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Season 4


Operation: R.A.B.B.I.T. [4.01]

Numbuh 2: Hey, We're the Kids Next Door, of course we'll get your bunny back, right after we'll get some lunch.
Numbuh 5: We'll help now! But first you going to help us who did this?

Jessica: Mr. Heinrich, Mr. Heinrich Von Marzipan sir, The temple is just ahead, just like I said sir, So now you wouldn't take my Hopsy-Mopsy away, right?
Heinrich Von Marzipan: I vould never do zat, mein Jessica. Onvard!, Schnell!, Schnell!

Numbuh 2: Look, all that I'm saying is before anything goes chasing down some bad guy at the jungle gym to get some lunch, At the very least they have some french fries to keep the energy up.
Numbuh 5: Numbuh 2, If we don't get that rabbit back, those first graders won't survive until their parents pick them up, Now are you ready?
Numbuh 2: Pfft, ready for lunch. I'm joking, I'm joking, sheesh, So, How far does this jungle gym go?
Numbuh 5: Nobody knows, nobody knows, nobody knows, nobody knows.
Numbuh 2: Did you hear that?
Numbuh 5: Hm-hm, Whatever they up to, It's already started.

Jessica: No! You said "you wouldn't take my Hopsy-Mopsy!"
Heinrich Von Marzipan: Ach, Liebchen, I say so many zings I do not mean, Like, "Oh no gumdrops for me." or "Who vould like some uf mein lollipops?", Start on ze test!

Operation: F.L.U.S.H. [4.02]


Operation: F.O.O.D.F.I.T.E. [4.03]

[Cut to the Kids Next Door walking down the school hallway]
Numbuh 4: Man, I hate going to the cafeteria.

Operation: C.L.U.E.S. [4.04]

Genki Sanban: Now, Betty. You know better than to call me "Mrs. Sanban". You will address me as "Head of Accounting Mrs. Sanban".

Numbuh 3: Hey, Numbuh 2!
Mushi Sanban: [she hugs Numbuh 2] Hoagie!
Numbuh 2: Aw. Hey, Mushi.
Kani Sanban: Girls, enough bickering!

Numbuh 3: Huh!? Posh Party Rainbow Monkey!? Where did go!? It can't be gone! It can't! [Mushi shrieks] Where is it!? Where is it!?

Numbuh 3: Well, don't look at me! I didn't do it!
Numbuh 2: Or DID you?
[Numbuh 3 screeches]
Numbuh 2:[Chuckles] OK.

Kani Sanban: Now. Look here, boy...
Numbuh 2: SIT DOWN!


Lydia: Can you please get off with that stupid doll investigation? I'M HUNGRY!

Kani Sanban: [cries] I just wanna see my babies will very nice to each other! Is that so bad? Is that so wrong?!

Genki Sanban: I bought that doll for my daughters. It's theirs to do with as they please, but did anyone offer ME a turn with it? [Voice becomes as high as Kuki's] A hug? 5 minutes of Rainbow Monkey Fun?! NO! Not ONE LITTLE BITTY, HUGGY, WUGGY - EEEG! Phew! [she fixes her hair before resuming and talking in her normal tone] But I didn't do it. I was powdering my nose.
Numbuh 2: I know YOU didn't do it. The REAL culprit is... Mushi!
Mushi Sanban: You're kidding, right!?

