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Code Lyoko is a French animation previously airing on Cartoon Network.


    • Source: episode 21- "Zero Gravity Zone"
  • "Kiwi! HEEEEEEEELP! ... Good doggie. Chew through the ropes! ... Kiwi, no! Come baaaack!"
    • Source: "Final Mix"
  • "DYUH HUH HUH! Ya don't say!"
  • "I did it! I did it! (passes out)"
  • "I'll show you what you can do when you've got great equipment."
  • "It was... it was... FANTASTIC! YEAH!"
  • "Your energy is super nuclear! You're going to make this town explode!"
  • "I'm... just so darn lame!"
    • Source : episode 25 "Code Earth"
  • "Even with the latest data we got from Sector 5, I haven't moved ahead one micron."
    • Source : episode 30 "A great day"
  • "I'm the biggest loser to ever walk the face of the earth!"
    • Source : episode Marabounta
  • "Oh no, you're such a cosmic creep."
  • "This is really mega-insane!"
  • "Great! I gotta go and get Aelita! I promised I'd give her my croissants. She likes croissants with her hot chocolate."
    • Source: episode 43- "Xana's Kiss"
  • "...but this joker William won't let us out!"
    • Source: episode 40- "Attack of the Zombies"
  • "You're not far now--you're there!"
  • "Oh, I'm such a dork!"
  • "Hurry uuuuup!"
  • "You're a creepy genius!"
  • "Why is it whenever you see Sissi you feel like being nasty?"
  • "What do you mean ungh?"
  • "What do you mean quack?"
  • "Return to the past (snap) now."
  • "What's wrong with this darn super computer?"
  • "A super computer is not the same as a Game Boy, Odd! You can't just pick up a bar of uranium at the corner store."
    • Source: episode 37- "Common Interest"
  • "I'm going to get something to drink."
  • "Yeah, except once the new battery is in Duncan's gonna try to kill me"
  • "S.O.S. XANA!"
  • "I fight for you every day, Aelita. Against Xana!"
    • Source: episode 39- "A Bad Turn"
  • "I got his voice mail! What bad luck!"
  • "Xana is a rock group. But with all the junk you listen to there's no way you could have heard of them."
    • Source: episode-Holiday in the Fog
  • "I'm warning you, this is completely crazy."
  • "Come on, we'll see who's scared."
  • (responding to what ryhmes with 'tulip') "I don't know. Microchip? Paperclip? Hypocrite?"
    • Source: episode 32- "Saint Valentine's Day"
  • "Biology homework that ryhmes, huh?"
    • Source: episode 32- "Saint Valentine's Day"
  • "With that Scyphozoa slinking around? No way!"
  • "Yippee, it works!"
  • "And I'm saying that maybe Xana is behind this!"
  • "Well, y'know, Odd, I'm not into rock."
  • "To the cafeteria. They've got brussel sprouts today! Do you know what they are?"
  • "Are you feeling pulsations?!"
  • "Aelita! You're so stubborn! That was a silly thing to do!"
  • "No, I wouldn't call it good. More like amazing!"
  • "Ehh, there aren't any monsters in these woods. That only happens in fairytales or in silly horror pictures, the kinds that Odd likes."
    • Source: episode 27- "New Order"
  • "It's gonna be a great day! They said so on the radio!"
    • Source: episode 30- "A Great Day"
  • "Bingoooo."
  • "Go away!"
  • "Okay, Jeremie, how do you wanna die? Freezing or laughing?"
  • "I did. not. kiss Heidi."
    • Source: episode 43- "Xana's Kiss"
  • "Okay, be brave, Jeremie..."
  • (dully) "I immediately tried it. It's amazing."
  • "That's my final answer! Return to the past now!"
  • "Uhh, but but but but but but but but you should go home and take a bath--No! A cold shower! Very cold! Very, very, very cold to calm you down!"
  • "Xana, you're even more evil than I thought!"
  • "You're not gonna tell anybody, right?"
  • "You're kidding. A hunk of junk if you ask me."
  • "Don't listen to that glutton!"
  • "A deadly melody. >:("
  • "Come on, be cool."
  • "Look into his eyes. Do you see the mark of XANA?"
  • "Quick! To the factory!"
  • (Odd: [Relating to smelly feet] No girl's goona want to go out with a... a...)

