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Class of the Titans is a Canadian animated television series.

Repeated lines

  • Jay: It's over, Cronus!
  • Herry: Let's rock, slimo!

Season 1


1 Chaos 101

Jay: [about Hermes] Where did he go?
Atlanta: I don't know. A toga party?

Jay: What about our parents? My folks must be wondering where I am.
Hera: Don't worry. It's all taken care of.
[at Jay's house]
Jay's mother: You mean Jay is a-
Hermes: An astronaut! That's right, he's been specially selected for intense training, after few years he'll be off to a space station. Ah, you must be so proud.

Atlanta: You're the goddess of war. I thought you were going to be mean, not make us breakfast.
Athena: Are you kidding? I love to bake! [slams makhaira to cut toast in half]

Jay: What is that? The Typhus?
Hera: Ask Chiron. He is the master of all manour of beasts.
Hermes: Takes one to know one. You know.

Atlanta: Who was Jason, your ancestor? What did he do?
Jay: He was the leader of Argonauts. The team of heroes that sailed in the quest for the Golden Fleece.
Atlanta: But he gave up, right?
Jay: No. No, he didn't.
Herry: Now that I know, that Cronus wants to destroy the world, I can't just walk away
Jay: You're right.
Herry: After you.

Cronus: Where are the others? I thought there were supposed to be seven heroes.
Herry: It's three against one. I think we're good.
Atlanta: Yeah, I'm good with that.
Cronus: Oh, I'm sure you're good [giants are surrounding Jay, Atlanta and Herry] But I'm better.

2 Chaos 102

Ares: I've seen better.
Archie: No way! Who?
Ares: Me! And Achilles, your ancestor.
Archie: You know I don't buy that?
Ares: You know, as a young man, Achilles often let himself to be ruled by as anger and distrust. He later regretted it. Don't make the same mistake, Archie. Congratulations! You win a prize. [gives him a Hephaestus whip]
Archie: A dog leash?

Atlanta: Did you have to take a test?
Odie: Not really. I just had set up Hermes with some upgrades to his communication network. It was a piece of cake.
[in Hermes' office]
Computer: You've got e-mail. You've got e-mail. You've got e-mail.
Hermes: All right, already! Okay! OKAY!
[back in the room they are in]
Hera: As a result Hermes will-
Hermes: [flies into a room] You called Mistress Hera?
Hera: Uh, no. Must you bust in every time I mention your name?
Hermes: Sorry. When the queen of the Olympus says your name, what you're supposed to do?

Jay: You can read minds?
Theresa: Well, no. Not really.
Hera: Maybe one day. Persephone will help Theresa expand her skills.
Hermes: [to Persephone which comes into a room] Sorry, honey, false alarm.

Theresa: Okay. So where are the cameras. This is gotta be a reality TV show.
Atlanta: This is for real. Trust me, I've seen Cronus. You look into his eyes and there's nothing but evil there.
Theresa: I can't wait to meet him... So, what the deal with Jay? You're going out with him?
Atlanta: Huh?

[they hear a noise in the garden]
Theresa: There's some one there!
Atlanta: We'll attack first, ask questions later. On three, okay?
Theresa: You mean, when you say three, or right after you say two-
Atlanta: I mean NOW!
[after a short fight they realize they were fighting Archie]
Atlanta: Archie?!
Theresa: You know this guy?!
Atlanta: He is supposed to be one of us. I thought you were leaving, why are you sneaking around?
Archie: I was checking the parameter. Making sure it's safe.

Theresa: [using nunchucks] These are cute.
Atlanta: And deadly! Where did you learn to use those?
Theresa: I was a black belt when I was twelve. While other rich girls were bored, I was restless.

Atlanta: [tries to use bolas and accidentally breaks statue's nose away] Ha! Now we're talking! Can I have these?
Ares: All the weapons here are at your disposal. But the statues are mine!

Herry: So, how can we beat the Typhus?
Ares: Beat it back with lightning bolds and drop him back to the Tartarus.
Herry: Yeah, okay.

Theresa: So, what's with the fancy footwear?
Archie: I've got a wonky heel.
Theresa: Sorry about what happened earlier.
Archie: [smiles at her] No worries.

Archie: Herry, Atlanta and you two, I get. But Odie?
Jay: Ever heard of Odysseus? He was one of the greatest heroes.
Archie: You mean he's a...
Jay: A direct descendant. A real wolf in ship's clothing.
Archie: You mean a wolf in nerd's clothing.
Jay: Odysseus was a good friend of Achilles.
Archie: I know.
Theresa: How do you guys know all this stuff? You're not Greek, are you?
Archie: No, but, ugh... I read a lot of classical poetry...
Theresa: Oh, really?

[Typhus appears in front of Archie]
Archie: Okay, now I'm a believer!

[in a truck, attacking by the Typhus, going straight on him]
Archie: So, are you coming with me?
Atlanta: What?
Archie: We can't fight Cronus and that thing in the same time. We need to distract it.
Atlanta: [unfastens seatbelt] Herry, stop the truck.
Jay: Wait! Guys, I don't think that's such a good idea.

Archie: I heard you are fast.
Atlanta: Very.

Atlanta: [about PMR] Wow! What else do these things do?
Odie: What do you want to do.

3 Chaos 103

[Giant comes to Cronus, who doesn't look at him]
Cronus: Finally. I've been waiting all night. [turns around and sees that Giant hasn't brought Neil] And it appears I'm still waiting!

Herry: He's a model?
Archie: Maybe he's a supermodel!
Atlanta: Yeah, with powers like stunning looks and a killer smile!

Odie: The three of us were just brain storming.
Hermes: But we haven't even had a drizzle yet.

Theresa: So we've pinned our hopes on a hero who's chief virtue was that he is in love with himself?
Aphrodite: But who can blame him? I'd kill to have cheekbones as good looking as his! Oh, wait! I do!

Jay: Herry, stop the truck.
Herry: Are you nuts?!
Jay: I just want some of us to jump out to keep Cronus busy. You take Odie to the relay. Everybody else – out! Including Neil.
Archie: Neil?! What do you want Neil for?
Neil: Yeah! What do you want Neil for?
Jay: Because you're lucky! And right now we need all the luck we can get!

4 Man's Worst Enemy

Theresa: [plays lyre then ends with high electrical strum] Thank you New Olimpia!
Apollo: That was beautiful! Until the end. I didn't know you could play the lyre, Theresa.
Theresa: Um, yeah.
Apollo: Not too many people can play to well. Wait until I tell the-
Theresa: Oh, don't tell anyone, okay?
Apollo: Why not?
Theresa: Please, Apollo. The guys will never let me leave it down! I mean, c'mon! There is nothing more lame than playing a lyre!
Apollo: I play the lyre!
Theresa: Oh... Ugh... but you're... well... a god! How you guys play the lyre.
Apollo: [points on a lyre Theresa is holding] In fact, that's my lyre!
Theresa: Oh, sorry.
[Atlanta comes into a room]
Atlanta: Hey, I need a few things. You wanna go shopping?
Theresa: Always. [smiles very nicely to Apollo and leave]
Atlanta: [to Apollo] See you later! [notices what he is holding] A lyre? That's so lame, c'mon Apollo, get with the times!
Apollo: What's wrong with the lyre. It's beautiful!

Archie: Hey guys!
Odie: All set!
Archie: All set for what? What's up?
Jay: Come on, I'll tell you on the way.
Archie: The way where?
Jay: We'll meet you back in a dog pound, after we get the girls.
Archie: We're taking girls to a dog pound? How romantic!

Atlanta: [running away from Cerberus, and stops next to the fence with a sign on it “beware of dog”] It's just not funny!

Chiron: Only cake and music can calm this beast.
Atlanta: Cake? You're joking, right?
Chiron: Yes! Cerberus can't resist cake. It's often use to destruct him. But most effective thing is music. The music of the lyre.
Theresa: Really?
Chiron: Yes! Orpheus, the great hero like yourselves could play a lyre so beautifully that no man or beast could resist it. He wants use it to calm Cerberus.
Odie: But who plays a lyre this days? It's so lame!
Theresa: I do...
Everybody: Huh?
Odie: Oh... well that's... good.
Jay: No, that's great!

Archie: The underworld?
Jay: But how can we get there?
Chiron: Simply. You must be a hero-
Neil: Got that covered!
Chiron: -and you must be dead.
Neil: That sucks.

Atlanta: Let's do things my way this time.
Odie: Atlanta, did you know violence is the first result of a limited mind?
Atlanta: No, I didn't know that.
Herry: Me neither.

Jay: [after Orpheus has mistaken Theresa with his wife and called her “beloved” ] What's with the “beloved” business?
Theresa: You're not jealous, are you Jay?

Atlanta: [about Odie] You didn't hit him with that, did you?
Neil: No! Did you... um... want me to?

5 The Nature of Things

Archie: [practices in front of the mirror] I know we're friends, but there's something I've been meaning to ask you. Would you like to go out sometime?
Jay: [standing behind his back] It depends, where do you wanna go?
[boys start laughing, Archie gets a little upset]
Neil: So, tell us, who's the lucky girl?
Archie: There is no lucky girl, okay?
Herry: You mean, you've fallen in love with yourself?
Odie: I thought that was something only Neil did.
Neil: Very funny...
Herry: Come on! You can tell us! What are friends for?
Atlanta: Hey guys! [passes them by, and goes to her locker, Archie stares at her and smiles]
Neil: Dude, you're making a big mistake!
Archie: No, listen! I've been picking up signals! I think she likes me!
Herry: She may like you, but she is totally unavailable.
Jay: Arch, don't take it personally, but no guy has a chance with her!

[Atlanta and Phil/Pan are eating lunch together]
Neil: I was figured Atlanta will have higher standards!
Archie: They're just sitting together, it doesn't mean they're dating!
Theresa: Hey, we should be happy, that Atlanta has finally met someone!
Archie: Uh...

Jay: Atlanta, have you seen Theresa and Neil? I've been trying radio them, but no answer.
Atlanta: Sorry, we've been kinda busy with other things.
Phil/Pan: Yeah. Really busy. [kisses her] Come on. We've got a concert to set up.
[they go away and Archie gets really angry]
Jay: Arch! Take it easy!
Archie: Oh, I say we put a stop to his show!
Jay: The guy is raising a pile of money. If we do anything to sabotage that concert, we're the ones who're gonna look like fools.

Jay: What do you got, Odie?
Odie: Our first line of defense!
Jay: An earplug?
Odie: Jay! A little more credit, please!
Herry: I think that's been invented already.

Herry: That's Phil?
Jay: That's Pan. This isn't right. He's not an evil god!
Herry: Yeah. Right.
Jay: No! He is supposed to be like a- a hippie!
Archie: I don't like hippies!

Atlanta: Where will you go?
Pan: Don't worry. I have things to do. And places to go where Cronus can't find me. I want to say we won't meet again. I'm sure Hera would like to have a few words to me about this. Which is another good reason to get out of here.
[Pan leaves]
Archie: You know, all this talking about nature, got me thinking. Maybe I'll drop by one of those Green Alliance meetings.
Atlanta: Really? I don't think they let dorks like you join.
Jay: [to other boys] He doesn't have a chance.

