a weird feeling, like it's sliding around in there.
Tomoya: No kidding.
Nagisa: Guess we'd better come up with a name, huh?
Tomoya: Yeah. I haven't thought about it much, but we need a boy's name and a girl's name, don't we?
Nagisa: Either way, how about we take a character from your name, Tomoya?
Tomoya: Nah, it doesn't matter to me. Besides, it'll have my last name either way. Let's take something from your name instead. How about that?
Nagisa: But, my name's kind of hard to work with, so it'll end up sounding silly. Like Nagisako or Nagisami or something like that.
Tomoya: Well, okay. Nagisa means shore, right? So, how about we think of a name that has an ocean thing?
Nagisa: Oh, good idea... In that case, how about... Ushio? We can use the character for tide.
Tomoya: Ushio?
Nagisa: Yup. Strong and fearless, the rising and falling ocean waves. The endless ebb and flow of the tide. Perfect, right? And best of all, it works whether it's a girl or a boy.
Tomoya: So it's Ushio Okazaki, huh?
Nagisa: A lot of things happened in life. Some of them good and some of them bad. But, no matter what, the tide will always come back to the shores again and again. And so I'll stand by watching, just as the shores watch the tide come and go.
Tomoya: So you're saying that tides are bigger and stronger than the shore?
Nagisa: Of course. They travel the whole ocean.
Tomoya: And like the ocean, I hope our child isn't just strong. I hope it's as kind and nurturing as the deepest waters. Don't you agree?
Nagisa: Yah. I hope so, too.
Tomoya: We couldn't go to the beach this summer after all, huh?
Nagisa: I know. It's a shame, isn't it? I really wanted to go to the beach with you.
Tomoya: All right, then, let's make a promise.
Nagisa: A promise?
Tomoya: Yeah, we're going to come to the beach with Ushio next year no matter what. It's a promise.
Nagisa: A promise...
Tomoya: Uh-huh. You promise, right? Nagisa?
Nagisa: Yah, of course. I promise.

White Darkness [Episode 16][edit]

Illusionary Girl: Welcome back. Were you out there picking up junk again? I can tell it's cold just by touching you. I'm so sorry, I can't do anything to help. Aw, are you leaving? No, I want you to stay here with me. Please... Please don't leave me alone. Illusionary Robot: I know it's hard, but I have to go. If we want to stay together, it's the only choice. Please... Try to be strong. I know time is running out.

Tomoya Okazaki: You know, Sanae. Sometimes I think you must hate me for what I've done. I sure wouldn't blame you at least.
Sanae Furukawa: Hm?
Tomoya: I was just thinking that if Nagisa hadn't met me in the first place, she wouldn't be going through such a risky pregnancy right now. For better or worse, I changed her life. When I first met her, she seemed so frail. I feel like if I hadn't called out to her that day, she would have stood at the bottom of that hill forever. She never would have taken the first step into the life she lives now. I don't know, maybe I'm being conceited about this, but I always felt that she had gotten stronger because she met me. And I had gotten stronger because of her, too.
Sanae: That's exactly what happened, Tomoya. You have no idea how much Akio and I appreciate the things you've done for Nagisa.
Tomoya: That's fine and all, but I'm starting to have my doubts. If I weren't here, then she'd probably still be living at home with you guys. She might not have as many friends, but I think she'd still be happy in her own way. Or maybe she would have met someone who's actually worth something. And she'd be better off than she is now.
Sanae: That's hardly fair, Tomoya. I can't even imagine that.
Tomoya: I had a feeling you'd say that. It's nice of you, but you don't have to humor me. I don't know...
Sanae: That's how I honestly feel.
Tomoya: I'm sorry I brought this up. I guess... I just needed to vent a little.

Tomoya: Kyou. Fujibayashi. Glad you guys could come.
Nagisa Okazaki: It's like a high school reunion. Happy New Year.