Jeremie: "A walking pool of toxic waste?"

  • "Still, that's bizzare.
  • "Whoakay."
  • (Reffering to a person) "He's/She's a turkey."
  • "I'm entering the code, SCIPIO."
  • "Hey, Ulrich, please tell me that wasn't Sissi's I just heard!"
  • "Piece of cake sweetie pie ,huh , what you think ? Sure I'm done you're looking at the man !"
    • Source: Episode 67- "Double Take"
  • "Oh no, she has been devirtualized!"
    • Source: Episode 53 - Straight to Heart
  • "Okay, while he's going for broke, we'll go for lunch"
    • Source: Episode 53 - Straight to Heart
  • " Why would they go after YOU?!"
  • "I'm sending in the cavalry."


  • (to the Scyphozoa) "Drop her! Fish Face!"
  • "Huh?" x 1000
  • "Jeremie, there's this... thing... in here."
  • "Guess you won't be needing this croissant."
  • "Right now I bet he's completely snowing her."
  • "Cut up the acting, Yumi. William saw you!
  • "I need to, uhhh, polish my flip-flops!"
  • "Ciao!"
  • "What is going on around here anyway?!"
  • "Here I am! You didn't think we'd let you have all the fun with Peter Duncan, did you?"
    • Source: episode 37- "Common Interest"
  • "Now I know what Tweety feels like against Sylvester!"
  • "Nothing special, except I just found out that Jeremie stills wears underwear with kangaroos on them. I'll have to tell him to move on to boxers."
  • "Uh oh. I think I know someone who needs to air out his neurons a little."
  • To tell you how much I flip,
    if not with a tulip.
    How I'm a victim of your charms
    and long to hold you in my arms.
    With you I never f-feel gloomy
    my little uh... Sissi.
    • Source: poem, which Ulrich wrote on Saint Valentine's Day. Episode 32- "Saint Valentine's Day"
  • "I... um... are you okay? ... I just uh, just uh, asked!"
  • "Just watch. I'll show 'em what it is to be a guy!"
  • "They've kinda lost it. For some strange reason, they think they're virtual people."
  • "Uh... well... (gets shot) AAH!"
  • "Uh... return to the past now."
  • "Why would Xana be interested in mobile phones, huh?"
  • "Think we should beat it?"
  • "You're... Yuri, right?"
    • Source: episode "Xana Awakens Part II"
  • "Yeah, Odd, and I'll ask you to be my maid of honor."
  • "You know what? I think blackmail's really LAME."
  • "I'm about to do something risky with William!"
  • "Jeremie, Odd and Aelita are going out together..."

---source: lyoko minus one

  • "You're wasting your time XANA. Odd has never beaten me yet! (Polymorfic specter changes from Odd to Ulrich) Uh... Yeah... Well OK uh... That changes things."
    • Source: episode 51 Revelation
  • "(to an unconscious William) Okay, nap time, but don't you dare dream about Yumi."
    • Source "Lyoko Minus One"
  • "(To Jeremie on cell phone) We'll meet you-know-where! Anything's better than this!... (to his parents) To strech my legs, to get some air. Besides I might get there much faster if I walked!"
    • Source "Distant Memory"
  • "The last time I checked, the air was electric."
  • "(to Odd about his feet) Well, it's sort of hard to talk when you're holding your nose, good buddy!"
  • (To Jermie about a Kankerlot) "Jermie I think I just saw a pedestrian"
  • ( Trying to wake Yumi up) "Yumi....Yumi (shakes her) No! NOOOOOOOO!
  • "How do people expect us to save the world if they don't leave us alone?"
    • Source "Ultimatum"