6 The Trojan Horse

[after Odie has been seriously injured]
Theresa: It's not your fault, Jay.
Jay: Tell that to Odie.
Herry: Hey, Odie! It's not Jay's fault.
[everybody realizes that Odie has just came into a room]

Neil: Maybe we ought to put it on a vote, you've got to admit, your track record of late, kinda stinks.
Atlanta: Neil's got a point.
Theresa: I beg your pardon?
Atlanta: Not about Jay, about the vote, I say we go after the stuff! All in favor?
[Herry puts his hand up]
Archie: And I say we tell Mister Hermes. All in favor?
[Herry puts his hand up again]
Atlanta: Herry, you can't vote twice!
Herry: Why not? This is the democracy.

Hermes: A part of your strength comes from your fellowship. When you're not a team you're all in great danger.
Jay: What are you talking about?
Odie: He's trying to tell you, that I'm off the team.
Jay: You can't kick Odie off the team!
Hermes: I didn't kick him off!
Odie: I quit.

Jay: I know I can get Odie to change his mind!
Hera: I forbid you to talk to Odie. He has made his choice. He must follow his own path. Just as you must follow yours.
Jay: What?! I can't accept that! I won't!
Hera: A good leader must also know when to retread.
Jay: Then I guess I'm not a good leader.
Hera: So be it. Neil, as of now conceder yourself a team leader.
Neil: Come again?
Archie: No way!
Atlanta: You're gotta be kidding!
Herry: Neil!? In charge!? In charge of what? [Theresa whispers something into his ear] That's totally unfair!
Hera: Unfair or not, I have made my decision.
Theresa: Jay, say something!
Jay: [walks to Neil] Good luck.
Neil: Yes I am!
[Jay is leaving the room]
Hera: That will be all. Stay close to school, or the dormitory. Is that understood?
Everybody: [very unhappy and angry] Yes, ma'am.

Archie: Neil?! I can't believe Hera put Neil in charge! I mean, even Herry would have been a better choice!
Herry: Yeah! In charge of what?
Archie: Never mind!
Atlanta: What about me? Or Theresa?
Archie: Phew...
Atlanta: Either one of us is just as qualified as you are to lead this team!
Archie: Like I'd ever take orders from you!
Atlanta: What? You can't take orders from a girl?
Archie: Actually, I won't take orders from a junior!
Theresa: That's it! I'm outta here! [leaves and slams the door]
Atlanta: What makes you think, you'd be such a good leader?
Archie: What? You wanna see my résumé?

Cronus: What if, with the snap of a finger, I could give you, whatever you wanted?
Odie: I ain't buying whatever you're selling! See ya!
Cronus: [to one of the giants] Stop him! Use any force necessary.
Odie: Whoa! Hold on! I'm a lover, not a- [giant attacks him and Odie throws him through the room] -fighter?

Atlanta: I can so lead this team!
Archie: You're not mature enough!

7 The Antikythera Device

[in submarine]
Neil: Ping! Ping! Ping!
Archie: You can stop any time now!
Neil: Ping!

Atlanta: Come on guys, time for a swim. [puts her arm around Archie] Let's turn that thing off! [Archie shakes his head and gets nervous] Oh, right! The world's only non-swimming hero! Come on Neil!
Neil: Ping!

8 See You at the Crossroad

Athena: When I said that all witches like cake, I wasn't kidding. Old days, cake was offered to Hecate worth three roads meat to appease her.
Archie: Cake?! You're joking! Come on, Jay! Tell me you're gonna put a killer surprise in there.

Atlanta: I think our weapons will work on her!
Neil: Yeah, well if I had a weapon!

Theresa: Uh, it's impossible, I can't get free!
Neil: Hey, let me try! Hocus pocus, bibbidi bobbidi boo!

Atlanta: You brought a cake?
Atlanta: I hope there's a killer surprise in there!
Jay: Yeah... Nope.

9 Sibling Rivalry

Atlanta: [about Neil] I didn't think he can catch a cold on his own!

Odie: [On PMR about Gorgons] Sorry, guys. They didn't trigger the heat sensors. Must be cold blooded.
Theresa: [Sarcastically] Ya think?

10 Mazed and Confused

Herry: Get this! “Mystery Monster terrorizes tunnel tour”
Atlanta: Oh yeah, right, and I was mailing my fairy stepmother.
Odie: It's true! Two tours are missing this week. I read it on the Internet.
Archie: And we all know that Internet roomers are way more reliable than a tabloid!

Jay: That leaves you and Neil.
Theresa: I guess one of us should go with Jay. In case this super-monster slams him. Neil?
Neil: Flip coin for it.
Theresa: Sure!
Atlanta and Archie: Ugh....
Odie: [throws a coin up] Call it!
Neil: Heads.
Theresa: Tails.
Odie: Heads it is!
Theresa: Lucky guess...
Archie: Neil never loses the coin flip toss.
Atlanta: Never!

Theresa: You're actually not going out there, are you?
Jay: No, you are. Unless you wanna pull me up after I get the camera!
Theresa: Well, when you put it that way...

Atlanta: [interrupts Odie] How about telling us on the way, Odie? Let's go hunting!
Odie: Um... I'm not going with you.
Jay: Why not?
Odie: I've got claustrophobia.... I can't handle close spaces.
Archie: Well, get over it, Odie! We need you!
Odie: I can't! I've tried visualizing myself in a happy place but it doesn't work!
Jay: It's okay, Odie. I could make things from up top and keep tracking to our PMR signals.
Odie: Thanks.

Atlanta: Guys, look at this! The city finally got around and closing this place down!
Archie: Like shouting the barn door after the horse got out!
Herry: I got it [comes to the door and hangs to it to pull it out, but then Archie's whip destroys the padlock]
Archie: No. I got it!

[in tunnels]
Archie: Jay, let me be the first to say it – this mission stinks!

Atlanta: Oh, we'll have to back track!
Neil: I told you we should take the turn back there but “no... let's not listen to Neil!”
Atlanta: Yeah, let's not listen to Neil!

Archie: Jay, we've got the good news and bad news.
Jay: What's the good news?
Archie: Atlanta's found a minotaur.
Theresa: And the bad news?
Archie: We've lost Atlanta.

Archie: Over here! I got this! [tries to move very heavy rock]
Herry: No. I got this! [moves the rock away]

Archie: It sounds like... Morse code! Anyone here knows Morse code?
Herry: Only one person I know! Odie!

Archie: We can't just leave! Atlanta is still out there!
Jay: Archie, we're out number. We have to regroup and come back with heavier equipment!
Theresa: You know if anyone can take care of herself – it's Atlanta.

[Odie is fainting and Atlanta caught him in last second]
Atlanta: Gotcha!
Odie: Thanks.
Archie: Atlanta! You're alive!
Atlanta: Archie, you weren't worried about me, were you?
Archie: Who? Me? Nah.
Atlanta: Good news guys! I've got the minotaur!
Theresa: What? Just the one?
Atlanta: Huh? I miss all the fun!
[end of the episode]

11 Field of Nightmares

Archie: You were great.
Medelia: I know.
Archie: So, I was wondering, maybe we can get together later on, I could show you the signs.
Herry: [pushes Archie] Sorry, take a number!
Archie: Hey! Haven't you got some sweat socks to wash!
Herry: Haven't you got something to do?
Archie: I was talking to her first!
Herry: Well I'm talking to her now!

[boys are falling down, because they felt off the dragon]
Atlanta: Guys! Where have you been!?
Jay: [still falling] I'll tell you later!

12 Prisoner Kampe

Jay: Try not to hit Herry!
Herry: [held by Kampe] Yeah! Try not to hit Herry!

Hera: I'd like you all to meet Kampe. The jailer of Tartarus.
Herry: No wonder Cronus wanted escape so badly!

Hermes: [attacked by Kampe] Not the face! It's all I've got!

Herry: That's my granny down there!
Kampe: Be quiet!
Herry: Why should I listen to you?
Cronus: Well, well, well...
Kampe: To keep us from being capture

Hermes: No! No, no, no. I can't tell you how they escaped. Hera would be furious.
Jay: [very slowly] Okay, then, we'd better go. With your head injury you might accidentally tell us something, you shouldn't...
Hermes: [also slowly] Oh, you're right, I'm so dizzy. It would be awful if I accidentally reveal that the back wall is a secret portal that can take you anywhere in the world...
[portal opens]
Jay: The temple of Prometheus.
[they walk into the portal, then it's closing, Hermes stays alone in the room and he smiles when Hera walks into the room]
Hera: Hermes, have you seen Jay and the others?

13 Little Box of Horrors

[Archie and Atlanta clean weapons]
Archie: This stuff is so... ancient. Can you believe people actually fought with this things? Wow! Do you know what this is?
Atlanta: Looks like a spear...
Archie: Not just any spear. It's the spear of Achilles! He used it in the Trojan War! How do I look?
Atlanta: Like a goof? Come on Archie! Ares wants this place cleaned up!
[Archie pretends that he is fighting, and falls on some weapons]
Archie: Ups...
Atlanta: Nice moves.
Archie: [notices that in the corner there is a golden box] Hey, what's this?
Atlanta: Come on, Archie! Leave that! Let's clean this mess up!
Archie: Aren't you curious what's inside? [opens the box]

Hope: Sir? Are you okay?
Archie: An... Angel?

Hera: Pandora was the first mortal woman. She was given the box as a gift from the gods, but was told never to open it.
Neil: Now what is the point of that? You gods can be so twisted! “Here's a present, but don't open it!”, “Here's a apple but don't eat it!”
Hera: Well, Pandora did open the box. Her curiosity got the better of her.
Atlanta: [looks at Archie] Sound familiar?

Dionysus: Every failure carries us a seed of success.
Odie: I'll try to remember that the next time I crash and burn with the girl.
Neil: Speaking of failure, Archie opened the Pandora's box.
Dionysus: HE WHAT?!

Odie: All we have to do is getting the sample of... that thing!
Archie: How do we do that?!
Atlanta: Very carefully.

Chiron: Tell me. What has happened?
[Atlanta is muttering something]
Archie: Atlanta!
Theresa: What's she saying?
Atlanta: [singing] All around the cobblers bench the monkey chased the weasel. The monkey thought 'twas all in fun. Pop! Goes the weasel!
Theresa: “Pop, Goes the weasel”?
Atlanta: Hi everybody!

Atlanta: What a pretty tail you have!
Chiron: Please remain still, or your wound will not heal.
Atlanta: Pretty tail!
Archie: Enough with the tail, okay?

Archie: Odie is hurt! He's infected! They can't stop the Seeper!
Chiron: Oh dear!
Archie: It's all my fault! I wish there was something I could do!
Hope: There's always one think you can do, even in the darkest moment. Hope.
Archie: Or fight! I'm sorry, Atlanta. This is my fault. [kisses her in her cheek]
Dionysus and Chiron: No!
Chiron: You could catch an infection!
Archie: I didn't realize!
Dionysus: A kiss! She is very contagious!
Archie: I feel fine!
Dionysus: Just as I feared! Oh dear, if I don't find a cure now... You feel.. fine?
Archie: Yeah...
Chiron: He's immune!
Dionysus: Of course! Like the great Achilles! Archie is invincible.
Archie: I've never been sick a day in my life. So if I'm immune... I can kill it!
Hope: I know you can Mister Archie!