Numbuh 2: Maybe, but perhaps you couldn't wait. I mean the Posh-Party Rainbow Monkey is pretty special. Special enough to grab from your sister with the lights when out, special enough to hug it ALL by yourself. When you forgot something, the Posh-Party Rainbow Monkey comes to care and share-sighing action. And the second you hugged, the Rainbow Monkey tried to let out a big sight. And that's when you realize the only way to save yourself to slience it, for good! And then you hit the poor rainbow monkey, or nobody would fight.
Mushi Sanban: I don't wanna do such a horrible thing. I love Rainbow Monkeys. I love sharing.
Numbuh 2: Then perhaps you share your fork with me.
Mushi Sanban: Uh, sure. [chuckles] I'm... huh? [She notice her fork is missing]
Numbuh 3: Oh, Mushi! [cried] Why!?!
Numbuh 3: Aw, Mushi. I've should it shared more.
Mushi Sanban: Shared? You don't get it do you? I WANT IT ALL TO MYSELF!!!! [laughing evilly]
Numbuh 2: Mr. Sanban, take her away. I've have a feeling Mushi's going to be grounded for a long, long time.
Genki Sanban: Thank you, for the most interesting evening. But I think we'll just go get ourselves pizza tonight. I look forward to seeing you Monday in your new office says deputy sub-accounts manager.

Operation: N.U.G.G.E.T. [4.05]

Numbuh 3: [singing] Some girls are real demure
They’ll ask you out for tea
Mushi Sanban: Some girls are just so friendly
Nice as they could be
Lizzie: Some girls don’t care about chicken
But those girls ain’t me!

Numbuh 4: Sweet! Thanks Kuki!

Operation: M.A.C.A.R.R.O.N.I. [4.06]

Numbuh 13: Hey, Number 2! What does this lever do?
Numbuh 2: Don't touch that.
Numbuh 13: [points to a button] Can I touch that one?
Numbuh 2: No.
Numbuh 13: [points to another button] How 'bout this?
Numbuh 2: NO!
Numbuh 13: [points to another button] This?
Numbuh 2: Grrr! [bashes his head on the steering wheel in frustration]
Numbuh 1: Numbuh 13! Global Command said you had some vital top secret information for us.
Numbuh 13: Oh, yeah! Okay, listen up. 'Cause this is big! The adults...
Numbuh 1: Yes?
Numbuh 13: Who we're fighting against...
Numbuh 1: Yes?
Numbuh 13: Are planning right now. As we speak, their very own macaroni and cheese dinner! [Numbuh 1 facepalms and groans in disgust] And they're doing it TONIGHT! [pounds on the buttons] Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight!
[Numbuh 13's clumsy button-pushing steers the C.O.O.L.-B.U.S. off course and crashlands into the center of Sector V's treehouse. Numbuh 13 and Sector V parachute themselves down]
Numbuh 1: You know, maybe this macaroni mission would be better for your sector, Numbuh 13.

[Later, Sector V arrives at that Macaroni Museum of Art in their S.C.A.M.P.E.R., but crash landed outside]
Numbuh 2: [off-screen] I told you not to touch that!
Numbuh 13: [off-screen] Well, sorry! Geez, you guys are touchier than Sector N.

Numbuh 3: No one touches the Rainbow Monkey Lisa!

[Numbuh 13 ruined the Monkey Lisa macaroni painting. Numbuh 3 held it sadly.]
Numbuh 3: I couldn't save the Monkey Lisa!
Numbuh 5: Aww, don't worry. Numbuh Five'll just make another one.
Numbuh 1: Well, at least the mission wasn't a total failure.
Numbuh 2: What are you talking about? It was a disaster.
Numbuh 1: Notice anyone missing?
[Numbuh 13 was gone. Numbuh 3 looked around and smiled]

Operation: P.O.O.L. [4.07]

Numbuh 1: Hey, guys! Sorry, we're late. I was checking on some weird negatronic readings in the sector, and, well, Lizzie couldn't decide what to wear.

Negative Numbuh 1: [Spits out a tooth onto his hand. He gasps in horror, then gets enraged] They'll pay for this! They'll pay!
Eizzil: [Annoyed] Aw- [Slaps Negative Numbuh 1] -stop being a baby!

Negative Numbuh 1: Yeah, what Eizzil said.
Eizzil: [Whispering] Lizzie.
Negative Numbuh 1: I mean, Lizzie... Thanks, Eizzil, that was a close one.