  • (to a Creeper) "Not so fast slime head!"
  • (to the Scyphozoa) "Not so fast, Blubberface!"
  • " A Sissi attack is almost as bad as a Xana attack and 10 times more boring."
    • Source: episode 22- "Routine"
  • "Odd, can you keep a secret?"
    • From the Genesis "Garage Kids!"
  • "Mystery girl from another woooo-ooorld..."
  • "I couldn't believe it!"
  • "It'll be totally awesome."
  • "Is that you, Ulrich? ... WHAAAAAT?"
  • "This is why I like bonsais better."
  • " about double trouble."
  • "Aelita, time to pull out all the stops! (gets shot in the head in an instant) WHAA!"
  • "Xana hates it when we play with his toys."
    • Source: episode 47- "Tip-Top Shape"
  • "If you ask me this looks more like a Xanafication."
  • "You think it's... ... ... Xana?"
  • "(gasp) Oh my gosh! It's so late! My parents must be going bananas!"
    • Source: episode 29- "Exploration"
  • "Papa, I know what you're gonna tell me. You're totally right. OKAY I'M SORRY! (runs off)"
  • "Please tell me I don't look too dumb, huh."
  • "Help had better be on the way, like, now!"
  • "I don't have any friends."
    • Source: episode "Xana Awakens Part I"
  • "I'm Japanese!!"
    • Source: episode "Xana Awakens Part II"
  • "Konnichiwa. You've reached Yumi's mobile."
  • "Yah, I think thats about as graceful as tractor pulling."
  • "Sounds like you miss Odd. Your jokes are almost as bad as his."
  • "Sorry William. But I don't think you can be trusted."
    • Source: episode 59- "The Secret"
    • From "The Key"
  • "Willam's too much of a hot head. No he can't be trusted."
  • "No William! You're a Lyoko warrior you swore to it!"
  • [to Odd in Yumi's body] First of all that's Chinese, and second what is with that outfit!
    • Source: "A Fine Mess"
  • (When she gets her human D.N.A back in Missing Link) "I can't wait to go ho-(gets devirtuilized )


  • "Jeremie, I'm starting to get a little lonely out here!"
  • "Break break dance! Break break break dance! Break break break dance here we gooo!"
    • Source: episode 25- "Code:Earth"
  • "No! If I don't find the DVD of my short film in the next three seconds, I'll turn into a pumpkin!"
  • "My career is nipped in the bud!"
  • "...because I don't want to miss today's meatballs and gravy!"
  • "Magma... (keels over)"
  • "Well, anyway, you might as well forget it--no wait, we found it!"
  • "We're gonna deactivate that darn tower!"
  • "That's... so beautifuuuuul!"
  • "There, there. Stay down, boy." -Mister Puck
  • "Hey, have you gone bananas?!"
  • "If I were a girl, I'd propose to you Immediately!
  • "It must have something to do with sex appeal."-Mister Puck
  • "We're gonna have some big bouncing babies!"
  • "Jeremiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!"
  • "What do you think were doing out here huh, getting a sun tan!"
  • "Jeremie, wake up, it's terrible! Aelita has fallen in love with Herb! No reaction. D:"
  • (talking about Jim) "He smells like roast chicken, huh?"
  • "Oh, I hate those horrible crabs!"
  • "Am I a genius or a creep?"
  • "And he [Ulrich] promised to take me to the dance!"
  • "Meow!"
  • "Your scanner is waiting, sir."
  • "Kiwi! My little diggity-dog!
  • "AHHhh! You turned me into a garden gnome!"
  • "Ulrich has lost his head, and should of stayed in bed."
  • "Go with Sissi and your future's gloomy, cuz your gonna lose Yumi!"
  • "Yeah! And I can teach you plenty of ways to tell Sissi to go to..."
    • Source: "Uncharted Territory"
  • "We're zipping along at two miles an hour!"
    • Source: "Log Book"
  • "WOW! I've got a hundred?!"
    • Source: "Common Interest"
  • "Jeremie are you going to bring us in, or not!
    • Source: "Common Interest"
  • [refering to Jeremie] "Must've forgotten to pay his phone bill"
    • Source: "Common Interest"
  • "SOS Service here. What's your problem, sir?"
  • (with candy stuffed in his mouth) "Relax, Max! I didn't hurt your little TOY!"
    • Source: Episode 58, The Pretender
  • "I"m not scrawny, I'm svelte!"
  • "Yeah, I get it. Sit, heel, rollover."
    • Source: Dog Day Afternoon
  • "If he was my cousin, I'd ask for a divorce."
    • Source: Cousins Once Removed
  • "It's not fair! I'm the only one who looks like a nitwit on Lyoko!"
    • Source: XANA Awakens Part 2
  • "Hi! Are you Maya? I'm Odd. I have to admit, you are a real cutie. Jeremy's got taste." (wink)
    • Source: XANA Awakens Part 2