Archie: Sorry... It's all my fault... First Atlanta, then Odie, now Herry...
Hope: Mister Archie, you mustn't lose hope!
Archie: I can't do it!
Theresa: Nobody is big enough to take on that thing!
Hope: You don't have to be big to be strong!
[Hope changes into a light and comes into Archie]
Neil: What is this? I thought she was gonna help and she just disappears!
[Archie gets up and smiles]
Theresa: Archie?
Archie: […] I've got a job to do.

Theresa: Maybe it's a good thing you've opened that box. You've brought a little hope into the world.

Atlanta: What's up, guys?
Archie: Atlanta! You're cured!
Atlanta: Cured?
Jay: Dionysus!
Theresa: Chiron!
Neil: What happened?
Dionysus: I've finally found a cure!
Chiron: But not before Atlanta reached stage five. It was a doozy!
Atlanta: All I remember is that Seeper thing. Then I woke up here.
Archie: So you don't remember the dancing?
Atlanta: Dancing...?
[they look at Herry and Odie dancing together]
Herry and Odie: All around the cobblers bench the monkey chased the weasel. The monkey thought-
Theresa: Dionysus! Some of that cure! And fast!
Herry and Odie: -'twas all in fun. Pop! Goes the weasel!
Archie: And.. you don't remember the ki- ah... kind things I've said about you?

14 Make-up Exam

Archie: Hi, Atlanta! What's up?
Atlanta: Where are the Oracle Oaks located?
Archie: Huh? What?
Atlanta: Oracle Oaks! Trees that can presage the future! Haven't you study for the exams at all?
[Archie shrugs, Atlanta is checking something in the book]
Atlanta: Oh, Dodona! Of course! Dodona is the answer! Wait... What was the question?
Archie: Atlanta! Relax! I don't thing there gonna be those kind of exams!
Atlanta: It doesn't hurt to be prepared for any possibility, does it?
Archie: So... I take you don't wanna come watch the movie. [Atlanta growls] I'll be going now...

Theresa: Where is Atlanta?
Archie: Studying.
Jay: I don't think it's that kind of test.
Archie: Try telling her that! She was freaking out because she didn't know where the Oracle Oaks were!
Theresa: The... what?
Archie: Trees that can tell the future. They were in Downow or something...
Odie: [seems bored] You mean Dodona.
Theresa: I think I'm gonna skip the movie and go skim over my notes [leaves]
Archie: Good idea! [leaves]
Jay: Wait for me! [leaves]
Odie: [looks at Herry and Neil] Are you guys gonna study?
Herry: Movie!
Neil: Lucky!

Hera: Excellent work! You've all passed. And extra points to Atlanta for such a creative solution.
Atlanta: Oh right!
Ares: You've never said they can use bait!
Artemis: Ignore him! He's just jealous!
Ares: Archie, would have use bait if he knew it was allowed!
Archie: [embarrassed] Ares, come on, Atlanta won fair!
Ares: Oh, she was lucky!
[everybody stares at Ares]
Hera: Class dismissed. Ares, I'd like to talk to you.
Atlanta: Lucky?! I'm as good as anyone on this team!
Neil: Don't let it get you [Atlanta almost hits him] Whoa!

Robber: Give me your MP3 player!
[Atlanta smiles and beats him]
Atlanta: Get lost [walks away]
Robber: Help! Help!
Atlanta: You're gotta be kidding! [turns around and sees the Robber tied with a spiderweb] I guess you're not... Show yourself!
Arachne: Don't be afraid. I mean you no harm.
[Robber faints]
Atlanta: He may be a robber but I can't let you eat him!
Arachne: He was going to strike you!
Atlanta: I can take care of myself.
Arachne: Of course you can! You're obviously a very capable young girl.
Atlanta: Yes, I am! And you are a very talkative spider!
Arachne: I am Arachne! The silk weaver for the gods! And I was human once, like you. All I ever wanted to be was a weaver. I loved to make fabrics. The goddess Athena thought she was the better weaver and challenged me to a competition.
Atlanta: Athena did this to you? I can't believe that! Actually I can... Gods can be such jerks sometimes!
Arachne: Yes, they can be. And that's why you'll help me with my revenge! [hypnotizes Atlanta]

Theresa: Where's Atlanta?
Jay: It's not like her. Archie, you know where she is?
Archie: [talking very fast] Uh, how should I know? It is not like I keep traipse on her all the time! 'Cause that would be weird! Weird and obsessive...

Odie: Yes!
Herry: Odie, you missed the target...
Odie: Yeah, but I got it across the room!

[Odie and Herry are standing in front of Atlanta's room's door]
Odie: Aren't we breaking any rules, or all of them, by doing this?
Herry: Don't be ridiculous [tries to open the door and breaks the handle] Oh... Now we've broken something.
[they come into the room and discovers that there are Hera, Athena and Artemis inside]
Hera: What do you thing you're doing?!
Odie: What do you thing you're doing... ma'am?
Herry: We're worried about her too...
Hera: Uh... Search the closet.

Atlanta: What are you doing?
Archie: Eeeh... Just... eh... going for a run!
Atlanta: Dressed like that?
Archie: Well, you know, when the mood hits, I'm a running fool!
Atlanta: I'd agree with a part of this statement.

Theresa: Atlanta, help us!
Archie: I know your in there, Atlanta!
Odie: You've got to fight it!
Herry: Get us down from here!
Neil: I'll give you my stereo!
Jay: Mhmhmmh!
Arachne's voice in Atlanta's head: They're not your friends! I'm your only friend.
Atlanta: [shouting and fighting with the air] SHUT UP! You're not my friend! They are!
Neil: Okay, this is getting creepy...
Odie: Who is she talking to?
Theresa: She's hypnotized, for sure!
Archie: Atlanta. Atlanta! Atlanta, I know you can hear me! It's me! Archie! Your friend! Atlanta, listen to me! We're in danger! Your friends are in danger!
Atlanta: Friends...?
Archie: That's right, Atlanta! I'm your friend! I lo- uh... I really, really care about you!

Atlanta: I let my anger caught my judgment and I'm sorry.
Ares: Argh...
Hera: Ares!
Ares: [turns around to not look at Atlanta] Apology accepted.
Atlanta: Huh? What's gonna happen to Arachne?
Athena: Don't worry. She'll be punished.
Atlanta: You can't! Your ancient punishment turned her to Cronus's side! How many others might try to revenge on you through us?
Athena: But she made on my weaving! [gets angry look from Hera] Okay, very well... [turns Arachne into human]
Arachne: [looks surprised at Atlanta] But... but why?
Atlanta: [to Arachne, but looks at Archie] Because friends help each other.

15 The Odie-sey

Neil: This is awesome! The ocean spray, the wind in my hair! Man, I must look good! [wind gets faster and the bout almost fall down, everybody gets wet] Okay, that's a little too much ocean spray!

Odie: I don't even remember making it to the island. Just waking up and seeing Calypso.
Jay: Um, Calypso? You mean the Calypso?! The nymph that Odysseus stayed with on his way back from Troy?
Odie: Yup. And she's mentioned more than once how much I look like him. [Jay and Neil starts to laugh uncontrollably] Hey! I can be mistaken for a Greek hero!
Neil: This poor girl must have island fever!
Jay: [still laughing a little] You are a hero, Odie! So let's make it like heroes and get off of this island!

Calypso: [pulling one Odie's arm, Jay is pulling other one] Odie, come swimming with me.
Jay: He's busy! We have to try get off this island!
Calypso: Odie likes here!
Jay: Odie wants to go home!
Odie: Odie is about to get ripped in half!

16 Get Kraken

Atlanta: You know, I'm so sick of these Bolas!
Herry: Why?
Atlanta: Every time I use them, a monster either brakes them or runs up with them!
Herry: [to Archie] And what are you looking for? Water wings?
Archie: Hey! Easy!
Atlanta: Archie, I can't believe you're still afraid of water! We're protecting the world and two thirds of it is covered in water, you know?

Atlanta: [wearing wrist laser crossbow] Oh here we go! Light weight, portable and deadly! [shots and destroys nose of the same statue, she damaged when she tried to use Bolas]
Herry: Nice shot.

Odie: Get in, Arch!
Archie: No way! This is crazy! You can't fly a plane!
Hephaestus: Oh, thing practically flies itself.
Odie: Archie, do you wanna go on the water or over the water?
Archie: Neither.

Archie: Are you sure you can fly this thing?
Odie: Hey, you heard Heph – it practically flies itself.

17 Eye for an Eye

Archie: No way! Odie is going for a run!?
Odie: It can't hurt.
Archie: Hah! Famous last words!
Theresa: Well, I think it's great, Odie, good for you. [tousles his hair] Just... be careful out there. I sense...
Archie: [mocking her] … danger! I see a prophecy! With your name on it! Oh, I sense a sprain of mythical proportions! No, wait! It's just me being a drama queen. Never mind. [bows]

Theresa: So, Archie, what's it like to be perfect?
Archie: Well, it has it.
Theresa: I was being sarcastic.

Archie: Hey, um... I just wanted to say...
Theresa: [pretending she's having a vision] Wait! I sense... an apology of mythical proportions!
Archie: Very funny. I just wanted to say, you did a great job out there and... I'm sorry.
Theresa: [laughs] That's it? That's all?
Archie: And... thanks for saving my butt.

18 Bows and Eros

Archie: Oh, I wanna get Atlanta something for Valentines Day tomorrow, but what?
Jay: [reading a poster] “Send your sweetheart a love-balloon-gram” Only three bucks.
Archie: [laughs sarcastically] I can't do that.
Herry: Why? You need the three bucks?
Archie: No! A love-balloon-gram is way too obvious!
Jay: [sarcasticaly] Yeah! You wouldn't want Atlanta to know you like her! Better to keep her guessing!
[Herry starts laughing]
Archie: Fear of rejection is a serious thing! Millions suffer from it! And we don't appreciate your sarcasm!
[Herry and Jay look at him very serious and then starts laughing]

Theresa: Nothing says “I love you” like fifteen love-balloon-grams.
Girl: Sorry, only five for student.
Theresa: But that's not enough!
Atlanta: Any more and Jay's gonna get scared.
Theresa: [embarrassed] What makes you think they're for Jay?
Atlanta: Love may be blind, Theresa, but I'm sure not.
Theresa: [smiles and buys balloons] Well, bring on the love.

Jay: Man, people were acting crazy today! I broke up three fights just on the way here.
Atlanta: [on a skateboard] Look out!
Jay: Whoa! Correction – people are still acting crazy!
Archie: I'm outta here! [leaves]
Jay: What?!
[voices from the kitchen]
Theresa: PIG!
Theresa: That has my name on it!
Herry: [eating ice cream] Your name is “banana-nut”?

Jay: [about Neil tied up to the chair] What the heck is going on?!
Odie: Neil wouldn't shut up about his hair, so I shut him up and took the hair problem from him.

