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Clipse are a Virginia based hip hop duo. Formed by brothers Malice (born Gene Thornton in 1979, in The Bronx) and Pusha-T (born Terrence Thornton in 1977, in The Bronx) in 1992, they are best known for their 2002 hit single "Grindin'" and their affiliation with multi-platinum production team, The Neptunes.




  • "Patty cake, patty cake, I'm the baker man / I bake them cakes as fast as I can."
  • "Some days I wasn't able (Abel), but there was always 'caine (Cain)."
  • "On the cover of Vibe, we like the new Death Row / In black turtlenecks and that gold FIGARO."
  • "V12 or better, me and little brother push / crack whips on them horses and tell them bitches mush."
  • "Pay me for that feature, that don't make it family / All I see is blackface, and you singing mammy."
  • "Wanna know the time better clock us/ Niggas bite the style from the shoes to the watches, we cloud hoppers/ Tailored suits like we mobsters/ Break down ki's into dimes and sell em' like Gobstoppers."


  • "I move 'caine like a criple"
  • "I puppet you Pinocchios, flows on strings / It is what it seems, just call me Geppetto."
    • "Pussy" (2004)
  • "Liva & Sandman, The Clipse make it four / You know who to come to to score. Check It. / Re-Up Gang, what real niggas wanna hear / Add us up dumb-fuck, the sum of all your fears."
  • "I'm feeling smothered by this music industry, I need a breather / So guess who's back selling that shake like seizure / Album on hiatus I ain't stop stuntin' neither / The Benz chariot, horses carry me like Cesar."
  • "Black hands, white keys, I seen this, I'm Ray / Got more white in the hood than the KKK."
  • "Sell Bolivian, feds in oblivion / bitch Brazilian, purse reptilian / took her from far off island like Gilligan."
  • "So many deceive ya / I'm in touch with the ki's / move over Alicia"
  • "The news call it crack / I call it diet coke"
  • "I never stop, the Coupe callin', the roof fallin' / The levee broke, I flooded blocks like New Orleans"
  • "SL be the coupe, roof off the drop / Neck out the top look at me jack in the box."
  • "Hands got the bubble touch, bike with the Double-Clutch / Two diamond jump ropes my neck do the Double Dutch"
  • "Women if you love me, please let me know. Tie rags round your neck, and learn the sets we throw."
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