  • "Welcome to our world."
    • Source: episode - "Log Book"
  • "What if you injected me right now?"
    • Source: episode 44- "Vertigo"
  • "You're as stubborn as a fool!"
    • Source: episode 33- "Final Mix"
  • "Yumi, there are no mirages on Lyoko!"
    • Source: "The Chips are Down"
  • "I've got access to all kinds of data, it's crazy!"
  • "Hi! Is something wrong, Jeremie? ... You know, if you ever have a problem, you can always talk to me about it."
  • "Hi there!"
  • "Okay, but no pulsations for now."
  • "They're really strong!"
  • "...I don't get it."
  • "Look at Xana's pulsations!"
  • "At least now I know how to change sectors!"
  • "What do you think the internet looks like?"
  • (to Yumi) "I just can't get used to living here."
  • "He that runs well goes far."
  • "No. As a matter a fact, Jim."
  • "And who knows, you might just sprout a brain!"
    • Source: episode 28- "Unchartered Territory"
  • "Jeremie, you are the wind beneath my wings."
    • Source: episode 67- "Double Take"
  • [Repeated 2nd through 4th season quote] "Tower Deactivated"
  • "Little or big, it doesn't matter! As long as it works!"
    • Source: Episode 38- "Temptation"
  • "A sandstorm"
    • Source: "Log Book"
  • "Am I asleep? Come on, Jeremie! You know that virtual beings never sleep!"
  • "Well, did ya miss me?"

People possesed by Xana[edit]

  • "Grr!"
  • "You are going to die. MWAHAHAHAHA!"
  • "I'm almost proud to resemble you, Jeremy, I really am."
  • "It's not logical! (Starts to transform) Not logical!"


  • "I hope she lets me keep Odd's paper swan for my collection."
    • Source: episode 33- "Final Mix"
  • "My friends call me Jimbo."
    • Source: episode 26- "False Start"
  • "I got this free with my sumo mag subcription."
  • "But I'd rather not talk about it."
  • "Would you guys need a slide trombone by any chance?"
    • Source: episode 2- "Seeing Is Believing"
  • "Cheerleading is not about being a juggling babboon!"
    • Source: episode "Xana Awakens Part II"
  • "I'd, uh, rather not talk about it..."


  • "I wouldn't call myself a rebel; I'm just a little rebellious."
    • Source: episode 27- "New Order"
  • "But hey, being sensible is just not sensible."
  • (to Ulrich) "We'd have a great time together."
  • (to Ulrich) "Go and talk to Yumi, from the heart. Or else one day I will. And then I REALLY will be your problem."
    • Source: episode 36- "Marabounta"
  • "Don't you believe in destiny with a capital D?"