Theresa: [drinks love poison] That's terrible! I thought love is supposed to be sweet!
Herry: [also drinks it] Hey! I think it's working. [puts his arm around Theresa]
Theresa: He's not gonna fall in love with me now, is he?
Aphrodite: No, but would you like him to? I can arrange it!
Herry and Theresa: NO!

Atlanta: [fighting with Archie] Come on! Oink!
Archie: You fight like a girl!
Atlanta: You can't handle it, can you? [beats him] Now get lost!

Archie: [about a Giant] He's yours. He won't stand a chance against you.
Atlanta: I won't go as easy.

Atlanta: [about Eros and Psyche kiss] Is that necessary?
Neil: Get a room!
Odie: Jeez!

Theresa: Looks like Eros is back in business.
Herry: So, like, maybe we can go for dinner?
Theresa: [very mad] Are you hitting on me?!
Herry: No way! I'm hungry. What's a matter with you?

Atlanta: Hey! Wait a minute! We've all got a Valentine from a secret admirer! Okay! Own up! Who's sent them?
Archie: Wasn't me...
Jay: [smiles] Who knows, that could have been anyone.
[Theresa gives Jay five balloons]
Jay: [looks at the gift] These are from you?
Theresa: No... they are... from all of us. To say thanks. [kisses him in a cheek]

19 Road to Hades

Hera: Jay, if can hear me you must hold on! Theresa and the others are getting the antidote. You won't go to hades!

Chiron: [wants to put an obol in Jay's mouth] Save journey, my friend. [Hera takes it from him] Hera? He needs that to pay Charon.
Hera: Not yet.
Chiron: But he won't get into hades without it!
Hera: [smiles] That's the point.

Minos: You will pay for your impertinence!
Herry: Yeah, yeah, tell that to the judge!
Minos: I am the judge!

Persephone: Hera, the ritual must be performed!
Chiron: Do you want him to wander outside the gates of hades for eternity?!
Hera: Not yet!
Persephone: It may already be too late!
[Hera sighs and puts an obol into Jay's mouth but he immediately spits it out]
Chiron: Zeus's lightning! What's this?!
Hera: That's my boy!

20 Many Happy Returns

Jay: We're... researchers!
Bodyguard: I thought you all went home.
Neil: No! Those were the day-researchers, you see, we are the night-researchers! We specialize in things that happen after dark like owls and comets!
Archie: We are so busted...
Bodyguard: Night researchers, huh? Well, hurry up. […] We wouldn't want anyone just walk in your office, wouldn't we?
Archie: No! We wouldn't.
Jay: [to Neil] Owls and comets?

Jay: Jason and his Argonauts destroyed Talos. They attacked his only weak spot. His ankle.
Archie: I can relate to that!

Hermes: Talos is alive! He's free!
Hephaestus: Impossible!
Hermes: Possible!
Hephaestus: No!
Hermes: [hysterically] YE-ES!

Theresa: Jay!
Jay: Good to see you.
Theresa: Yeah, you too...
Jay: Talos is coming! Come on, we don't have much time! [leaves]
Theresa: [sarcastically] Oh, I'm good! Thanks for asking! Nice fly, saw my dad. He can't take his mind off his job... kind of like you! Ugh!

Odie: I don't believe! Jay's on the dance floor!
Herry: I guess he is capable to relaxing. For few second at least!

21 Labour Day

Hercules: You're here to wrestle Harry and he doesn't know the meaning of “fear”!
Neil: Herry doesn't know the meaning of most words.

Jay: His truck is still outside and he left the door open.
Neil: Herry's door's open and nobody's home? What's strange about that?

Herry: You really do all this things?
Hercules: The labours of Hercules? Of course! Why? Is someone telling you different, son?
Herry: No, it's just... it's impressive that you've done all this things. You must be proud.
Hercules: Yeah, well...
Herry: I just came by to thank you for your advice yesterday. [puts a golden apple on the table] I'll see you later [leaves]
Hercules: [takes an apple] Yes. I'm very proud.

22 They Might be G.I.Ants

Ares: Today's lesson will be a team on team tactical exercise. Jay! Atlanta! You're the leaders! Chose your teams. You go first.
Jay: I'll take Herry.
Atlanta: Archie.
Jay: Theresa.
Atlanta: Well... hmmm...
Herry: [about Neil and Odie] Take them both! Us three against you four. It even match!
Atlanta: [angry] Fine!
Odie: Hey!
Atlanta: What?
Neil: Well, not only that you picked us last, apparently the two of us are only worth one of you!
Odie: Maybe will be our own team!
Atlanta: Ares!
Ares: Oh, for the love of Zeus! Leave us for less than a minute and there is already mutiny in the ranks! Uh, very well. Odie, Neil, you're a team.

Zeus: I know exactly where everything is! More or less...

23 Cronus Flying Circus

Theresa: Just what kind of lesson is this?
Garry: Lesson?! What do I look like? A guinea pig?
Theresa: Maybe a boiled guinea pig.
Garry: Whoa! Hey, how about giving her a lesson of respect!
Persephone: Quiet, Garry!
Theresa: Garry?
Garry: Yeah, Garry! You've got a problem with that?! What's your name? Let me guess! Bambi? Barbie? Candy?

Garry: I'm sorry I called you stupid earlier! Calling you stupid is an insult to stupid people!

Archie: Hey guys.
Atlanta: Anyone wanna come to the circus with us?
Herry: Circus? I'll go!
Archie: It's the “Circus of the Impossible”!
Neil: [laughs] Sounds like it's based on our lives!
Atlanta: Jay?
Jay: Nah, I'll hang back and wait for Theresa.
Archie: Neil?
Neil: […] Beats sitting around. Oh, wait! We won't be, you know, getting in the way of your date, will we?
[Archie and Atlanta seem to be a little embarrassed and start to explain themselves]
Archie: Date?!
Atlanta: It's not a date!
Archie: We're not dating! No!
Atlanta: The more the merrier. Come on! Let's go! [Leaves. Archie follows her. Herry and Neil laugh and also leave]
Odie: Odie, you wanna go to the circus? Nah, but THANKS FOR ASKING!

Melampus: My real name is Russell. I chose the stage name Melampus because... I don't know what you kids know about the Greek mythology?
Archie: Uh... A little bit...
Atlanta: Just what they teach us at school.
Herry: Yeah, not much, really.

Archie: You're not supposed to hold on to the rope so tight.
Odie: When I've got that much nothing beneath me, I'm holding on to the rope!

Jay: [after Theresa stopped Stymphalian Birds from attacking Odie and Neil] That was... surprising?
Theresa: Yeah, well, I'm just full of surprises.
Herry: So like now you can talk to animals?
Theresa: Just dumb animals.
Archie: Then you better watch yourself, Herry.

24 Sybaris Fountain


German Man: What blind people!
German Woman: Oh come on! I'm sure they'd find our history just as strange if they were visiting our country.
German Man: What?! Our history is full of the glory and wars! Brave man fighting in brave battles! Not this nonsense. [points on Sybaris Fountain and the both leave]
Cronus: Did you hear that, Sybaris? They want battles and war. Well, let not disappoint them.

Talia: This can't be!
Herry: What is it?
Talia: In ancient times my village was harassed by a vampire Sybaris. She brings death.
Herry: Everything will be just fine.
Talia: [kisses Herry in his cheek] You're very brave. My name is Talia.
Herry: Herry.
Talia: Herry, would you like to join me for dinner this evening?
Herry: [looks at his friends. Odie and Jay nod their heads and smile] Uh...
Talia: Don't say “no”, please. It's my way of repay you for you kindness.
Herry: [smiles and nods his head] Aha...
Talia: Then it's a date. Meet me on the clearing of the park at eight o'clock. [goes away]
Herry: I'll see you then [stares at some point in front of him and smiles. Jay comes to him] What did just happen?
Jay: I think you impressed her.
Herry: She asked me on tonight. Me!
Archie: And?
Herry: Well, if it's okay with you guys?
Jay: Sure. The rest of us will visit this farmer's field tonight.
Neil: Wait a sec! Herry is going out on a date?!
Odie: Yeah. Our little Herry has grown up!

Atlanta: Can someone explain to me why Herry gets to go on a date, when the rest of us sit on a field full of sheep manure, waiting for a vampire, distrait? I mean this totally blows the romantic image I had of Sea Mediterranean!

Herry: [very weak, wakes up after Sybaris sucked his blood] Where's Talia? What the fu*** have you done with her?
Sybaris:' [laughs] She's doing just fine! Don't you worry!
Jay: [Jay comes to help Herry and tries to take him from the cemetery] We've gotta get the fu***
outta here!
Herry: Not without Talia... We've gotta find her...

25 The Last Word

Jay: Atlanta! Be ready to hit the ground running! [throws a sword to cut a rope that Atlanta is tied by, but he misses]
Atlanta: Still waiting!

[Odie stops training program, Atlanta releases herself on her own]
Archie: We almost had ya.
Atlanta: My hero!

Neil: Um.. I've been thinking...
Echo: Wait! First I have to tell you something! I can't see it working out between us. You're just too in love with yourself to be with me! Sorry, Neil. [waves goodbye and disappears]
Neil: Did she just dump me?
Jay: Yeah, looks like.
Neil: How could she do that!? I mean, I was gonna dump her! But... but... but... but she dumped me?! What is that?!

26 Time After Time

Neil: Then staying in school is my new years resolution!

Jay: It will be one way trip. We don't all have to go.
Theresa: Yes we do!
[everybody nods their heads]
Herry: Yeah!
Atlanta: We're coming!
Jay: [smiles] Then send us back to the ancient world.
Hera: May the gods be with you.

Archie: Look! It's Zeus!
Jay: He looks like... Mister Suez?!
Theresa: Our school janitor is Zeus?! He's way over profile!

Jay: Wherever you go... Whenever you go, Cronus, I'll be there!

Jay: Zeus, Cronus will try to escape from Tartarus in twenty-first century.
Zeus: I will remember. His escape will be prevented.
Odie: Oh no!
Herry: What's wrong, Odie?
Odie: If Cronus doesn't escape, there will be no reason for gods to bring us to Olympus High!
Atlanta: You mean we'll never see each other again?!
Archie: He means, we'll never meet in the first place.
Theresa: So this is goodbye?
Zeus: Prepare yourself!
Everybody: No! Wait! Not yet! No!
[Zeus sends them to their times and it makes him old and weak]
Zeus: Uh. That took a lot from me. Now... what was I supposed to remember about Cronus?

Season 2


27 Cronus Vanquished

Cronus: Come out, come out, wherever you are! I've got all the time in the world.
Neil: Jay..i dont have a weapon!
Theresa: U have got luck,remember?
Jay: neil's right..he needs a weapon..take my shield
neil: [gets up]its tight..

[cronus hits neil with some power(fire) ]

jay: press it
neil: whoa!

[hits cronus back] [cronus faints.everyone goes to look cronus]

odie: good work neil!

Neil: Enough with a doing good, time for me to get back to just looking good!

Odie: Well, I guess our time inhere was never supposed to be permanent.
Herry: That's right! We finally have time to... get back to... [loses energy] normal... stuff.

