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Colico with the Lake
The Sass Carlasch, up the mountain hut Bivacco Carlo Valli.
No bravery is such a virtue as the Graele may gain. For Arthour never gained it — Launcelot Could not achieve it. ~ Thomas De Beverley
Only these, Of all the Table Round, had purity Which gift alone the sangrael could win. ~ Thomas De Beverley

Colico is a comune (municipality) on Lake Como in Italy in the province of Lecco, Lombardy, Italy. It is situated on the northern arm of Lake Como. The Piona Abbey is located in the communal territory, in the Olgiasca peninsula.


  • In the past, on Lake Como, the rich only bought villas on the hills or high rocks of Lake Como, as Pliny did with Villa Commedia, in order not to lose sight and not to have flooding. The poor go to the shore to let the water lick your feet.
  • In the year 569 of the Christian era, the Lombards crossed the Alps and rapidly occupied northern Italy, taking it away from the control of the Byzantine Empire. All? Not exactly. From his headquarters on the Comacina Island, General Francione still held the flag of the empire high on the Lario for a long time, tenaciously resisting the assaults of the Lombards. In "L'Isola" the ordinary events are narrated, the daily life on the besieged Lario; but also unusual events, such as the arrival of a British priest who brings with him a mysterious relic. This relic is none other than the Sacred Chalice, known today as The Holy Grail, whose events unfold between the Island, Piona and the mountains that surround the lake, up to a surprising and pending.
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  • The Holy Grail, the cup of the Last Supper was taken by a disciple of Jesus, Giuseppe d'Arimatea to collect the blood that dripped from Jesus' side following the wound inflicted by the centurion. From Palestine he found refuge in Britain ... When the barbarian armies advanced into Europe in the sixth century, they wanted to take him to a safer place. A priest left for Rome to deliver it to the Pope. The priest stopped on the Isola Comacina to escape the invasion of the Lombards. And the merit of the successful resistance against the barbarians was given to the Holy Grail and the Church of Isola Comacina was erected in honor of the Holy Grail. But with the victory of the Lombards, an attempt was made to bring the relic to safety [...] from Piona, then from Colico and hidden in a remote place in the Val Codera, where its traces have been lost. It is said that it was hidden behind a huge boulder and that when the friars sent by the pope returned to retrieve it, they found the place covered by the boulders of a landslide... and the Holy Grail nowhere to be found. According to someone it would still be here, lost under the stones in the valley.
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