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Clementine Ford (1981) is an Australian feminist writer and public speaker.


  • You can be told 20 days in (a) row that you should be raped and sodomised and beaten and strung up and thrown out and taught a lesson, but if on the 21st day you turn around and make a joke about firing men into the sun using a cannon, you are a scold who hates men and is teaching her son that he's a rapist.
  • Could men just shut the fuck up?

Quotes about Clementine Ford[edit]

  • Ford’s all-consuming hatred for men is absolutely dripping. She screams, “The framing of criminal acts like these as being somehow the result of depression or financial struggles or just a lack of appropriate emotional support cannot help but infest the circumstances with an air of sympathy and understanding.” She slams “traditional notions of masculinity”, rants about the “patriarchy” and then Lifeline’s number is listed at the end. The fact Ford blankly refuses to comprehend motivational factors contributing to human beings wanting out of life purely highlights why she was never, and should never be, given a platform to speak at any events by any suicide prevention organisation. Ever.

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