Jay: So now we just all go home and forget this ever happened?
Theresa: I hope not. I mean, I hope we don't forget each other [smiles at him]
Jay: I didn't mean that on! Of course we'll... We'll always be friends. [also smiles]
Theresa: I'd hate to think that Cronus was the only thing keeping us together.

Archie: [comes to Atlanta's room] Hey.
Atlanta: [packing her stuff] Hey.
Archie: So... [smiles awkwardly] I'm gonna miss... this place.
Atlanta: Not me. My old school has a great lacrosse team.
Archie: How when you're back, they're gonna rock! Well.. See ya. [turns around] Hey, whatever happens, you know I've always got your back. [they both get really sad and Archie wants to leave]
Atlanta: Archie...
Archie: [stops and looks at her] Yeah?
Atlanta: [smiles at him] I'm gonna miss you, too.
[Archie blushes and leaves]

Atlanta: Don't worry Archie. I've got your back. [puts on the Helmet of Darkness] I command you to obey me! [to Thanatos] It's Cronus you want!

Atlanta: Archie! [hugs him. Suddenly they both realize what they are doing and they back off] Oh... hey... Glad you're okay.
Archie: Yeah, thanks for... you know... watching my back.
Atlanta: Any time.

28 Graeaes Anatomy

Atlanta: Amazing. A top guy like you scared of a little water.
Archie: I am not afraid of water! It's the falling into it and drowning part I don't like.

Cronus: [in Jay's fear] You can't save them, Jay. Just like you can never defeat me!
Jay: No! It's not true!
Cronus: [laughs] It's Cronus! [echo] Cronus! Cronus!

Alarm: [staring at Jay] Maybe we should give them The Eye.
War: What are you doing!?
Alarm: Well, he's very handsome.
War: You said the same thing about Perseus. And look where that brought us!

Cronus: [kneels and grabs his hurt hand] How, in the world, do you keep fighting me?!
Jay: I don't think you're at the position to asking the questions!

29 Star Quality

Theresa: So... You're saying we can combine our powers?
Jay: Exactly! With Atlanta's tracking skills and you intuition...
Atlanta: Nobody will be able to hide from us!
Archie: Wanna bet?
Atlanta: You don't seriously think...
Archie: Bring it on!
Atlanta: Looser buys the pizza!
Archie: Two pizzas! Extra large!
Atlanta: I'd like veggie pepperoni.
Theresa: Hawaii. Extra pineapple.
Archie: Dream on, girls! You're hunting for a dangerous game now!

Archie: You're sure you wanna risk all that pizza?
Atlanta: Make that extra veggie pepperoni!
Archie: Game on!
Theresa: Even I can track those prints.
Atlanta: This is gonna be way too easy.
Theresa: Let's give him another minute.
Atlanta: Good call. Don't wanna hurt his feelings.

Archie: They're never gonna find me up here unless... I keep talking to myself...

Neil: Even as a baby it was obvious I was destined for stardom.
Odie: Yup. Most kids' first word was “Mama”, Neil's first word was “Me! Me!”.

Jay: Neil!
Neil: I'm busy!
Jay: Class project!
Neil: Can't it wait?
Herry: I could carry you there!

Orion: You're very good.
Atlanta: Yeah. I'm the best.
Orion: I've heard that before.

Jay: Let him go.
Atlanta: But he's got Archie!

Archie: I see you had to call in reinforcements.
Atlanta: Archie! [hugs him] I thought we've lost you forever!
Archie: Hey, even I don't hide that well!
Jay: Okay. Our mystery guy is bad, but this video is worse!
Archie: Mystery man?
Neil: What's the bad with video? As long as Cassie's got my good side.
Jay: If Cassie out any side this could be as dangerous as Cronus! You know what happens when the world finds out the Greek gods and monsters have come to live?!
Odie: We're talking about total panic!
Neil: Okay, so maybe there is a little down side...
Jay: Atlanta, Theresa, it's time for you to team up on another tracking job.
Atlanta: We'll get him.
Jay: No. We'll find him. You'll get that tape. Theresa, when you catch her, you think you can use your powers to wipe out her memories?
Theresa: I can try.
[Girls leaves, Neil is following them]
Jay: Where are you going?
Neil: To help find Cassie! If you're gonna ruin the tape, we'll need another interview!
Jay: We're going to need all the luck we can get tracking that guy.
Archie: What guy?
Odie: I have a theory.
Archie: About what?!
Odie: Check out the sky next to Canis Major.
Herry: Who's Major Canis?
Odie: Canis Major is a constellation.
Jay: Orion is missing! [Odie nods]
Archie: Orion?!
Jay: The greatest hunter of all time!

Cronus: Done so soon?
Orion: Lovely night, isn't it?
Cronus: I little darker than usual, not that I mind. But what I do mind is failure!
Orion: I've found them.
Cronus: Finding them isn't a problem. I thought you to track them. Find out where they live, where they sleep, where they visit the gods!
Orion: You have to know your prey before you track 'em. These children, they're very special. That girl, Atlanta, her skill could rival mine, with practice.
Cronus: Just like Artemis.
Orion: Artemis?
Cronus: Oh, so you still remember her! How sweet!
Orion: How could I forget? After what she did!
Cronus: Oh, don't tell me you're still angry just because she killed you! I mean, that's just so... mortal of you!
Orion: What does Artemis have to do with Atlanta?
Cronus: Atlanta is a direct descendant, my friend.
Orion: Artemis...
Cronus: Sure you remember that day Artemis was challenged to hit a impossible target...
Orion: She was told no one was that good. […] Atlanta is mine!
Cronus: Well, if you insist.

Artemis: Orion and I... have a history...
Atlanta: What kind of history?
Jay: Artemis killed him.
Artemis: [gets angry] I didn't know it was him! It was a target in the water. Someone challenged me to shoot it and I was...
Neil: ...stupid?
Artemis [calms down] Proud.
Atlanta: Did you know him?
Artemis: I loved him. [shows her bracelet] This was his engagement gift. [everybody stares at her] Be careful, Atlanta! If he knows you're special to me...
Odie: So how did he end up in the stars?
Artemis: [falters] I couldn't save Orion. But I found a way for him to live forever. So that I still see him every night. In the stars.
Jay: We'd better back to the woods. See if we can pick up his trail... before he find ours.
[everybody except Atlanta leaves]
Atlanta: Did he love you too?
[Artemis is shocked by this question]

[Orion and Atlanta are pointing they're weapons to each other. Suddenly Atlanta puts her weapon down]
Atlanta: Put it down.
Orion: You dare to...
Atlanta: Just... listen for a sec...
Orion: I have nothing to say to you! Or to her!
Atlanta: Then there's something you should see [throws Artemis's bracelet to his feet]
Orion: Ha! You missed!
Atlanta: Take a look.
Orion: That's my... If you are trying to distract me... It won't work!
Atlanta: I don't wanna fight you! I just want you to know... Artemis hurt you by accident.
Artemis: I can shot twice as far!
Orion: In your dreams, dear!
Artemis: Is that a challenge?
Atlanta's voice: She was challenged and she's never forgiven herself for what she did. That's why she wanted to see you every night in the stars.
[retrospection ends]
Atlanta: She still loves you.
Orion: She never could resist the challenge.
Atlanta: Can you?
Orion: I've never had before.
Atlanta: Me neither.
Orion: Perhaps [puts his weapon down] it's time we learn. Tell her I miss her too. [comes back to the stars as a constellation]

Archie: Let's see who's laughing when the pizza bill arrives.
Atlanta: What?! No way!
Archie: You never did find me.
Theresa: Two at the three!
Archie: No fair! You know I can never resist a challenge!
Atlanta: [looks at Artemis bracelet] No more challenges tonight. [Archie and Theresa stares at her surprised] Hey, who else want veggie pepperoni? My treat!

30 Forget Me Not

Atlanta: You think Achilles can help you with your fear of water?
Archie: I'm not telling him I'm afraid of anything! He's Achilles!

[everybody, except Neil, has lost their memory]
Neil: Guys! Hey! Look out! It's Cronus! Look out! Hey!
Cronus: Friend of yours?
Jay: I don't think so.
Neil: Hey!
Atlanta: He's kind of cute.
Archie: Look a little foolish to me.
Theresa: I never trust the guy who dresses better than me.
Atlanta: You don't?
Theresa: I... don't think I do...

Jay: Do I know you?
Odie: I don't know, who are you?
Jay: I'm... not sure.
Odie: Me neither.
Jay: Anybody know who they are?
Cronus: I'm your father?
Odie: I don't think he's my dad.
Herry: You could be adopted.

Jay: How could we all have an amnesia.
Archie: I forgot.
Atlanta: Very funny...

Cronus: [about Neil] Oh, don't believe him! He's your enemy! He's Cronus!
Neil: [gives them flowers] Guys, just take one of these and it will be fine.
Cronus: No, no, no, don't trust him! He's evil!
Odie: Why would an evil guy bring us flowers?
Jay: [points on Cronus] So, he's our enemy?
Neil: Um, yeah! I'm Neil, he's evil!
Cronus: Not this time, Jay. Not when I'm so close! [spits with the fire]
Neil: Told ya.

Jay: Thanks for the save, Theresa.
Theresa: Who?
Neil: Just give the lady a flower!

Odie: I'm telling you, Odysseus, Calypso is still looking fine!

Archie: [talking with Achilles] Okay, that explains it!

31 Time Enough For Everything

Jay: The Tablet of Prometheus? What's that?
Kampe: How should I know? I'm a jailer, not a librarian.
Jay: We need to find out why that Tablet's so important to Cronus. [everybody look at Odie]
Odie: Oh. You mean you want me to find out why the Tablet of Prometheus is so important to Cronus?
Jay: Um, sure. If you don't mind...
Odie: Why should I mind? I love doing research all the time!
Jay: Great.
Odie: That was sarcasm, Jay.
Archie: Come on! You're the best in all that stuff! [tousles his hair] Huh? Huh?
Odie: [laughs] All right! All right! Just leave the hair alone!

Odie: What do I look like?! An instruction menu?!

[Atlanta and Herry are fighting robots]
Atlanta: This things are relentless!
Herry: And they're unstoppable! Get outta here!
Atlanta: I'm not leaving you!
Herry: You've got to warn the others!

Archie: [old] What are we doing here again?
Odie: [also old] Getting the timepiece of Zeus!
Archie: Oh! Right! And... who are you, again?
Odie: I'm Odie, you whippersnapper!
Archie: Oh, Odie! Odie... I went to school with someone named Odie... I liked him.

32 Pandemonium

Archie: But how do we save a sick garden? Water it?
Atlanta: Pan!
Archie: Oh no! The last time you saw him, he spend all time hitting on you! And that was when he wasn't trying to destroy the world!
Atlanta: That wasn't his fault! He was being controlled by Cronus!
Archie: [very mad] Yeah, always with the excuses!

Jay: Call us as soon as you track Pan.
Atlanta: We'll do. [to Archie] I can do this alone.
Archie: You know, I'm not letting you go alone! [crestfallen] It could be dangerous.
Atlanta: So go already!
[Archie goes into the portal]
Atlanta: Boys... [follows Archie]
Theresa: Tell me about it... [Jay and Herry look surprised at her and she seems to be a little embarrassed]

Atlanta: Where is the most logical place for a forest god to live?
Archie: Somewhere it doesn't rain all day?!