Numbuh 4: [looked at Negative Numbuh 3's eyes and knew who she was.] Wait a minute. YOU'RE not Kuki! You're some kind of NEGA-VERSION of Numbuh 3!
Negative Numbuh 3: I thought you said he was the stupid one.
Eizzil: They can tell who you are in this world by looking at your eyes.
Numbuh 4: It's CALLED being a friend!

Numbuh 4: Let me get this straight. You want me to betray my buddies so I could work for YOU? [punches Negative Numbuh Three] You MUST be from another world!
Negative Numbuh 1: [cowering] You can't talk that to Negative Numbuh 3 like that! [Holding his gun and trying to shoot or bluff him] I mean it!
Numbuh 4: [Grabbing his hand with the gun he's holding] Well, what are you waiting for, princess?! [The screen straightens and narrows to his eyes] Let's dance. [Outside the treehouse, the scene shakes as he beats up the negative counterparts with all them screaming in pain]

[Numbuh 1 answers Negative Numbuh 86 about joining Negative Numbuh 4]
Numbuh 1: None of us will join by someone who rules by fear.

Negative Numbuh 86: [In grief] If Negative Numbuh 4 rules the other world, he'll be unstoppable.
Numbuh 1: All the more reason to stop him now.

Negative Numbuh 4: [Impatiently waiting on the diving board] What's taking them so long? Those idiots are looking at a one-way ticket to the broccoli mines if they don't set up this portal before adult swim!

Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R. [4.08]


Operation: S.I.T.T.E.R. [4.09]


Operation: S.A.T.U.R.N. [4.10]

[the ship starts to uncover while the Rainbow Monkey theme song plays]
Numbuh 4: Ugh! If killing us wasn't bad enough, now they're singing their cruddy song!

Operation: C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E. [4.11]

[Numbuh 5 finds her parents, and Cree, all petrified in chocolate and the dining room covered in chocolate]
Numbuh 5: Everything's so… chocolate-y. How could have-- [gasps in shock when she finds a chocolate-y note on the wall; reading] "I haff returned?!"

Numbuh 5: Heinrich, what happened to you?! You've become a monster!
Heinrich Von Marzipan: [sarcastically, as if flattered] Oh, you noticed. Well, it's all your fault! [sepia-tone flashback to the events of "Operation: R.A.B.B.I.T."] Because you showed up at the jungle's chocolate volcano and insisted on thwarting mein glorious plan to make chocolate bunnies from real bunnies, I fell into the choco-lava and fused with it. When I finally crawled out, I was forever changed. All the beautiful things became chocolate-y at my touch. It was like ein dream come true! [laughs maniacally] I actually thanked you for what happened to me! But many weeks later, I was taken over with a more powerful desire than I had ever encountered before—I desperately wanted to have ein cheeseburger! But when I went to take a bite—CHOCOLATE! It was the same with everything—french fries, soda pop, schnakenwurst, mayonnaise! [end of flashback] Everything became chocolate! [sobs] Oh, Abigail, I'm just ein hollow shell of ein boy.

Numbuh 5: Heiny.
Heinrich Von Marzipan: Abigail, not content vith mere victory, I see?, You haff come here to rubbing mein face, Haffn't you?
Numbuh 5: I just thought, I'd bring you a little bit of something, Give me a call when you're less bitter and little more sweet. See around, Mr. Von Marzipan.
Heinrich: Mine, mine, cheeseburger! Oh, bless you, Abigail Lincoln, bless you! Oh sehr gut! Ach Ja, pickles! Ach du liebe! How I hate ze pickles!