Tomoya: [narrating] She entered labor two weeks earlier but her fever came back.
[Nagisa has gone into labor at home with Tomoya at her side.]
Tomoya: You're alright, Nagisa! Hang in there, okay! You're gonna make it! [Nagisa is groaning in pain.] Nagisa...
Nagisa: Don't worry about me. I'm fine. I have to look out for Shio...After this is over, the three of us are gonna live together...Right here in our home... [Sanae, Akio, and Yagi arrive.]
Sanae: Alright, we were able to get Yagi.
Akio Furukawa: Damn it! All the cars are stuck on the road! What the hell! Why now?!
Yagi: [at Akio] Listen, I need you to boil some water for me. As much as you can.
Akio: Alright! [Runs into the kitchen.]
Yagi: Okazaki, you do whatever you can to encourage your wife.
Tomoya: Alright. It's alright to hold her hand, isn't it?
Yagi: Of course. Just hold on and don't let go.
Tomoya: Nagisa, I'm right here with you, okay? Don't give up, Nagisa! I know you can do it! It's gonna be fine! You gonna have Ushio and we're gonna start our new life together!
Yagi: [at Nagisa] Just calm down now. It'll be alright. Okay, now [Exhales a breath] breathe out. That's right, good. Now [Exhales again] just relax. Relax. You're doing fine. Let's have a look.
Tomoya: [narrating] Nagisa lost consciousness over and over again; waking up and passing out because of the pain. It was cruel to watch. I wanted to cover my eyes and hide. It stretched on and on with no end in sight. I lost track of time. It felt like an eternity. I was so close to passing out myself. After a while, I felt like my heart couldn't take it anymore. I felt like I had run out of hope. [Hours pass and Nagisa successfully gives birth to Ushio. Tomoya takes the baby while Sanae, Akio, and Yagi look at Nagisa in worry.] Nagisa? Nagisa? Nagisa? [Tomoya grabs her hand.] Nagisa! [Nagisa opens her eyes.]
Nagisa: [weakly] Tomoya? Uh-oh.
Tomoya: She's here! Nagisa! She's...She's right here! [Nagisa looks at Ushio.] You can hear her, right? That's our baby. That's our baby crying. Here, look. [Tomoya shows Nagisa Ushio.] I got to hold her before anyone else. See?
Nagisa: Oh, yeah...She turned out so cute...
Tomoya: This is our little baby, Nagisa. It's our little Ushio.
Nagisa: Hey there, Shio...
Tomoya: It's a girl! She's as healthy as can be!
Nagisa: Yeah...I'm so glad we could have her here at home with you Tomoya...I'm sorry I had to make Shio work so hard for it, but at least we're all together...
Tomoya: You did a great job. I mean it.
Nagisa: Hey...I'm sorry, but I'm starting to feel a little tired...Could you let me rest...Just for a second...?
Sanae: Nagisa?!
Akio: Damn it! The doctor still isn't here?!
Sanae: We still can't use the car?
Tomoya: Nagisa...Wait, Nagisa, not yet...Come on, let's talk, just...just for a little bit, okay? You don't have to say anything. Just listen. [Nagisa doesn't respond.] Come on, you have to look at our baby...She looks like a cute little monkey, doesn't she? See? She's so tiny...Here, I'm gonna call her name, okay? Ushio. Hey, it's Daddy. Ushio? This is Mommy, see? Look at her, see? [Ushio gestures negatively.] She's ignoring me...Guess she doesn't understand yet...[Nagisa slightly responds by looking at Tomoya.] I bet she'll grow up before we know it. She'll be starting school. We'll have to go clothes shopping with her. We'll have open house and school festivals to go to. We'll do it all as a family. Even though...Even though I used to make fun of that stuff when I was growing up...[Nagisa doesn't respond.] Nagisa? [Her hand loses its grip on Tomoya's and drops on the futon. Tomoya gasps.] Nagisa! [He picks up her hand and places it on Ushio's cheek.] Here, it's Ushio's cheek! Come on...Hey...[Her hand drops onto the futon again. Tomoya then narrates while having flashbacks of him and Nagisa.] Nagisa...You told me you'd always be by my side...You said we'd always be together...You promised me that, remember?...Over and over again...We both promised...That was my only dream...Nothing good ever happened to me until I met you...I thought I had a crappy life...But even someone useless like me finally found something to live for...Right, Nagisa? R-Right? Nagisa...[Aloud while embracing Nagisa.] NAGISA!!! [Tomoya then has several flashbacks of him, Nagisa, and several others. The flashbacks stop with Tomoya and Nagisa of when they first met on the hill.]
Nagisa: [In the flashback.] Do you like this school? I have to say that I love it very, very much. But soon, everything changes...Well, at least it does eventually. Fun things...Happy things...They'll all...They'll all eventually change someday, you know? But...Do you think you can still love this place anyway? [Tomoya does not call out to her and Nagisa walks down the hill instead of up.]
Tomoya: [narrating within the flashback.] We never should have met...We should have just kept going down our separate paths...We never would have gone out...We never would have gotten married...And...And Ushio would have never been born...Then...At least...I wouldn't have to go through so much suffering...We never should have met...

