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Colin Duriez (19 July 1947–) is a writer on fantasy.


  • In the Chronicles, you get the presence of Lewis. You get the cast of his mind in a way that's unequalled in any of his other books. Lewis once said that the imaginative man in him was more basic than any other aspect. In the Chronicles, every part of him was brought into play: the depth of his intellect, the depth of his knowledge, the richness of his imagination. They all work organically together and achieved this remarkable series of not one, but seven connected books. It's folly to predict the future, but being a fool, I'll say that maybe in 150 years it will be The Chronicles of Narnia that are the most remembered of Lewis's work.
  • Just as we can explore Narnia and Middle-earth, there is a way-of-seeing amongst the Inklings (even they don’t see identically) that is attractive and has a kind of homeliness, despite the choking tobacco smoke and half empty glasses on table surfaces swimming with ale and cider. Their way-of-seeing is often challenging to us as moderns, because in their own ways they are intent on undeceiving us (to use a term of Lewis’s). They see us as needing a perspective from outside of ourselves to see both the strengths and weaknesses of our own period.

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