Archie: [going down off the tree on Hephaestus's whip] Me – Tarzan, you – Jane?
Atlanta: I think you're more “George of the jungle”

Atlanta: [she and Archie are attacked by trees in the rain forest] Pan! Stop it!
Archie: [sarcastically] Told ya he had a crush on you!

Neil: [about a wall] A door would be nice.
Herry: I can break it down.
Theresa: Or... you could lift us over.
Herry: Yeah, that'd work too.

[Archie and Atlanta are tied with the plants]
Archie: Yup. You and Pan. That's “friends forever”.

Pan: I don't like visitors! [howls and then realizes that his guests are Atlanta and Archie] Atlanta? Atlanta, is that really you?
Atlanta: Sorry we didn't call first.
[Pan snaps his fingers and plant releases Atlanta and she falls in his arms]
Pan: What are you doing all the way out here? [they smile at each other]
Archie: Hello! Still stuck here!
Pan: [ignores Archie and puts Atlanta on the ground] It's good to see you.
Atlanta: You too.
Archie: I'd hate to interrupt the reunion but... world to save?!
Atlanta: He's right. We need your help.
Pan: Tell me all about it [snaps his fingers again and Archie falls on the ground]
Archie: Hey!
Pan: [puts his arm around Atlanta and leads her somewhere] Sorry about that.

Pan: What can I do?
Atlanta: [to Archie] Told you he want to help.
Archie: Yeah. [whispers] To impress you.

Theresa: Something's wrong!
Neil: Not exactly a news flash. The gods are dying, the tree of life...
Jay: Cronus?
Theresa: No. It's something else. I sense... hunger.
Jay: Hunger? What could be hungry?
Herry: Me?

Atlanta: You... swam?
Archie: You needed me...

Atlanta: Are you okay?
Pan: Yeah, I'm fine [almost falls down, Archie catches him in last second]
Archie: Nice work, pal.

Theresa: What's wrong? We've won!
Archie: Yeah... I guess. [looks at Atlanta and Pan standing together by the tree and talking]
Pan: You inspire me.
Atlanta: Yeah, right.
Pan: And I want you to stay!
Atlanta: Where? In here?
Pan: In the rain forest! With me! When your friends need you, you can go! We can both go!
Atlanta: Really? You're serious?
Pan: Think of what we could do together! The forests we could save, the fun we could have...
[Atlanta peeps at Archie and smiles. Pan gets sad because he knows that she has made a decision. Atlanta and Archie walks away together]
Atlanta: I can't believe you swam!
Archie: Yeah.
Atlanta: You ever gonna do that again?
Archie: Not a chance!

33 Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Theresa: I'm trying to fit you and the statue in the picture.
Neil: I don't care about the statue! I want a picture of me in Greece! Not Greece and me!

34 Cold Day In Hades

Theresa: Jay? You are loafing?!
Jay: I'm not loafing... it's just too beautiful day to stay inside. I'd call it “spring fever”.
Theresa: You, Mister Responsible, have a “spring fever”?
Jay: Well, yeah. I was even thinking I might skipping the afternoon because sailing. Not I actually would, but I was thinking about it.

Neil: Holy Cow! [when he saw Demeter turning from cow into a woman]

Jay: Herry, can carry Persephone closer to the fire. [he hears roar] Herry, if you need help just ask.
Herry: Um... Jay? That... wasn't me.

Neil: What do I suppose to say?
Atlanta: I don't know! You are the charming guy, just go, cheer her up!

Atlanta: Um... Miss Demeter... ma'am? My friends have found your daughter.
Demeter: Persephone? You've found her?
Atlanta: Yes! Only there's this tiny little problem... They're all still in danger and it would really help if you could just warm up the Earth. A little. Please.

35 Tantalize This

Odie: Hey! Check out my latest upgrade! [changing channels] Life satellite films, sport, news...
Herry: Monkeys!

Theresa: During the bronze age the was a great flood, Deucalion and his wife were the only ones saved.
Atlanta: Typical! Wife is always nameless!

Atlanta: Have you ever wanted something so badly and could practically taste it?
Archie: Well... I mean sure... Yeah... I mean... I guess... It's a...
Atlanta: Tempted. Tantalized. Like some kind of forbidden fruit. You can't stop thinking about it. Oh, it's torture!
Archie: Ugh... I mean I guess I've... Well I mean maybe we've... Oh... I've always felt that...
Atlanta: It's unfair!

36 Mother knows best

Odie: Save me some pie? [looks at Herry eating]
Jay: I'll... try...


Gaia: Shh-sh! We're having a moment here!
Cronus: You're shushing me?!

Atlanta: Mistress Gaia, ma'am? May I ask you a question?
Gaia: Such a polite girl! Of course you may, dear!
Atlanta: With all your power, why don't you stop Cronus? [everybody stares at her shocked by her daring]
Gaia: [smiles] Because it's not my destiny, dear.

37 Applet Of Discord

Archie: Atlanta got us tossed out of the movie for TALKING TOO LOUD!
Atlanta: Me?!
Theresa: Atlanta, why don't I give you a lift back to the dorm?
Jay: Yeah, Archie, why don't we walk back together?
Atlanta and Archie: FINE!

Archie: Watch it!
Atlanta: You watch it! What are you doing?!
Archie: Call me crazy, but I thought I'd watch some baseball!
Atlanta: Okay, Crazy, [she takes the remote control and change the station] you know it's when I watch “Extreme Boarding Countdown”!
Archie: Yeah? Well, how about watching a real sport for a change?! [tries to take the remote back, but Atlanta moves away from him]
Atlanta: I'm not watching three hours of guys scratching themselves! Get enough of that around here!
Archie: Oh yeah? You know what? Who is always drinking the milk...
Atlanta: What?! I don't even drink milk!
Archie: ...right from the carton?!
[Atlanta and Archie are shouting at each other]
Atlanta: Get off the couch!
Neil: I hate it when mom and dad fight. I'm outta here.

Artemis: Mouths shut, ears open!

[they train taking control of the weapon and neutralizing their enemy]
Jay: Atlanta,when you rush me, grab my wrist with both hands. Here. Like this. [he holds her hand]
[Archie stops fighting Herry and shouts]
Archie: Get your hands off her, Jay! I'm calling you out!
Jay: What? Hah, sure you are Archie. [Archie attacks him] Okay! You got me! Let me go, Archie! Ouch! Miss Artemis!
Artemis: Oh, we covered head block moves last semester!
[Jay releases himself. Archie stands opposite him very mad]
Theresa: Archie! What's going mean to you!
Archie: I'm teaching Jay a lesson from moving into my territory! And “my territory” I mean Atlanta!
Atlanta: Territory?! What you... [pushes him, and he falls on the ground, takes the spear and attacks Jay again. Jay dodge, Archie falls again, Atlanta sits on him and pulls his leg] So I'm you territory, am I?!
[Jay is trying to stop her, and they all starts to fight]
Artemis: That enough! Pull them apart!
[Herry takes Archie and Atlanta and picks them up]
Herry: Promise you'll behave yourselves! [puts them on the ground and they start to fight again]

[Neil comes]
Artemis: Oh! Well, if it isn't Neil. You're late!
Neil: I couldn't help it! I've been trying to get this ring tone off my phone all morning!
Odie: A ring tone?
Neil: It's annoying! Listen!
[Neil turns on a ring tone and Theresa has a vision]
Theresa: Why do I have to get these visions?! Guys! I saw a face! It looks like...
Herry: Man! That ring tone is annoying!
Archie: And strenuously familiar.
Atlanta: Maybe it reminds you of your own voice!
Odie: Atlanta, that tune is getting really old!
Jay: Neil! Put your PMR away and quit wasting our time!
Theresa: Hallo! I'm having a vision here!
Neil: When you're not having a vision?!

Harmony: See now, if you release all that negative energy, you won't give in to sssstrive.
Archie: Ugh, this anger banishment workshop is bogus.
Atlanta: Well I think you need it.
Archie: Well, I think I don't!
Atlanta: You totally do!
Archie: I totally don't!

38 Bad Blood

Garry: Are you always this stupid or just on special occasion?

Cronus: [to Garry carrying a Helmet of Invisibility] Unless you're Odysseus incognito, that's not your helmet.

Theresa's father: Everything alright? I've heard a crash...
Herry: [lying on the floor and holding Autolycus] uh... Sorry, I've... I've tripped over my shoelace. [Theresa's father looks suspiciously at Autolycus] I mean, I've tripped over his shoelace.

Autolycus: Where did you learn this move?
Herry: Hercules. He's my great, great, great- There's a lot of “greats”...
Autolycus: I thought him that move! [tries to release himself but he can't]
Herry: Nice try!

39 Dreamweaver

Jay: Okay everyone! Everything is in place, training is done. Now, let's do this!
Archie: [stands up and salutes] Yes, sir!
Atlanta: [also salutes] Aye aye captain!
Neil: [singing and marching] I don't know, it seems to me, Jay is getting cranky!
Archie: [goes after Neil] Up, two, three, four!
Atlanta: [follows Archie and Neil] We're marching to the border door!

[Archie is putting the amulet on the old statue]
Jay: Careful! If you break it...
Archie: I buy it!

Jay: You okay?
Theresa: Just tired, I guess. Can't imagine why!
Jay: We don't have time for you to be tired! You're got to stay focused!
[Theresa gets angry and leaves]
Jay: I know I'm pushing everyone, but this is important!
Atlanta: Yeah! So is Theresa!

[Jay comes to girls' room]
Atlanta: [wakes up] Jay? Is everything okay?
Jay: Uh... sorry. I didn't think that... Is Theresa asleep?
Atlanta: Yeah. You need us?
Jay: No! No, I just wanna tell her... You know...
Atlanta: Yeah. And it's okay. She knows, too. Go get some sleep.
Jay: [smiles] Thanks, Atlanta. You too.

[Theresa hits Jay while having a nightmare, he falls on the floor, and Archie keeps Theresa in place]
Archie: Ouch! You're okay?
Jay: Yeah... She's got a great right hook!

Odie: Cronus must be near the temple!
Atlanta: Forget the trap, we've got to help Theresa!
Jay: But we can't just let Cronus get away! Not this time!
Herry: We can handle it.
Jay: Uh... Don't forget to...
Archie: It's okay! We've got over this a million times!
Neil: At least!
Jay: Okay, but be careful.
Atlanta: We'll stop him, Jay.

40 Breathtaking Beauty

Neil: [about Odie] He cut me off!
Herry: [sarcastically] Boy, there's a shock.

Herry: Never open the hot door! Odie told me that. Something the fire rushing in where there's oxygen.
Neil: I wish he was here to tell us what to do, when there's no other door!

Josephine/Sphinx: You wanna guess my riddle then?
Odie: You bet your life!
Josephine/Sphinx: No, sweetie, you do.

Josephine/Sphinx: Here's the riddle. “More precious than gold, but cannot be bought. It can never be sold but it's earned if it's sought. Though it be broken it can still be mended. At birth it can't start nor by death is it ended.”
Odie: Wow. That's a good one.