Summertime [Episode 17][edit]

[Tomoya is narrating about his present life.]
Tomoya Okazaki: [narrating] I was only living because it was too much trouble to die. I got up in the morning, went to work, I ate dinner, and then I went to sleep at night. It's like my body was doing it out of habit. That's how I lived every day of my life. I worked my body to the absolute limit. I wanted to forget everything, so I let work swallow my life; swallow everything.
[Tomoya is at work late at night.]
Manager: Okazaki, why don't you call it a night? It's late.
Tomoya: [aloud] It's fine. I'll be done in just a second.
Manager: Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the work you do for us, but if you keep pushing yourself like that, you're going to end up making yourself sick. You know, you're not even taking time off for Ōbon.
Tomoya: Don't worry about me. I'm doing it because I want to.
Manager: If you don't take off every once in a while, you're going to get me in trouble with the government.
Tomoya: [narrating] After work was rough on me. It was even worse when I had a day off. I would throw my money away just to kill time. To stay away from home, I was hiding from reality because it was the only thing holding me together. I hate this town, but even if I moved away, I wouldn't have anywhere to go; anything to do. I tried to shut everything out; to live without thinking of anything. I wanted to wipe my mind clean. I wanted to forget what happened. Everything I did was wrong. Everything was a mistake. The fact that I met her, the fact that we fell in love, that we got married, the fact that we had a baby...It was all one big mistake I couldn't take back.

Illusionary Robot: It takes a wish for this junk to take shape. Maybe that's why I can't do it alone. No... I knew that's what I needed. A wish from a heart. That's why I needed her. Because I didn't have a heart. Because I wasn't human. Illusionary Girl: You're crying, aren't you? Is it 'cause you remembered something sad? This world is a sad place, isn't it? Soon everything here will be buried in light. It'll get even colder and I'll stop moving. Then you'll be left all alone in this cold, wide wasteland.

The Ends of the Earth [Episode 18][edit]

Illusionary Girl: You wanna walk to a place that's different than this one, don't you? To the warm place full of secrets? To the world where every day is fun? That's what you've wanted all along, isn't it? Okay then. Let's go. Together.

[Tomoya and Ushio are on a train and are sitting near a mother and a child causing a disturbance.]
Ushio Okazaki: Hey.
Tomoya Okazaki: What is it?
Ushio: Play with me.
Tomoya: Alright. Well, what do you do with Sanae?
Ushio: She reads me books.
Tomoya: Did you bring any books with you? [Ushio nods no.] What about with the Old Man?
Ushio: Baseball.
Tomoya: You play baseball?
Ushio: Uh-huh. Like this. [She gets up and gets into a pretend batting stance, imitating Norihiro Komada.] Komada!
Tomoya: Are you doing an impression?
Ushio: You mean it isn't funny?
Tomoya: It's not funny at all.
Ushio: [Dejected] That's too bad. [She sits back down in her seat]
Tomoya: [Thinking] What the heck is he teaching her? [The mother and child are still making a disturbance, Tomoya then speaks aloud, irritated] Shut up! There are other people on this train, you know!
Mother: [Holding her child] I'm sorry. I'll keep him quiet.
Tomoya: Ugh...Dammit... [He then sees that Ushio has disappeared] Ushio? [He goes to look for her] Where the heck did she go? [He goes into another cart and sees Ushio running from out of the bathroom] Give me a break...Ushio, let me know first if you've going to the bathroom, okay? [Pause] What's wrong? [He sees her flushed face] You weren't crying, were you? [She nods no] Come on, don't lie to me.
Ushio: I'm not supposed to cry.
Tomoya: Huh? Who told you that?
Ushio: Sanae.
Tomoya: Sanae? Even she can be strict, huh? Who knew?
Ushio: But she said there's one place where's it's okay to cry.
Tomoya: And where is that?
Ushio: In the bathroom.
Tomoya: Fair enough. I guess nobody would see you crying if you did it in the bathroom. But if you feel like crying, I don't think you should have to hold back. You should cry while you still can. When you get bigger, sometimes you can't cry...Even if you have something you want to cry about.

[Tomoya and Ushio are back on the train after a stop. Ushio is playing with a robot toy Tomoya bought for her.]
Tomoya: It's fine if you don't like it. [Ushio acknowledges him.] Well, I mean you'd probably rather have a girl's toy, right, instead of a robot? [Ushio nods no]
Ushio: Girl's toys are boring. I like robots.
Tomoya: Well, there's no harm, I guess. It's just a little strange. [Ushio gives him a confused look] No, never mind. Keep playing. [Thinking] Wonder if she's enjoying her summer vacation? Probably not...Since she's stuck with a guy like me...

