Clifford's Really Big Movie

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Clifford's Really Big Movie is an animated film released in 2004 by Warner Bros.


  • Emily Elizabeth:[calling] Clifford! Clifford!
  • Cleo: Clifford! There you are.
  • T-Bone: Where were you? You missed a great rehersal.
  • Cleo: Yeah. Check out our new trick! [Cleo and T-Bone show him a move which resembles them filpping] Ta-Da!!!
  • Clifford: Mm-hmm.
  • Cleo: [after flipping] Okay. Spit it out.
  • Clifford: I'm going home.
  • T-Bone: We are all going after we win the contest tommorow. Right?
  • Clifford: No, I'm going home now.
  • Cleo,T-Bone: WHAT!?
  • Cleo: Clifford? What about the contest and time supply of Tummy Yummies, and helping Emily Elizabeth?

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