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Clifford's Really Big Movie is an animated film released in 2004 by Warner Bros.

Directed by Robert C. Ramirez. Produced by Deborah Forte. Screenplay by Rhett Reese and Robert C. Ramirez.
Get ready for Clifford's Biggest, Reddest, Most Amazing Movie! (taglines)


  • Goodbye, Emily Elizabeth. I'll come back to you soon... I promise.
  • What's the matter with those guys? They look scared. [T-Bone: Maybe they saw a shark in the water.]
  • SHACKELFORD!! What are you doing here?

George Wolfsbottom[edit]

  • GABLEGOBBLE!! What are you doing with my dog?!


  • Okay, okay! We'll take turns. MY TURN FIRST!!!
  • Have I ever steered you wrong? Don't answer that.

The Amazing Larry[edit]

  • Good goin', gang!
  • Well, hey, there, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Larry Gablegobble.
  • [to Clifford] Big Red! You saved my show, now you helped Dorothy! You really are amazing!

Other characters[edit]

  • Emily: You're the best, Clifford.
  • Rodrigo: Clifford's the best! He believed in us.
  • T-Bone: What was the plan again?
  • Horace Bleakman: [referring to Clifford] He must be a big problem.


Emily Elizabeth:[calling] Clifford! Clifford!
Cleo: Clifford! There you are.
T-Bone: Where were you? You missed a great rehersal.
Cleo: Yeah. Check out our new trick! [Cleo and T-Bone show him a move which resembles them flipping] TA-DA!!!
Clifford: Mm-hmm.
Cleo: [after flipping] Okay. Spit it out.
Clifford: I'm going home.
T-Bone: We are all going after we win the contest tommorow. Right?
Clifford: No, I'm going home now.
Cleo, T-Bone: WHAT!?
Cleo: Clifford? What about the contest and time supply of Tummy Yummies, and helping Emily Elizabeth?


  • Get ready for Clifford's Biggest, Reddest, Most Amazing Movie!


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