[Ushio and Tomoya are staying at an inn. Ushio gets up, disturbing Tomoya, causing him to wake up.]
Tomoya: What's wrong?
Ushio: Gotta potty. Number two.
Tomoya: It's dark, so be careful. [He goes back to sleep]
Ushio: 'Kay. [Tomoya feels bad for making her go by herself and accompanies her. Ushio goes down the stairs, into the bathroom, then out.] I did it all by myself.
Tomoya: Good for you... [Tomoya and Ushio are walking down a hallway and she sees a firefly outside.] So what is it this time?
Ushio: What is that thing?
Tomoya: Hm? [He sees the firefly] Oh, it's a firefly. You know what that is, right?
Ushio: I've never seen one before.
Tomoya: They must come out later here. [Ushio puts on a depressed face] Something wrong? [She nods no] What? Do I have something funny on my face? [She nods no again] Then stop staring at me like that. It's not very polite. [She still has the same face on] Come on, what do you want? If there's something you wanna say, then say it. [Pause] I get it. You won't talk because you're still afraid of me, aren't you? [She nods yes] Alright, out with it already! I promise I won't yell anymore, okay?
Ushio: I want you to tell me about my Mommy. [Tomoya is shocked by what she said]
Tomoya: Why don't you ask Sanae?
Ushio: I did, but she wouldn't say anything to me.
Tomoya: She wants me to tell you, huh? [Pause] Ask Sanae when we get back. Say you asked me and I wouldn't tell you anything. [He walks off]

[Tomoya meets his grandmother Shino after many years. They begin to talk.]
Shino Okazaki: I was contacted by someone named Furukawa. She said you would eventually come if I waited here.
Tomoya: So Sanae planned this...?
Shino: You've grown so much since I last saw you.
Tomoya: I'm sorry, I don't remember at all.
Shino: I can hardly blame you since you were so young. We met right on this spot, actually shortly after your mother Atsuko passed away. I haven't spoken to your father in quite a while. Is he still paying for his crime?
Tomoya: No, he's been released from prison. He's back home as far as I know.
Shino: Such a shame. It must have been hard on you.
Tomoya: Not really.
Shino: He may have been brash when he was younger, but he certainly wasn't that foolish. Both Atsuko and your father were still in high school when they got engaged, so of course we were against the marriage. After the wedding, your father dropped out of school. He could only afford a tiny apartment, but they wanted to live on their own. Still, they both seemed so happy back then. [Tomoya starts recalling memories of him and Nagisa.] After all, he was caring for the woman he loved. It's probably all he ever wanted in life. It wasn't too long after that when Atsuko became pregnant with you. You were certainly a blessing to them. They were thrilled to have you. [Tomoya's flashbacks stop.] Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, I suppose. It wasn't long after you were born that Atsuko passed away in an accident. It was so crushing for Naoyuki. At first, I thought he would never recover from this depression, but he was strong. He held onto what hope he could muster and kept pushing on. [Pause. Tomoya faces Shino.] Do you know why? He couldn't give up on life because he was left with you, Tomoya. He was determined to raise you on his own. [Tomoya recalled a memory from his childhood with his father.] It was long ago, but I'll that day when he walked away from here, holding your hand and smiling. Perhaps you remember now? The days after that were the toughest in his life. I can't even imagine how hard he had to work. He was fired from one job after another and forced to move from place to place just to keep his head above water. Still, he always did his best to care for you. He would try to cheer you up with toys or sweets whenever he could space little money. He sacrificed everything for you, but he refused to leave you behind. [Tomoya recalled memories of his father, himself, and Ushio.] I'm sure he was strict, perhaps even violent at times, but in his heart, I know the only thing he wanted was to raise you well, even if you were too young to understand that. But it was a very hard life for him, and nobody's perfect. I know he often turned to alcohol to forget his troubles at work. I'm sure that must have been hard for you, dealing with an alcoholic father, and I'm sure he must have done some terrible things when he was drunk, but please keep in mind that he chose to live his life with you no matter how painful it was for him. And so you grew up, but before long, you were a fine young man who was old enough to make his decisions about his own life, but by then, Naoyuki had already lost everything. His career, his reputation, his friends, and even the love of his son, I'm sure. Furukawa told me that you're suffering the same way Naoyuki was back then. I'm truly sorry to hear that. You know, that's the reason I came here today. That's the reason why I wanted to tell you everything that I did, because you can understand now; you can appreciate the kind of father Naoyuki was. [Pause]
Tomoya: He'd come home on his break and bring me candy. He always held my hand, we'd go on walks together. Hmph. It's sad how easy I forgot all that.
Shino: Tomoya, even though I know you're not fond of Naoyuki, do you think he's a failure as a father?
Tomoya: Not really. I'm a bigger failure as a person than he ever was as a father. Right now I'm standing in the same place my dad did. But I don't feel like fighting. I feel like giving up. All I can think about is how weak and pathetic I am.
Shino: [Chuckles] You're not unlike him, you know. I think he's weak and pathetic in his own way as well. But even if he wasn't perfect, I know he worked hard and did everything he could for you. For that reason, no matter what happened, I'll always be proud of him. As a man, my son may have had his share of shortcomings. But as a father, I truly believe he did a good job.
Tomoya: I...I think so, too. And there's nothing more I could ask for.
Shino: [Bows. Voice cracking.] Thank you so much for saying that. [Stands up straight] Oh, this is such a relief for me. Tomoya, your father has worked too hard. It's time for him to take a well-deserved break. Please tell him that his job is done. Tell him it's alright to come home now. I'll be right here waiting for him. There's no reason for him to suffer anymore.
[Tomoya bows.]