Operation: M.A.T.A.D.O.R. [4.12]


Operation: L.U.N.C.H. [4.13]

[Numbuh 1 is thrown out his locker and onto the floor by Lizzie]
Lizzie: Nigie, what are you doing in your locker? It's lunchtime.
Numbuh 1: [Stands up and dusts himself] I don't have time for eating, Lizzie. I've got to run, like, eight-thousand more tests on my new-
Lizzie: [Touches Numbuh 1's chest with her index finger] Oh, no, you don't! You promised me we'd eat lunch together today. Besides- [Picks up her lunchbox and holds it up] I spent all morning making us the perfect, romantic lunch.
Numbuh 1: [Touched] Aw, gee, Lizzie-
Lizzie: [Angrily touches Numbuh 1's chest with her index finger] SO MOVE IT, YOU! [heads off, with Numbuh 1 following behind]

[Numbuh 1 and Lizzie walk through the school.]
Numbuh 1: But, Lizzie, eating is a waste of my valuable time. There's all sorts of adult tyranny to fight. I need to be alert at all time.
Lizzie: [Stops walking] You work through lunch every day, Nigel. But today, I'm gonna make you sit down and enjoy a love-filled work-free lunch with me… [Screams] IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO! [Resumes walking]
Numbuh 1: [Sticks his pinky in his ear] Sheesh!

Lizzie: Looks like I'm going out to lunch.

Operation: M.U.N.C.H.I.E.S. [4.14]

Numbuh 5: But, we don't have any.
Father: Then, who does?
[Suddenly, Father and Sector V hears a cash register]
Cashier: That'll be $6.95, sir. Oh, say, would you like to join our preferred villains' club today, where you can save up to 15% on every purchase? Preferred villains' club... where crime really does pay.
Knightbrace: Hmm... I'm intrigued. Can you explain to me the benefits of membership?
Father: KNIGHTBRACE! You're gonna share those Rainbow Munchies with me, aren't you?!
Knightbrace: [laughs] Do you know what this stuff does to your teeth and gums? I'm not going to eat them. I'm going to destroy them! [cackles evilly]
Sector V: What?!
Count Spankulot: What?!
Mr. Boss: What?!
Stickybeard and Candy Pirates: Huh?!
Cat Lady: What?!
Fizz: Que?!
Mega Mom & Destructo Dad: What?!
Toiletnator: [whining] My back!
Father: What?!
Numbuh 1: [clears throat] Desperate times call for desperate measures. Truce?
Father: [shakes hands with him] Until breakfast is finished.
Numbuh 1: Agreed.
[Sector V and the other villains approach Knightbrace and start beating him up, violently]

[During the end credits, Sector V KND and villains enjoy their Rainbow Munchies cereal and Toiletnator lets out a big burp]
Toiletnator: Uh... Sorry!

Operation: K.N.O.T. [4.15]

Mrs. Uno: [off-screen] Nigel! Time to get up for school!
Numbuh 1: [gets out of bed; groaning] Okay, Mom! I'll be down in just a…

Numbuh 4: Woah. Who was that guy?
Numbuh 1: A comrade.

Operation: C.L.O.S.E.T. [4.16]


Operation: S.N.O.W.I.N.G. [4.17]

Jimmy: And maybe I will learn what it really means... to love.
Numbuh 4: Ughhh! Get these guys to the Arctic Prison before I get totally sick! [Numbuh 44 leaves with captives; mocks imitation voice] 'Maybe I'll learn to love', ooh 'I love you'... PLEH! [Numbuh 3 looks sad] You will never catch me acting like that... [Numbuh 4 faces Numbuh 3 with his eyes closed. She starts getting mad] ...not with anyone. [Opens his eyes. Numbuh 3 is shaking with anger]
Numbuh 3: Grrrrrrr [pushes Numbuh 4 down, then stomps off] ...ahhhh. ::
[Numbuh 2 chuckles]
Numbuh 5: Ooh, your in trouble.
Numbuh 4: What? What did I say?

Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E. [4.18]

Numbuh 5: I... I... I give up.
Cree: Say again?
Numbuh 5: I give up. What's the point? My sister's a teen, the greatest Kid Next Door I ever knew is a teen, and I'll be a teen soon enough. I mean, just look at me. I'm practically a teen now! I can't keep fighting it. I just... I give up.
Cree: Oh, Abby, you have no idea how long I've waited for you to say that! Come give your big sister a hug! [The building explodes] tricked me again!
Numbuh 5: No...I didn't-
Maurice: Look out! The Kids Next Door are here!
Cree: Where?
[Cree falls, Maurice shows bombs in his hands]
Maurice: NEVER give up.

Maurice: I wasn't REALLY decomissioned. I'm not permitted to tell you everything, but a few of us have been selected to remain Kids Next Door AFTER our thirteenth birthday! We act as a super secret covert unit to infiltrate teenage and even ADULT facilities to gather information for the Kids Next Door Global command.
Numbuh 5: [surprised and inspired] Wow...
Maurice: But you can't tell anyone. Not even those in your sector, got it? [Numbuh 5 nods.] Good. Who knows? Maybe they'll recruit you on your thirteenth birthday. Now, get out of here, Abby. I got to finish this thing.
[Numbuh 5 goes, but she comes back a few seconds later to hug Maurice]
Numbuh 5: Good luck, Maurice. You're still the best there is.
[Maurice smiles and Numbuh 5 leaves]

[Numbuh 5 looks out of the window of a ship, and Numbuh 3 scolds her for going to a mission when she had the chicken pox]
Numbuh 3: Are you nuts?! Numbuh 5, why are you smiling?
Numbuh 5: [laughs; teary eyed]It's a secret, Kuki.

Teenager: [to Numbuh 5] Dude, can I like... Help you?
Numbuh 5: I want two things! My friend Maurice back, and the butt of the girl who did THIS to me! [shows her chicken pox]

[after the invasion of teenagers in Numbuh 9's room; three years ago]
Numbuh 100: Report, Numbuh 9!
Numbuh 9/Maurice: The trap worked, sir. I managed to obtain one of their weapons, but the teens were too strong for us. We have lost Numbuhs 8a and 8b.
Numbuh 86: I'm afraid... they've been POXED, sir.
Numbuh 100: Well, you did your best.
Numbuh 11/Cree: But we weren't good enough, were we?

Numbuh 11: Don't worry, Numbuh 100. We'll... [Numbuh 5 pats her shoulder] Huh?
Numbuh 5: Cree, here's your hat, sis.
Numbuh 11: [accepts, but places it in Numbuh 5's head] You keep it. You did great on your second mission. You earned it Abby- I mean, Numbuh 5.

Numbuh 11: Numbuh 100, as team leader of Sector V, I take full responsibility for the failure of this mission.
Numbuh 9: No! This mission is MY idea, Cree. It's my responsibility. [starts a speech] And from this day forward, I will lead my sector and scour the earth in quest to find the teens' pox! I swear I will NEVER-
Maurice's mother: [interrupts] Hello... sorry to interrupt your pretending, but I thought you kids would like a break and have some of mommy's homemade oat meal cookies!
Numbuh 9: Mom! I'm in the middle of a life-defining speech here!
Maurice's mother: Sorry, hon. I'll just leave them in the kitchen!
Numbuh 9: Argh. Now, where was I?
Numbuh 11: That you will never rest...
Numbuh 5: ...until you?
Numbuh 9: Oh, yeah! [continues speech] I swear, I will never rest until I discover the source of the teens' pox! And totally, I really will completely destroy it!

Numbuh 86: Sorry to interrupt, but it's time to blow out the candles.
Numbuh 9: [stands up and makes a farewell speech] My fellow Kids Next Door, it's been an honor battling adult tyranny by your side. I'd like to say I'll remember you all forever, but as you know, my decommissioning will erase all memories of you, brave exploits, and our fun times together. So let me just thank each and everyone of you... for the best years of my life, Kids Next Door RULES!
All kids: [teary-eyed] KIDS NEXT DOOR RULES!
Numbuh 86: Numbuh 9, you can blow out your candles now. [Maurice blows the candles; Numbuh 86 cries] Happy birthday, Maurice.

