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Colin Jordan (19 June 19238 April 2009) was a leading representative of postwar National Socialism in Britain. In the far-right nationalist circles of the 1960s, Jordan represented the most explictly 'Nazi' inclination in his open use of the styles and symbols of the Third Reich.


  • [National Socialism] has survived the flames of war and the tempest of vilification because, when war has done its worst and vilification has run its entire gamut, National Socialism remains, in the final analysis, synonymous with higher man's will to survive, his instinct for health and strength, and his desire for beauty in life; and, as long as that will, that instinct, and that desire remain on this earth, the creed of National Socialism will remain, indestructible.
    • "National Socialism: A Philosophical Appraisal," National Socialist World, I (1966), 5-7. Quoted in Fascism (1995), edited by Roger Griffin, p. 325

Quotes about Jordan[edit]

  • During the Leyton by-election, in which Patrick Gordon Walker tried vainly to get back into Parliament after losing his seat in the general election, I was speaking for him at a noisy meeting attended by a strong contingent of the National Front. At a given signal, all the Fascists in the audience launched flour bombs at the platform. Suddenly their leader, a repulsive brute called Colin Jordan, emerged from behind the curtains where he had been hiding, and began to harangue the mob. I knocked him off the stage, on to an inoffensive reporter who took years to forgive me for his broken spectacles.

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