Ushio: Sanae-san told me the places I can cry are in the bathroom... and in daddy's arms.

[Tomoya comes back from the overlook with Shino to Ushio who is still looking for the toy robot in the field of flowers.]
Tomoya: Ushio! Did you find it? [She nods no]
Shino: Oh, is that your little girl?
Tomoya: Yeah, her name's Ushio. [Tomoya walks towards Ushio] Were you searching for it all this time? [She nods yes] I see. [Tomoya remembers a flashback with him and his father. He then walks over to Ushio and crouches down to her.] Ushio...I'm sorry to have to say this...But we may not be able to find it. We've done everything we can. All I can do now is buy you a new one. Okay? [She puts on a depressed face]
Ushio: But that...But that was the only one...
Tomoya: No, there was a whole bunch of them at the store.
Ushio: But that's the one you picked out. That was the robot you bought me. [Tomoya starts to understand what she is saying.] That was the first time...Daddy...[Tomoya finally realizes what she means]
Tomoya: Ushio? [She mumbles yes] You've been lonely, huh?
Ushio: Uh-huh.
Tomoya: Did you have a fun trip, even though you were with a mean guy like me?
Ushio: Uh-huh.
Tomoya: I see...Ushio...Can I...Is it okay if I stay with you?...I know...I know that I've been a bad Daddy for a long time...But from now on, I wanna work hard to take care of you Ushio. So, even if it's tough, is it okay if I stay with you?
Ushio: Uh-huh.
Tomoya: You really mean it?
Ushio: I want you to stay.
Tomoya: Thank you...
Ushio: But...But I'm still sad that I lost something I can't give back...[Pause] Daddy? Um...I don't...I don't have to hold it in anymore right? Just like you said on the train? Right? 'Cause Sanae she...she told me the only times I can cry are when I'm in the bathroom...or when I'm in Daddy's arms... [Tomoya gives her a positive look. They both embrace each other. Ushio begins to cry.]
Tomoya: I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...

[Tomoya and Ushio are riding a train back home. Ushio is sitting across from Tomoya.]
Tomoya: Hey, Ushio. [Ushio acknowledges him] I can tell you about Mommy if you'd like that. [She nods yes] Okay then. Then come sit over here. [She sits next to Tomoya] Now, where do I start? Back in high school, Mommy was having a tough time, so she cried a lot. That was back when we first met. She didn't believe in herself very much. I remember she was standing at the bottom of the hill of our high school. Do you know what she did when she was standing there that morning? She closed her eyes and she said "Anpan!" That was a funny habit Mommy had. When she was afraid, she would say what she wanted to eat out loud and it would make her brave again. Back then, Sanae was always busy with work and didn't have time to make lunch for Mommy. Of course, Mommy would have been happy if she had Sanae's food. And maybe Sanae could make time if she had to, but Mommy was too nice to ask her. That's what your Mommy was like. Really sweet. Let's see...What else? Uh, she uh...Uh, your Mommy...Mommy was...[He begins to cry, remembering memories of Nagisa] Nagisa...Nagisa...Nagisa... [Ushio tugs on his sleeve as she begins to cry.]
Ushio: Daddy?
Tomoya: Silly! Why are you crying, too? [He wipes away her tears] Sorry, it's nothing bad. I was just thinking of Mommy. [He stops wiping] Okay, let's get back to the story. Back in high school, Mommy was really excited about putting on a play. Have you ever seen a play before? [Thinking] Nagisa, I've found it. I finally found it. Something only I can protect. A precious treasure only I can protect. It was right here. Right in front of me...all along...

The Road Home [Episode 19][edit]

The Tidal Breeze's Mischief [Episode 20][edit]

