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Clive Lewis, in 2015.

Clive Anthony Lewis (born 11 September 1971) is a British Labour politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Norwich South since winning the seat at the 2015 general election.


  • We need to secure resources for large-scale economic transformational change. That can be achieved by a government committed to subordinating markets in money, goods and services to regulatory democracy – in other words, to the interests of the democratic societies and the ecosystems in which they operate. 'Free-market' neoliberal economic policies that detach markets from society's oversight achieve the reverse. They are designed to subject markets to private, not public, democratic authority.

About Lewis[edit]

  • Clive Lewis is unusual for a Labour MP – not least among Labour’s left flank – for being a former serviceman. He joined the Territorial Army in 2006 and served in Afghanistan in 2009, where he remembers soldiers' boots melting because of the heat. There was a "bit of a macho camaraderie" and "Man up, cupcake" was an expression he heard a lot.
  • While his sergeants and corporals would return to their base with soldiers who could understand what serving in a conflict zone was like, Lewis, as a reservist, was thrown back into ­civilian life. “It was like feeling crushed,” he says. Eventually, he was diagnosed with depression, but he found it difficult to talk about. “That mental health side is embarrassing. There’s a stigma. As a man, you fear it’s about your masculinity – you’re not strong enough, not tough enough."

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