Odie: You didn't take her challenge, did you?!
Neil: I was trying to help! I wanted to show you I was... um... you know.
Odie: Sorry?
Neil: Uhum [to Valerie] That's why he's the smart one.
Odie: We've run off the time!
Neil: What about good looks?
Odie: Neil! How can you man “good looks”? Stop helping me! It was you got me into this! You are some frie... [suddenly realizes and hugs Neil] Neil, you're a genius! Worth more than gold, can be earned, but not bought or sold. Doesn't start at birth and doesn't end at death. The answer to your riddle is friendship.

41 Recipe for Disaster

Herry: Hey! What's up?
Archie: Goddess in a rage.
Atlanta: Aphrodite thinks someone stole her favorite mirror. Neil's trying calm her down.
Archie: Brave guy Neil. Never thought I'd say that!

[Zeus threw a thunderbolt right in the bull's-eye]
Zeus: I've still got it!
Odie: Bull's-eye! [point at bow] But I thought you were gonna use this.
Theresa: Zeus? Why don't we play something else for a while. Like... Backgammon!
Zeus: Ah... okay... [they both leave]
Odie: And maybe I should put away the sharp objects!

Theresa: And Hercules is missing.
Jay: […] Probably he went for a walk.
Herry: Hey! What's up? Hercules wandered off?!
Theresa: Don't worry Herry. Even if he is a little confused, what can possibly happen to the strongest man in the world?
Herry: That's just it! It's not what the world might do to the confused Hercules, it's what the confused Hercules might do to the world!
Archie: He's got a point.

Jay: After centuries apart, resentment and revenge, they're still pals!
Herry: Hey! What's up? Unbelievable what a friendship can survive, isn't it?
Archie: [smiling at Atlanta, which is waking up after Pirithous saved her life after she was stung by a bee] I don't know, Herry. I don't think it's that unbelievable.

42 Polyphemus Returns

Hephaestus: In the old day there was no science. Just good, evil, sword, sworcery and the power of being high on the top mountain!
Odie: And men were men, well sometimes there were goats and sometimes there were goat-men. Nobody gave a hood about no science knowhow!
Hephaestus: Is he mocking me?!

Cronus: Nothing warms my cold, dark heart like a dysfunctional family reunion!

Archie: [about one of the Cyclops that appeared from nowhere] Where did he come from?!
Atlanta: Um... Greek mythology?

43 Cronus 2.0

[Theresa and Jay are playing chess]
Archie: I'm not watching a chick flick!
Atlanta: Since when is “Legal Predator 4” a chick flick?!
Jay: Guys! Keep it down, would ya?!
Atlanta: Fine! Challenge you to a game of “Adrenaline Demon”! Winner picks the movie!
Archie: You're on!
Theresa: Checkmate!
Jay: What?!
Theresa: That's game! In four moves!
Jay: Ugh! I can't believe it! How could I beat Cronus?! I can't even beat you! [knocks over a table and goes on the roof. Theresa follows him]
Theresa: Some people may be offended, ya know?
Jay: Huh?
Theresa: Suggesting that I'm not much an opponent could be taken as an insult.
Jay: Ah, sorry. I didn't mean it that way.
Theresa: Something's eating you and if you don't tell me about it I will be offended.
Jay: Uh, I don't know. It's a pressure, I guess. Cronus is a God! How am I supposed to take down a God?!
Theresa: “I”? Jay, the Oracle said Cronus will be defeated by seven heroes!
Jay: Yeah, I know. But I'm...
Theresa: … The leader? Yes, you are. But there are six more of us right behind you! And the Oracle also said that we'll succeed. So cheer up, take a break, go sailing. Now stop brooding and come inside.

Archie: This is what I like it! No Herry use brute force, no Odie and his tricks. Just you and me.

[Archie fights “Cronus 2.0” and the robots defeats him]
Atlanta: Archie!
Archie: Goodnight, mother. [faints]

Jay: Hey! That's my spot to staring in the space and brooding!
Theresa: I'm not brooding, just... concerned.
Jay: Not about me, I hope. I finally feel like we're making progress thanks to “Cronus 2.0”
Theresa: “Cronus 2.0” is what I'm worried about. I think Odie might have created a- a Frankenstein!
Jay: Ah, Theresa, I trust Odie to keep “Cronus 2.0” under control. I trust everybody else to let me know if it gets off our hands.
Theresa: And do you trust me, to give you good advice?
Jay: Absolutely! Which is why I'm going sailing tomorrow.

44 The Game Plan

Jay: [looking at T-shirt with crossed bolt drawing on it] Oh, that's be a perfect gift for Zeus!
Neil: Zeus?! He doesn't need anything! He's a God! The to God of Gods! He has everything!
Jay: That's not the point. It's thought that count.

Jay: You know where Cronus might have taken Zeus?
Hera: No. I have no way of knowing. With Cronus's hand that can be anywhere in time or in space.
Archie: You know, before I met you guys I was under the impression the Gods knew everything.
Hera: You were misinformed.
Archie: So you can't help us find your husband Zeus?
Hera: No.
Archie: Can't you just wave your hand and make him appear?!
Hera: No!
Archie: Jeesh, you're a God! And you can't do anything?!
[Hera gets angry]
Atlanta: Oh-o.
[Hera snap her fingers and Archie's head turns into Donkey's]
Hera: I can do that!
Atlanta: Oh!
Archie: Hee-haw! Hee-haw!
[Hera snaps her fingers again and Archie comes back to normal]
Archie: I might have crossed a line a little bit there.
Atlanta: Yeah, ya think?

[Jay is whispering something for a second to Fortuna]
Fortuna: You want me to give you cornucopia as you can save Zeus?
Neil: You set all of that in quick whisper?!

[Neil gave everybody presents, Fortuna smiles at him and waits for her present]
Neil: [sarcastically] Let's see. What did I get for you? Oh no! How could I forget? This is horrible! After all you did for us! I mean, if it wasn't for you WE COULD HAVE ENDED THIS SOONER AND GOT A LOT MORE SHOPPING DONE!

45 Like A Rolling Stone

Cronus: [watching Sisyphus rolling a rock] Ah, how clever have thought. Such a waste of a talented mind. Oh, you, Sisyphus, who have tricked Gods themselves, rolling the same rock up the hill for all eternity, without even death to looking forward to. For you've already cheated death twice, haven't you? Hum? That's why you're being punished like this.
Sisyphus: Are you part of my punishment now?
Cronus: I'm here to offer you your freedom.
Sisyphus: Well I don't know. I have a job, it's steady and it keeps me fit.

Odie: Wait a sec! Theresa, did you chea... Did you do that with your mind?
Theresa: Moi?

Herry: Show me in the rules that where it says I can't smash the ball through the castle.

Sisyphus-Neil: Hi everyone. Sorry I'm late.
Jay: Why would you be sorry? You're always late.
Sisyphus-Neil: I'm always late? Who says?

Odie: What do you mean “the winner buys for everyone”?
Theresa: That's what I always heard. Winner buys!
Herry: It's really fair!
Odie: It's not fair! If I know that I never would have won!
Theresa: Oh! You dethrone the game?
Jay: I don't know, Odie. That sounds like cheating to me!

[Herry is eating hot dog and a drop of mustard drip on Sisyphus-Neil's shirt]
Herry: Neil! Dude, I'm sorry!
Sisyphus-Neil: Eh. Don't worry about it.
[Everyone stares at him]
Sisyphus-Neil: What?
Jay: Eh... Are you feeling alright?
Odie: Yeah, why aren't you freaking out? Don't you wanna go clean it off?
Sisyphus-Neil: [realizes what he is supposed to do] Oh! Oh! Oh, for crying out loud! Look at my sleeve!

Jay: [helps Sisyphus-Theresa to stand up] Theresa! You okay?
Sisyphus-Theresa: Yeah, just a little dazed.
Herry: What happened?
Sisyphus-Theresa: He just knocked me down. On purpose! Didn't even say “sorry”! He went out that way!
Jay: Who was it?
Sisyphus-Theresa: I have no idea! I never saw him before.
Herry: [really mad] You'll see him again! And he is gonna to be so sorry!
Odie: Herry! Wait for me!

Jay: Odie, I can't find Theresa!
Odie: You were just carrying her a minute ago! What did you do? Drop her?

Odie: Whoever it is has a power of metamorphosis! And has Theresa.
Jay: But then, whoever it is, could look like anyone! It could be anyone of us! [comes to Neil and pulls his sleeve]
Neil: Hey! Watch the creeze!
Jay: Well, this is the real Neil.
Herry: Man! All this confusions make me hungry again!
Odie: And that's definitely Herry!

Jay: Alright. Which one of you is Sisyphus?
Atlanta and Sisyphus-Atlanta: I'm the real Atlanta!
Atlanta: I don't think so, buddy! [hits Sisyphus-Atlanta and he falls]
Jay: Okay! You're definitely the real Atlanta!
Sisyphus: You have quite a right hook, young lady. And I suppose I deserved it.

46 Cronus Keystroke

Odie: Herry, what part of “mine” did you not understand?

Jay: Smell like fresh, sea air!
Atlanta: [looks at Archie] Smell like fear.
Archie: Well, fears are learned, so they can be... unlearned.

Archie: It's just a water... A really, really, really deep water!

Atlanta: Archie! You have got to get over your fear of water! You missed all the action!
Archie: Someone had to... stay with the boat.
Atlanta: Sure. Stick to that story.

Archie: Just how many monsters are there in Greek mythology?!

Jay: Who's with me?
Atlanta: I'll do it!
Archie: Me too! Can't let you have all the fun!
Atlanta: Oh, you are learning more fears!

47 Daedalus Or Alive

Odie: Hey Athena. I snagged my hoody. [throws his hoody to her] You think you can mend it for me?
Athena: Grrr!
Odie: Oh. I just thought that since you're the goddess of crafts stuff and I can't sew.
Athena: [throws the hoody in his face] Try it.
Odie: I'm better at intellectual things. I'm hopeless at this manual labor stuff, you know.
Athena: So you ask me to do it? [gives him spool of thread]
Odie: I just thought... you just wave your hand or something.
Athena: Okay, smart guy! Maybe you can thread this [gives him a seashell]
Odie: Thread a seashell? You're kidding, right? It can't be done!
Athena: [sarcastic] Oh, really? Daedalus managed to do it.
Odie: Daedalus? You mean the guy who designed the labyrinth? He was a genius!

Theresa: Jay! This place is crazy! How can you be so certain of your way?
Atlanta: [comes to Jay] Yeah, I thought you said you were lost!
Statue-Jay: [looks at Atlanta] Odie and Herry need us! Can we talk about this later, Theresa?!
[Atlanta seems to be a bit confused]
Archie: Did you just call her “Theresa”?
[Jay attacks Neil with a sword, Theresa kicks Jay's head, he turns into a statue and breaks to little pieces]
Neil: Wow! When you break up with your boyfriend, you really break up your boyfriend!
Theresa: He's not my boyfriend! [Atlanta looks at her and smile suspiciously] And, anyway, he wasn't even real!