[Fuko has come over to Tomoya and Ushio's apartment to play with her.]
Fuko Ibuki: Fuko has come to play. Thank you for inviting her. [Bows]
Tomoya Okazaki: Uh, yeah. No problem.
Fuko: I'll get straight to the point, Ushio...[Embraces her] Be my sister and run away with me!
Tomoya: You're crazy!
Fuko: Fuko is not talking to you! Fuko is talking to Ushio and Ushio only! [To Ushio] Now Ushio, let's be honest, you like Fuko, don't you?
Ushio Okazaki: Yeah.
Fuko: Did you hear that?!
Ushio: But I still wanna stay with my Daddy.
Tomoya: Ha ha! Did you hear that?
Fuko: She says that now, but I'll win her over by the end of the day! [Pulls out a starfish-shaped pastry in front of Ushio.] I brought a gift! As a token of our friendship! It's custom-made starfish bread, fresh from the Furukawa bakery! You'll eat it for me, won't you Ushio?
Ushio: [Takes bread] Yeah, sure.
Tomoya: Considering your taste in things, that's actually pretty cute.
Ushio: Well, okay. Here I go. [She eats part of the bread] It's yummy!
Fuko: Cute little Ushio eating cute little bread is setting a new record for cuteness! [Embraces her]
Tomoya: That's enough hugging, alright!
[Cuts to Fuko and Ushio playing in the living room and Tomoya preparing lunch in the kitchen.]
Tomoya: Ushio and I are about to have lunch. You can join us if you like, Fuko.
Fuko: My feelings won't be swayed by bribery, you know.
Tomoya: Give it a rest!
Fuko: Okazaki, I heard that your wife passed away a while ago.
Tomoya: That's right.
Fuko: I understand your feelings. I know I must remind you of her a lot.
Tomoya: Now let me tell you something.
Fuko: [Ushio and Fuko have Dangos on their heads] Yes, tell Fuko anything!
Tomoya: Nagisa was absolutely nothing like you! It's like you're not even from the same planet.
Fuko: Y-You mean your wife was an alien?!
Fuko: What?! Fuko is not an alien!
Tomoya: I can't get inside that tiny brain of yours.
Fuko: Rest assured, as an earthling, my brain is full of average earthling-like thoughts! The people in the neighborhood are often remarking on how I'm a perfectly average earthling!
Tomoya: What kind of neighbors do you have?!
Fuko: [Holds Ushio's hand] So in conclusion, let's go home together.
[Cuts to Fuko, Ushio, and Tomoya sitting at a table eating lunch.]
Tomoya: Besides, if the average earthing thought like you, the world would be destroyed in less than 24 hours for sure.
Fuko: Nothing you say makes any sense to me.
Tomoya: If there was a big red button right in front of you that you weren't supposed to push no matter what, what would you do?
Fuko: I'd push it, but only when no one was looking.
Tomoya: Well, that's too bad, because the button launches nuclear missiles.
Fuko: Hey! That's not fair! You tricked me into pushing it!
Tomoya: Just like I said, the world would be destroyed in no time.
Fuko: Oh, all right. I have a scenario for you. [Shows a scene with a pair of tights with barbed wire and "do not wear" signs around it.] If there were a pair of tights on the ground that you weren't supposed to wear no matter what, what would you do?
Tomoya: I wouldn't do anything.
Fuko: [Scene shows Tomoya putting on the tights.] You're lying! You wouldn't be able to control yourself! You'd have to put them on!
Tomoya: [In scene] I'M SO AWESOME! [Shows massive explosion, then an atomic mushroom cloud.]
Fuko: You fool! Those tights were the apocalypse tights! [She picks up her empty plate.] I know it's a little late to ask now, but did you put sleeping pills in this food?
Tomoya: Yeah, right. What, you thought I'd try to knock you out and try and make a move on you? Not in a million years.
Fuko: I-I'm flattered to hear that you care for me so much. But I don't think I can return your feelings.
Tomoya: [Aggravated] Really now...
Fuko: You don't have to hide them, you know.
Tomoya: HIDE WHAT?!
Fuko: Your feelings for me!
Tomoya: Ugh, shut up! You know what? Just forget it! I'm not talking to you!
Fuko: Now, now. Don't be shy!
Tomoya: UGH!

