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Claude Arpi (born in 1949) is a French-born author, journalist, historian and Tibetologist who lives in Auroville, India. He is the author of The Fate of Tibet: When Big Insects Eat Small Insects (Har-Anand Publications, New Delhi, 1999), and several articles on Tibet, China, India and Indo-French relations.


  • When I left France for India, I came with a dream: I was going to the land of the Vedas, of the Buddha, a continent with an eternal religion. I thought everyone in this country was turned ‘inwards’, seeking a higher light; I believed India would soon be able to guide the world towards a more meaningful tomorrow. Why I am sad now? I can’t help feeling a terrible divide between this dream and today’s reality (at least the one depicted in the English media). I still believe in ’India of the ages’, but I cannot grasp why Indians themselves still refuse to acknowledge the greatness of their culture.

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