Coal Miner's Daughter

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Coal Miner's Daughter is a 1980 biographical film about legendary country music singer Loretta Lynn.

Directed by Michael Apted. Screenplay by Thomas Rickman; based on the autobiography by Loretta Lynn and George Vecsey.

Loretta Lynn[edit]

  • [after discovering Mooney with a young woman] I'm warning you, Doolittle, I'd better not ever catch you with trash like that again! I mean it!
  • [after hearing about Patsy Cline's death] She can't be dead, Doo! We're goin' shopping! Who am I gonna talk to now?
  • Stop makin' that noise! You sound like a old bear growling.

Patsy Cline[edit]

  • [Loretta and Doolittle are fighting in the parking lot] Loretta, get in the car! Charlie, get in that car and drive!
  • [to Loretta] I'll call you on Monday and we'll go shopping. Anything we can't buy, we'll make. Anything we can't make, we'll steal!


Loretta Lynn: [in a radio interview] Shoot, we've been driving so much, I don't know where I am half the time. But it's fun. We sing, and talk, and Doo - that's my husband - he'll get to acting horny.
Speedy West: [shocked] What!
Loretta Lynn: And the more I laugh, the hornier he gets, and then he'll say "Loretta, spread me up another one of them baloney sandwiches!"
Radio station manager: [later] I don't know where in the hell you think are, lady, but that part of smut don't go in this part of the country!
Loretta Lynn: I didn't know it was dirty! I thought "horny" meant cuttin' up and acting silly!
Radio station manager: And cut up that dumb hillbilly act!
Doolittle Lynn: If you knew Loretta, you'd know that ain't no act.
Loretta Lynn: Thank you, honey.

Loretta Lynn: (after being picked up by Patsy's husband Charlie after singing `I Fall to Pieces' at the Midnite Jamboree) You ain't mad at me for singin' your song are you Patsy?
Patsy Cline: Set-own. People might think you sing better than me.
Loretta Lynn: Huh-uh.
Patsy Cline: Well, how many times you been on the Opry now?
Loretta Lynn: I been on seventeen straight times.
Patsy Cline: People wanna know who you been a-sleepin' with to be on that many times.
Loretta Lynn: Aw, who's been a-sayin' that?
Patsy Cline: (chuckles) Gals that been a-sleepin' with ever'body and still ain't been on yet.
Loretta Lynn: Like who?
Patsy Cline: Oh, take it as a compliment. Girl, you got `em runnin' scared.

Radio Announcer: That was Miss Patsy Cline, tragically killed in a plane crash early this morning near Dyersburg Tennesee.
Loretta Lynn: (slowly waking up to the news and jumping out of bed to call, making mistakes, hanging up and trying again while dissolving into tears). She can't be dead, Doo! We was goin' shoppin'! Who am I gonna talk to now?!


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