Singer: I hate kids! Kids are rats! Kids are stupid! I hate kids! Give them punches! Stupid, stupid kids! I hate kids a lot! Dog gone kids!

Mr. Lincoln: Well, well, well! If it isn't the young man with the flowers, and the stems, and... OH! You know what I'm talkin' about!
Maurice: Hi, Dr. Lincoln. Is Cree home?
Mr. Lincoln: Well suure she is! She's recoverin' from the chicken pox, in the living room, with the sister, on the couch... [gurgles] Oh, Cree! You got a visitor, with the...
Maurice: Hey Cree.
Cree: Oh, Maurice! Are these flowers for MOI?
Maurice: Sorry about your illness.
Cree: Ohh, there's no need for you to be sorry. It's not YOUR fault. [glares at Numbuh 5]
Numbuh 5: Heh! I know it ain't MY fault.
Cree: [whispers] Listen, Maurice. I got a new plan to punish those kids next dorks but I need your help.
Maurice: Sure, Cree. I'll do WHATEVER I CAN. [winks at Numbuh 5, and Numbuh 5 winks back]

Operation: L.O.V.E. [4.19]

[I'm So In Love]
Numbuh 3: What is this feeling,
That I hope will never pass?
What is this feeling,
That Mom thinks is just gas?
It makes me queasy, so uneasy,
And just a little funky,
Like a giant huggy-wuggy,
Smiling Rainbow Monkey!
I never cared so much before,
More than I love stuffed animals.
Now my life is happiness galore,
My heart flies like the, umm...seagulls.
What can it be,
This mystery,
Happening to me?
Can my friends see,
I'm happily in love?!
I've said it,
Isn't that so cute?
I've said it,
And really really sweet!
I've said it,
Like yummy fresh fruit!
I've said it,
Tonight, we finally meet!
I'm so in love,
My heart is full.
I'm so in love,
It's adorable!
I'm so in love!

[We're Us and They're Them]
Numbuh 5: Where ya gotta go 'ta?
Numbuh 2: Out there's nothin' but troubles.
Numbuh 1: Stay and have a soda.
Watch the pretty bubbles.
Numbuh 5: Why all the fuss?
Numbuh 1: You're acting dumb.
Numbuh 5: Just hang with us.
Numbuh 2: You want a plum?
Numbuh 1,2 and 5: Don't join those other guys,
'Cuz they don't know squat.
So c'mon, girl, get wise.
Numbuh 2: How 'bout a kumquat?
Numbuh 3: Perhaps I'd take the cherry,
But first, answer this query:
Why must we fight every day, every night?
It isn't right!
Numbuh 1: Ahem! We're us and they're them,
And we'll never be pals.
Numbuh 1,2,5 and backing dancers: We're us and they're them,
With those guys and those gals
We're us and they're them,
We wear jeans, they wear leather.
We're us and they're them,
So why hang together?
We're us and they're them,
They're wrong and we're right.
We're us and they're them,
And that's why we must fight!
Numbuh 3: But not tonight,
It's tearing me apart.
I've got to listen to my heart.
And right now, I'm gonna start.
I now depart!
[Eats an apple]
Ooh, that's tart!

Numbuh 4: What's it called?
Numbuh 3: It's called, "It's So Lovey The Lovey Lovey Dovey Wuvey"!
Numbuh 4: [confused] NO WAY!
Numbuh 3: [bawling] Wah!
Numbuh 4: [resigned] Well, Okay.
Numbuh 3: [stops bawling] Hooray! Ha ha!
[It's So Lovey the Lovey Lovey-Dovey-Wovey]
Numbuh 3: Oh, it's so lovey the lovey lovey-dovey-wovey!
I wanna hugly wugly snugly all the afternoon!
I wanna be snugly hugly dugly by the evening moon!
Numbuh 4: [deadpan] We're just the cutesey-wootsey-lootsiest pair.
Numbuh 3: It's just a googoo gaga googoo booboo affair!
Numbuh 4: [fed up] Agh! [throws the script] Forget this crud! [leaves]
Numbuh 3: Hey, where are you going? [following Numbuh 4 offstage] We're just getting to the good part! Come on! You're adorable!