Xana Possesed William[edit]

  • "Manta!"
  • "Super Smoke!"
  • "Good to see you again, Aelita."
  • "You're finished, Yumi!"
  • "Cease fire!"
  • "Xana can finally enjoy your presence."
    • Source: episode 85-Kadic Bombshell
  • "That is very interesting, I'll do three strokes with one stone."
  • "VICTORY!!!!"
    • Source: episode 82-Distant Memory
  • "NO!!!!!"
  • "Nice shot, Aelita!"
  • "No!"
  • "It doesn't matter; you lose no matter what, Aelita."
  • (To Tarantuala he is riding) "Faster!"


  • "Now your wounds will become fatal! Myehahahahahahahahehehehehahahahuha!"
  • (nasally and high pitched) "YEAH!"
  • "Ehehehehe! She believed you, Sissi! Not only is she a baby but she's also dumb."
    • Source: episode 5- "Big Bug"
  • (blocks odd's plate barrage attack repeatedly with a sweeping pan)"HAHAHA! I am invulnerable thanks to my shield!"
  • "We want our money back! We want our money back! We want our money back!"


  • "Get him, Sissi!"
  • "Ah, Sissi!" x2
    • Source "The Lake"
  • "That doesn't prove anything! That just proves you're a lame-o!"
    • Source "Attack of the Zombies"
  • "I'VE GOTTA GET OUT! I'VE GOTTA GET OUT!...Leave me alone!"
    • Source "Claustrophobia"


  • "Looks like we got ourselves a super scoop!"
  • "I hate everybody in the world. Ha. Uhurgh."
  • "Oh, I hate her!"

Government Agents[edit]

Black Agent: "Y'got an affinity for bombers, especially the long range kind. And a particular affection for anthrax and other degenerate stuff like that."
Squeaky-Voiced Agent: "We belong to a ultra-high security division of the secret service. The president himself has no idea that we exist."
Black Agent: "Even we have no idea who we really are."


Yumi: "Hey, Ulrich! Come here for a second!"
Ulrich: [nervously] "Hello, Yumi." [to Emily] "I'll be right back, okay?"
Yumi: "I hate to disturb you, Romeo, but Jeremie's been trying to reach you! XANA's just woken up."
Ulrich: "XANA? Again? Go on, I'll be right there."
Yumi: "What do you mean 'go on'?!"
Ulrich: "Cool it, huh, Yumi?!"
Yumi: [not cooling it] "Okay, I'll cool it. First tell me what's going on with you and Emily."
Ulrich: "Nothing's going on! I like her. We get along really well. I don't understand the problem. Unless that bothers you."
Yumi: "<thers me? No, it's just that..."
[background turns red] "...that you could've told me about it! Like a buddy, huh?!"
Ulrich: "Oh, I get it, you think of us as buddies. I wondered what you thought of us and now I know."
Yumi: "That's right, a couple of pals and nothing more and besides, that's the way you want it! Not like Emily, huh? OH, ULRICH!"
Ulrich: "Okay, what do I really mean to you? [background turns normal] And be honest, huh?"
Yumi: "Me be honest? You and Emily have been together for two months, without a word, and you tell me to be honest?"
Ulrich: "Where'd you get that idea--Emily and I are not--oh, forget it, I'm not gonna defend myself to you! Ciao!"
Yumi: "Yeah right, 'ciao', that's all you can think of to say."

Episode 28: Uncharted Territory
Sissi: "A beautiful flower like me has to be watered often!"
Aelita: "Yeah, who knows. You might just sprout a brain!"

  • Odd: (in Yumi's body) For example, something’s itching me in my back. It’s a... I think it's the strap to your...
  • Yumi: (in Odd's body) Don't you dare take it off, you hear!? From A Fine Mess.

  • Odd: (in Yumi's body) Ni Hao.
  • Jeremy: Huh?
  • Ulrich: Oh.
  • Yumi: (in Odd's body) First of all, that's Chinese. And second of all, what is with that outfit?
  • Odd: (in Yumi's body) Well, they're your clothes. Cool huh? Looks really good.
  • Yumi: (in Odd's body) You are so lucky that you're in my body right now or I will beat you to a pulp. Go home, you hear, and change before the entire school sees you!Sayonara! (walks off)

Source: episode 42 "A Fine Mess."