[Tomoya and Ushio are in their apartment with Fuko over and are about to play cards.]
Fuko: Anyway, let's play cards! So what's your game of choice, Ushio? Blackjack? Poker, maybe? Gin Rummy?
Tomoya: You realize you're talking to a five-year old, right?
Fuko: I didn't think of that. I guess I'm so mature and sophisticated that I end up suggesting adult games without realizing it.
Tomoya: [Groans] Ushio, are there any games you can play?
Ushio: I know Sevens.
Fuko: [Joyful] What an enchanting choice, Ushio! That's a perfectly splendid game!
Tomoya: Sophisticated, huh?
[Scene cuts to the three playing the card game.]
Fuko: Hey, Okazaki, you have the ten of hearts right now, don't you?
Tomoya: Let's just say I have a whole handful of cards I could use. [Short pause] Alright, Ushio, you're up next.
Ushio: [Plays card] This one!
Fuko: Thanks, Ushio! That's just the card I needed. Now I'm back in the game and ready to get my revenge!
Tomoya: Shoot! And I tried so hard to block her!
Fuko: Okazaki's evil scheme has been thwarted and Ushio's proven once and for all that she loves Fuko best!
Tomoya: Get over yourself! [Both Tomoya and Fuko chuckle. Tomoya is looking at the picture of Nagisa behind Fuko.]
Tomoya: [Thinking] If only you were still alive...
[Tomoya thinks of what happens if Nagisa is still alive and Tomoya, Nagisa and Ushio play cards together until Fuko trys to get his attention.]'
Fuko: Okazaki? Okazaki!
Tomoya: Huh? Oh. Sorry. Guess it's my turn, huh?
Fuko: I'm sorry if this is hard on you, Okazaki...I don't mean to bring up memories of your wife...
Tomoya: [Annoyed] I told you, you're nothing like her!
Fuko: Then what kind of person was she? If she wasn't like me, she must have been immature, right?
Tomoya: I'm not sure if it's possible to be less mature than you are.
Fuko: She died when Ushio was born, right? So she never got to meet her?
Tomoya: Yeah. She (Ushio) only know what she looks like from pictures.
Ushio: Yeah, but I still know lots of stuff about her 'cause Daddy told me.
Fuko: [Chuckles] Now you've got me curious. What kind of was she?
Ushio: Let's see...Well, she was kind of a crybaby, but she always did her best and worked real hard to have me. [Tomoya starts having memories of Nagisa and starts to tear up.] And I also know that Daddy loved her very much.
Fuko: I, um...
Tomoya: [Wiping his tears] Sorry. I still think about her sometimes.
Fuko: I have a lot of free time, so you can call me whenever you like.
Tomoya: Huh?
Fuko: All you have to do is ask and I'll be here. I'll help you in any way I can, okay?
Tomoya: I have to admit I didn't expect sympathy from you.
Fuko: I wasn't trying to be sympathetic. I just want an excuse to play with Ushio.
Tomoya: [Groans] Of course.

Akio: Tomorrow's the day, isn't it?
Tomoya: That's right. The grudge match we've all been waiting for.
Sanae Furukawa: Ushio, are you looking forward to the big race?
Tomoya: What's wrong, Ushio?
Ushio: I tried to, but I couldn't do it by myself...
Tomoya: Huh? Come on! What's wrong?! She's burning up!

The End of the World [Episode 21][edit]

Illusionary Girl: Are you okay? It keeps getting colder. Illusionary Robot: A robot like me can't feel the cold. I'm sure she's suffering. I'm sure her hands are freezing. Although just like everything else, I can't feel them. Illusionary Girl: Before we know it, the whole world will be buried in light. We'd better hurry while we still can.

[Tomoya and Ushio are walking to the train station, on a trip. Snow is falling.]
Tomoya Okazaki: Can you walk Ushio? Would you like to take a break?
Ushio Okazaki: [She shakes her head] Uh-uh.
Tomoya: Let's take a cab before the snow starts getting worse. Let me carry you.
Ushio: I'm fine.
[They start walking, and Ushio's steps begin to slow as her breath gets heavier. She begins to drag her feet when she trips and nearly collapses.]
Tomoya: Ushio! [Tomoya quickly grabs her, breaking her fall.]
Ushio: Daddy...
Tomoya: Ushio, I'm right here. What is it?
Ushio: Did we... make it? Are we on the train yet?
Tomoya: Yeah, we made it on the train.
Ushio: It's dark. Is it night?
Tomoya: It sure is. It's getting late.
Ushio: Oh... Daddy?
Tomoya: Hmm?
Ushio: I love you.
Tomoya: Yeah. Daddy loves you too, Ushio, very much.
[Ushio smiles, and then closes her eyes. Her body becomes limp.]
Tomoya: Ushio? Ushio!? USHIO!!!
[Tomoya has several flashbacks, albeit very few, of the time he and Ushio spent together. He continues to cry.]
Tomoya: No! Anything but this! Nagisa! Please save Ushio! NAGISA! Someone... Someone help! Help her! Nagisa...

Illusionary Girl: Thanks for the hand. Illusionary Robot: How many steps have we taken? How many more steps do we still have to take? I don't know where we are. I barely know where we're going. Are we almost there already? Or do we still have a long way to walk?

[Tomoya is walking to school while narrating about his town.]
Tomoya: I hate this town. It's too filled with memories I'd rather forget. I go to school every day, hang out with my friends, and then go home. There's no place I'd rather not go ever again. I wonder if anything will ever change? Will that day ever come?
[Tomoya is walking up the hill to school and sees Nagisa for the first time.]
Nagisa Furukawa: [Short pause] Anpan! Do you like this school? I have to say that I love it very, very much. But soon everything changes. Well, at least it does eventually. Fun things...Happy things...They'll all...They'll all eventually change some day, you know? But can you still love this place?
Tomoya: If I answer her, then Nagisa and I will start talking to each other. We'll start dating. We'll get married. But maybe it'd be better if that didn't happen after all... Maybe it'd be better if we never met at all...

