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Claudia Alexander

Claudia Alexander (May 30, 1959July 11, 2015) is an American research scientist specializing in geophysics and planetary science at NASA.


  • There's a deep thirst and hunger to know more about space, literally because of the Star Trek phenomenon. [1]
  • We want to find [life]. Absolutely. And even now it's really disappointing when you think that, if there is extraterrestrial life, it’s probably bacteria and microbial life. Because you want Star Wars. I want to meet Spock. I think that, as intellectual beings, we fantasize about meeting other intellects similar to our own. It's just a basic human desire.[1]
  • …you go home and maybe on the evening news you see something that reminds you that you're exploring space. Something that reminds me that I am one of a four-hundred member squad that is flying a spacecraft, exploring the solar system. Every once in a while you step back and you see that this is really amazing.[1]


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