Operation: C.O.U.C.H. [4.20]


Operation: D.O.D.G.E.B.A.L.L. [4.21]

Numbuh 4: Thats why no adults can play the game. Its a proven fact.
Numbuh 2: And you get these facts from where exactly?
Numbuh 4: I make them up, that way I know they're true

[Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 4 find a ransom note at Numbuh 4's house. Numbuh 2 reads it.]
Numbuh 4: [sadly] But I don't understand.
Numbuh 2: I know. It's terrible.
Numbuh 4: No, I mean I don't UNDERSTAND. What's that word?
Numbuh 2: [frustratedly] Ugh! It says: "I have your mom and dad and baby brother. Meet me at the tower... or else. Signed the Dodgeball Wizard."
Numbuh 4: Well, we'll meet him all right. Only this time, it's personal.
Numbuh 2: How can it be personal? You've never even met the guy.
Numbuh 4: I know. I just always wanted to say that. [grins and says dramatically] This time, it's personal.

[The Dodgeball wizard thought he won the dodgeball game against Numbuh 4's baby brother, Joey]
Dodgeball Wizard: Ooh, Mama! BREAK IT DOWN! Go, Wizard! Go, Wizard! Go, Wizard! Yeah!

Operation: F.E.R.A.L. [4.22]

Numbuh 1: [while running away from the DCFDTL] Numbuh 5, come in! I have the tablet. Listen carefully: the code is... [suddenly get slammed in the face, and fell down unconscious from the plane] Oowehyehwehyeeeehhh...
Numbuh 5: Oowehyehwehyeeeehhh...? Is that part of the code? Hey! Numbuh 1!

Numbuh 5: [when she saw Numbuh 1's clothes scattered] What the-?
Numbuh 4: Numbuh 1! He's... evaponarated! [bursts out crying]
Numbuh 3: And now he's the only one who can get the code! [bursts out crying too]
Numbuh 5: Knock it off you two! Numbuh 1 just... took his clothes off, that's all! Now the question is... why?

Numbuh 86: [after Numbuh 1 turned into a monkey] Well... the first thing we have to do is to appoint a new leader for your sector.
Numbuh 3: Who cares who's leader? We need to get Numbuh 1 back to his old self!
Numbuh 86: We have rules, Numbuh 3. All sector must have a leader! Even if it's temporary.
Numbuh 4: [eager] Ooh! Ooh! Ooh Ooh! Ooh!
Numbuh 5: Don't look at me. Been there, done that, not doing it again. Especially that you-know-what happened.
Numbuh 86: [sincerely] Of course Numbuh 5. [angrily] Then who's it going to be?!
Numbuh 4: Me! Me! Me! Me! Me
Numbuh 5: [thinks] I know, what about... you, Numbuh 2?
Numbuh 2: I don't know... leaders don't get to pilot their own ships. I'll pass.
Numbuh 4: [kneels in front of Numbuh 86] Oh pleease! Oh please, please! Oh pleease! Pleeaase...
Numbuh 86: Hmm... are you sure, Numbuh 2?
Numbuh 2: Absotively posulutely!
Numbuh 86: Well, I guess I'll have to figure out who it should be. [Numbuh 4 displays fireworks in the background saying "Choose Me!"] Now, let's see... [Numbuh 4 appears in front and gave a dance number] Okay, that decides it! The new temporary leader is... Numbuh... 3!
Numbuh 3: [happily] Me? Okay! First mission is... [angrily] Get Numbuh 1 back so he can tell me that code!
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