  • Jeremie: In my opinion when the Scyphozoa attacked you he gave you some kind of bug, Yumi.
  • Yumi: Could it have stolen some of my memory?
  • Aelita: [Remembering] That's strange, it's my memory that XANA seems to be after.

Conversation from "Aelita"

(Aeilita falls asleep in class and gets repremanded. This occurs after class)
Sissi: "Well, Mrs. Einstien, better get a good night's sleep because as you know, most of us go to sleep at night."
Odd: "Of course you don't have that problem Sissi. 'Cause your brains are in your feet!"
Sissi: "Isn't Odd a riot? Look who's got the nerve to talk about my feet, especially after what Heidi Klinger told me about YOURS."
Nicholas & Herve: *Hold noses, laugh, and walk off with Sissi.*
Odd: "What does she mean? What's wrong with my feet?"
Ulrich: "To put it tactfully, when you take your shoes off it's a little like a... a..."
Jeremie: "Like a pile of very fresh manure that we just can't seem to get away from."
Ulrich: "That's it!"
Odd: "C'mon you're nuts! Well, what'dya know? There's Heidi. I guess now we'll find out if my feet smell."
Odd: "Hey Heidi? Is it true my feet smell a little?"
Heidi: *steps back* "A little? Just make sure you and your sneakers don't come within 50 feet of me!" *walks off*
Everyone: *laughs*
  • (Odd sees Sissi coming, says mockingly)"Hello Ulrich dear. Can we talk for a minute?"
  • (Sissi walks up)"Hello Ulrich dear. Can we talk for a minute?" (Odd flashes a goofball grin at Sissi when she looks at him.)

Episode 53 moments

Ulrich: But... What's that supposed to mean, friends, that's all?
Yumi: Isn't it clear?
Ulrich: Ugh. Yeah, okay, friends and that's all. Fantastic. That's just great. (answers cell phone) Jeremie. (listens) Uh, okay. Fantastic. That's just great. Uh. No. I--yeah. We're on our way.

Jeremie: It's your turn, Aelita.
Odd: Her turn for what? She can't do anything.
Jeremie: Watch.
Emily: Ahem (Odd sees a furious look on Emily) What's all this about me being in love with Jim?!
Odd: Uhhhh....ummmmm....
(Ulrich and Jeremy cringe from the loud slap)

(Ulrich and Jeremy laugh out loud) Source: episode 12 "Swarming Attack"

Yumi: (to Odd and Jeremie) What are you guys talking about? Odd: Oh..Um....How Emily is in love with Jim. Yumi: Really? Jim? Well I guess people say love is blind. (Jim is standing behind Yumi glaring at her. (Odd and Jermie exchange glances of humor.) Jim is standing right behind me isn't he. Source: episode 12 "Swarming Attack"

Yumi: Your going with SISSI to the dance. Ulrich: yeah. Your going with William aren't you? Yumi: Is that a fact? You really don't get it do you? (Walks away in a huff) Source: episode 52 "The Key"

Odd: (sees Sissi walk up to him and Ulrich.) (says in mocking tone) Oh Ulrich dear can we talk for a minute? Sissi: Oh Ulrich dear can we talk for a minute?

Nicholas:"We want our money back! We want our money back! We want our money back! We want our money back!
Jim: Nicholas! How could we give money back to a play that is free? Which if you ask me is way to much.

Jeremy: "Ulrich, I bet you want some good news."
Ulrich: (eager) "Yeah."
Jeremy: "Uh, sorry, I don't have any."

Aelita: "Have you got a better idea?"
Ulrich: "No."
Aelita: "Do you think it might work?"
Ulrich: "No."

Odd: "What do you think of my new outfit?"
Yumi: "Uh..."
Odd: (sighs) "Yeah, that's what I think too."

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