Colin Sparks

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Colin Sparks is professor of media studies in the Department of Journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University.


  • In the course of its life, fascism shuffles together every myth and lie that rotten history of capitalism has ever produced like a pack of greasy cards and then deals them out to whoever it thinks they will win. What is important is not the ideas themselves, but the context in which they operate. Many of the ideas of fascism are the commonplaces of all reactionaries, but they are used in a different way. Fascism offers from the traditional right-wing parties like the Conservative Party no so much in its ideas but in that it is an extra-parliamentary mass movement which seeks the road to power through armed attacks on its opponents.
    • Fascism in Britain From International Socialism, No. 71, September 1974, pp. 13–28. Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL. Text online at Marxists Internet Archive.