Clara Jessup Moore

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Clara Jessup Moore

Clara Jessup Moore (February 16, 1824January 5, 1899) was an American poet, born in Westfield, Massachusetts.


  • If he bring me a rose, a briar rose,
    To place in my braided hair,
    I shall know there are thorns in life for me
    And many a wearying care.
    If he bring me a lily pure and pale
    And lay it upon my breast,
    I shall know that my life will be of peace,
    As a bird in its mother's nest.
    • The Maiden's Flower Omens
  • Within a temple's towering walls I stand
    A temple vast; the heaven is its dome:
    No corniced crag was hewn by human hand,
    Nor by it wrought this tracery of foam;
    • Niagara Below the Cataract
  • O wondrous sphinx! within thy marble breast
    What undreamed secrets lie concealed!
    Hast thou no pity for my wild unrest
    My maddening longing for the unrevealed?
    • Death

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