Small Palms [Episode 22][edit]

Tomoya Okazaki: That's right. It all started when I spoke to her that day. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. If she hadn't met me, then she wouldn't...

[Tomoya is back to the day when Nagisa and he first met. Nagisa is walking away behind him. Tomoya turns around.]
Tomoya: [Shouting] NAGISA!
[Nagisa keeps on walking while Tomoya gets worried then drops his bag and runs straight towards her.]
Tomoya: Nagisa!
[Nagisa turns around when Tomoya comes and Tomoya embraces her.]
Nagisa Furukawa: [Surprised] Oh!
Tomoya: Nagisa! I'm right here! Don't leave me!
Nagisa: You had me worried. For a second there, I was afraid you wouldn't talk to me.
Tomoya: I'm sorry.
Nagisa: At first, you didn't say anything. I was starting to think you'd keep walking away, like you wish we never met in the first place. I hope that wasn't true though.
[Tomoya then embraces her by giving another hug]
Nagisa: Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You made me so happy.
Tomoya: Nagisa...
Nagisa: I don't want you to be lost or afraid or anything like that. From here on out, I know things might be too hard sometimes, but no matter what, please don't ever regret the time we spent together. Is that too much to ask?
[Tomoya touches her face while Nagisa smiles then begins to cry.]
Tomoya: I won't regret a thing. Thank you.
[Tomoya takes her hand and gives it a kiss then hugs her again.]

Nagisa: If you like shall I take you to a place in town where wishes come true?
Tomoya and robot: Ah... My long journey has finally come to an end...
[Ushio cries after birth. Tomoya wakes up seeing where he is then looks down to see him holding Nagisa's hand.]
Tomoya: Nagisa?
[Nagisa lays there still while Tomoya thinks she died again and having flashbacks when she died in the previous time.]
Tomoya: Nagisa...
[Tomoya begins to cry. Nagisa wakes up seeing where she is then sees Tomoya next to her and smiles.]
Nagisa Okazaki: Tomoya?
Tomoya: [Joyful] Nagisa!
Nagisa: Is something wrong, Tomoya? You look upset.
Tomoya: We're really... We're really together now right?
Nagisa: Of course we are, we'll always be together. Just like we promised over and over again, I'm not going anywhere.
Tomoya: That's right, just like we said.
Yagi: Okazaki, you don't need to worry the health of the baby or the mother. [To Nagisa] Good job. Congratulations.
Akio Furukawa: [To Tomoya] Congragulations to you, too. You did good.
Sanae Furukawa: Tomoya? How would you like to give little Ushio her first bath?
Tomoya: Uh, sure.
Yagi: Support her head with your right hand. Cover her ears so she doesn't get any water in them. That's right. Nice and slow. Does that feel good, Ushio? Now don't dip her head in just yet. You need to wipe her down with gauze first. There you go. Daddy's getting you all clean. Aren't you a happy baby?
Nagisa: [After Tomoya gives Ushio her first bath.] Good job, Tomoya. You did great.
Sanae: Look at that, as healthy as can be!
Nagisa: When she gets bigger, I hope she's as strong as she is now.
Tomoya: She will be. She'll have a strong mind and strong body, too. Don't worry.
Nagisa: Okay. [Turns her head towards the window.] Hey Tomoya, look outside. Open the curtain, it's so pretty.
Tomoya, Akio, Sanae: Huh?
Tomoya: What? You mean the snow? No, wait. This is...
Nagisa: Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango family.
Tomoya and Nagisa: Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango, Dango family.
[Ushio cries for joy.]'
Nagisa: Sometimes I wonder, what if this town was alive? What if it had thoughts and feelings like one of us? If it did, I think it would want to make the people who live here happy. When I look at how things have turned out for you and me, I feel like the town might have brought us together; that it might have made this miracle happen. But even if it's wonderful, I guess it's not really a miracle, is it? After all, this sort of thing happens every day. People who live here love this town, and they find happiness here all the time. Even if it doesn't have thoughts, I think this town is still alive in its own way. I think it still loves the people who live here. I've grown up in this town, all of my memories and dreams are a part of it. In a way I feel like it raised me.
Tomoya: So this town is like one big happy family, huh?
Nagisa: Yup, [Chuckles] a Big Dango Family.
Tomoya: Yeah, I think I'm finally starting to get that.

The Event from One Year Before [Episode 23][edit]

Under the Green Tree [Episode 24][edit]

Another World: Kyou Chapter [Episode 25][edit]

Ryou Fujibayashi: Please don't apologize.
Tomoya Okazaki: But... [Is cut off by Ryou]
Ryou: If you apologize, then I'll have to forgive you and then it'll be like nothing even happened at all. I don't want that. I want to cherish every moment we've spend together. I want to remember it all! The fun times... The sad times... Everything. So please, please don't apologize.


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