48 Face Off

Theresa: I like that look on you, Neil.
Neil: That's because I look good in everything. Being a supermodel is a hard work!
Atlanta: So is being superficial! [Theresa and Atlanta laughs]
Neil: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
Aphrodite: Life can be very difficult for the breathtakingly gorgeous.
Neil: It's my gift! It's my curse!

Nymphs: Adonis!
Theresa: The Adonis?! The most beautiful man in mythology?! [gets dreamy]
Atlanta: And in the world [also gets dreamy]

Adonis: [comes to Theresa] Hello! I don't think we've met before.
Theresa: I'm... I'm Theresa.
Atlanta: And I'm yours! I mean... I'm Atlanta.

Neil: Don't you have somewhere else to visit? Somewhere far away?

Jay: Hey, what's going on?
Theresa: Adonis! He's here!
Archie: And I care, why?
Atlanta: Because he's incredible!
[Archie seems to be a bit angry and Theresa sighs]
Jay: Theresa, are you having a vision?
Theresa: I see Adonis and me having a beautiful future together.
Jay: Well, your prediction have been wrong before, Theresa.

Archie: I don't get what you see in him! The guy is in a toga!
Atlanta: Why should you care if I'm interested in another guy?!

Atlanta: Keep your eyes open for Adonis.
Archie: [sarcastically] That would be nice for you, wouldn't it!
Atlanta: I guess Envy is not the only green-eyed monster around here.

Odie: We call her on with jealousy?
Theresa: Should be easy enough.
Jay: What does that mean?
Theresa: You were acting jealous back there.
Jay: No I wasn't!
Theresa: You don't need to get offensive!
Jay: I'm not the one who saw a beautiful future with Adonis!
Odie: At this way, Envy should be popping by any minute, now.
Jay: So, did you?!
Theresa: [smile with satisfaction] Did I what?
Jay: Really see a future with him?!
Odie: Ugh!

Adonis: You dare to challenge a god?!
Herry: When he's trying to hurt my friend – yeah!

Archie: Why are you following him?!
Atlanta: Why are you following me?

Theresa: You really were jealous, weren't you?
Jay: No! Well, maybe a little...
Theresa: Good.

49 The Deep End

Atlanta: Hey, Archie? Sorry about what I said about you being afraid of water...
Archie: Even if it's true?
Atlanta: You pick – you can stand around [...] or I can teach you how to swim!
Archie: Yeah! I mean... Sure, okay.
Atlanta: Then get ready. I know the perfect spot to get started [leaves]
Neil: Looks like your crush on Atlanta is stronger than your fear of water.
Archie: It's just a swimming lesson! It's not big deal.
Neil: Right! You are so in denial!

Atlanta: That's right! See, you're not so helpless in the water after all!
Archie: That's because you're here. I mean... Here... ya know... to help me.
Atlanta: Great! 'Cause you just entered the deep end.
Archie: I what?!

[Archie is swimming]
Girl: Nice board!
Archie: Uh... It, well, keeps me afloat. Water is my Achilles Heel.
Girl: [obviously flirts with him] It just takes practice to build confidence.
Atlanta: [to herself] And no interruptions!
Archie: Easier said than done.
Girl: Too bad there isn't some magical potion you can take.
Archie: I'd be first in line for that
[they both laugh, Atlanta gets angry]
Atlanta: Excuse me, who are you?!
Girl: Oh, sorry, I'll leave you two alone. Good luck! [she swims away]
Archie: I'll need it [looks at her fascinated] Wait! I didn't get your name!
Atlanta: [really angry] Let's see how you do without your flutterboard!
Archie: See what?!
Atlanta: Come on, Archie! Try it!

Archie: It's incredible, isn't it? We should had a swim date ages ago.
Atlanta: A... date?
Archie: Yeah, we're here, together, the two of us. What would you call it?
Atlanta: I don't know. Friends. Hanging out. What?
Archie: With all the dangers we faced, do you think we can afford to not be honest with each other?
Atlanta: About what?
Archie: Atlanta, either you feel the same way I do, or you don't. Well, do you?!
Atlanta: I don't wanna ruin our friendship...
Archie: Ugh... I guess that's your answer then.

Atlanta: [to Herry] You saw some kind of monster?
Theresa: More like a monster-stomachache from all those hot dogs you ate!

Theresa: Archie can swim now?
Atlanta: Yeah... I guess... One second he's afraid of water and then...
Theresa: What's going on Atlanta?
Atlanta: He thought we were on a date!
Theresa: And the problem with that is...? [suddenly they both smile, Atlanta goes to a water scooter] Where are you going?
Atlanta: To say something that I should have said.

Theresa: Atlanta!
Atlanta: [seriously injured] Archie was right... I should have told him...

Theresa: [looks at burning boat] There goes our vacation!
Jay: And our security deposit.

Atlanta: Are you okay?
Archie: Uh... Surviving.
Atlanta: I don't know what would I have done if anything happened to you. I've almost missed this chance.
Archie: We've almost missed this chance.

50 Golden Boy

Girl: Hi!
Neil: Hey! You're beautiful!
Girl: Oh, thanks!
Neil: I was thinking since, you're good-looking and I'm good-looking, we should hang out looking good together.
[Girl chuckles]
Archie: Check it out! She thinks Neil was joking!
Theresa: She doesn't know what she's in for.
Atlanta: That's our Neil! He can pick them up, but they always drop him!

Neil: So, I've been modeling since I was a baby. [...] It was what I was born to do.
Girl: Do you ever talk about anything other than yourself?! You're not even talking to me!
Neil: Oh.... Does my skin look dry to you?
Girl: I might as well not even be here! [leaves]
Neil: What is she talking about? I'd look pretty stupid talking to myself.

Neil: [turning Cronus into gold with the Mightiest Touch] Haven't you heard, Cronus? Silence is golden!

51 Phantom Rising part 1

Theresa: You're a god! How am I supposed to read your thoughts?!
Persephone: You may be human, Theresa, but your potential is enormous. You can do anything you set your mind to.
Theresa: Great. My mind is set to watching a movie tonight.
Persephone: What is more important? Watching a movie or learning to channel your power to defeat Cronus and help save the world?
Theresa: It's a nice movie and I need a break.

Atlanta: [about the movie, where harpies are shown very attractive women] Harpies don't look like that!
Archie: I wish Harpies looked like that!

Archie: [after Atlanta tried to hit a Phantom but she missed, and she ended up lying on Archie under the table] You were trying to get it, not me, right?

Theresa: It must've been Cronus!
Athena: Cronus can't find you here!
Theresa: It's always Cronus! Twenty four seven, three sixty five!

Theresa: I'm sorry. All I sense is frustration and confusion. Probably my own.
Jay: It's okay. We'll find it.
Theresa: I hate this! Everybody tells me I'm getting more powerful but when you really need me, I'm useless.
Jay: You don't always have to be a hero, Theresa.
Theresa: Yeah, I do! We all do! We don't have lives anymore just... destinies!
Jay: We still have lives.
Theresa: Really? When's the last time you had any fun?! We're teenagers! We're supposed to have fun! Not fight gods! I can't remember the last time I went out to concert or-[comes really close to Jay] -or have a date.

Hera: [about Persephone] She is most definitely not okay. She has a bump on her head and a broken arm.
Herry: What's the big deal? I've broken loads of bones!
Archie: And some of them weren't even yours.

Hercules: Let's get back to the school!
Hera: We can't.
Ares: In the name of Zeus, why not?
Hera: does anyone have a pendent key?
Hephaestus: Uh, it's in my other toga.

Herry: [about the phantom] It's got Theresa!
Jay: It is Theresa!
Atlanta: Yeah, but what is it?
Theresa: I guess it's my potential!
Cronus: You! You did this to me! You! My powers! They're gone!
Theresa: Looking for this? [Cronus's sickle appears in Theresa's hand]
Herry: That's Cronus's power!
Theresa: Now it's mine!
Odie: You make the gods mortal and took their powers?!
Theresa: I had to. We can't just stop Cronus. We have to stop all of them.
Jay: What are you talking about?
Theresa: I'm going after Zeus. I want my life back! Who's with me?! Jay? Atlanta? Anybody?
Jay: Theresa, you can't fight Zeus!
Theresa: Don't you get it?! The gods don't care about us! This battle between Zeus and Cronus, it's been going on forever! And it will keep going on as long as they are gods!
Cronus: She's right.
Neil: Uh, you're not helping here!
Jay: I can't let you do this!
Theresa: You can't stop me, Jay.
Neil: [aiming his weapon on Theresa] Maybe I can.
Jay: Neil, no! [standing in his way] It's Theresa! Theresa, don't do this.
Theresa: I have to do this. For all of us. I'm going to stop Zeus. Now.

52 Phantom Rising part 2

Hermes: Something is wrong.
Theresa: I'm sorry Hermes. You're not like the other gods. You don't boss us around. [phantom is going out of her body]
Hermes: Theresa, what's happening? [phantom goes through him, he kneels, it seems to be painful for him]
Theresa: You are next, Zeus.

Zeus: What gives you the right to take the gods' power?
Theresa: I had to.
Zeus: Why?
Theresa: Because I want my life back.
Zeus: And what will you do with all our powers? Become a god? Even gods fail, when they become too arrogant.
Theresa: Just because I have this powers doesn't mean I have to use them.
Zeus: But you're prepared to use them to destroy me and my kind.
Theresa: I'm not destroying you! Just making you mortal! Maybe then you'll understand what makes people tick!
Zeus: Theresa, you must stop this! Not for my sake but for your own!

Zeus: Theresa, you're turning into a monster!
Theresa: It does what it takes to stop you.

Jay: Theresa! You're attacking your friends! Stop!
Theresa: I... can't...

Theresa: [reading Jay's mind] Hera wants you to.... destroy me? HOW COULD YOU?!
Jay: [throws away his sword] I can't. You can't handle all this power, Theresa. No one can. Let it go. [phantom hits Jay]
Theresa: Jay! No! [she defeats phantom and falls down to the water]
Jay: [runs to her] Theresa...
Atlanta: She can't be dead!
[Jay takes Theresa's body in his arms and starts to cry, he kisses her. She comes back to life and all the gods' powers leaves her]
Theresa: Wanna try that again? [they kiss]
Neil: Get a room guys! Jeesh...

Zeus: That was... interesting.
Theresa: I am so sorry.
Zeus: Don't be. You were right. We don't know what it's like to be mortal. That's why gods can't be true heroes. We can't be hurt so we can't take real risks, make genuine sacrifices. You, all of you, do. Thank you.
Neil: No problem. It's... it's what we do.
[Zeus leaves]
Theresa: I still let you all down. I had the power to stop Cronus and I lost it.
Atlanta: So we keep fighting!
Herry: We can take Cronus.
Odie: Piece of cake!
Theresa: But... you could have had normal lives!
Neil: Normal? It's totally overrated!
Archie: So we're stuck together [takes Atlanta's hand] I can think of worse destinies.
Theresa: Cronus is still out there!
Jay: Hey, slow down a little. I think you did pretty good.
Theresa: But what about our lives?
Jay: Maybe it's time to start living?
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