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Collective Soul are an alternative rock/post-grunge band.


Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid[edit]

  • You won't always get the thunder to warn you of storms ahead
    So bury all this pain and get on with your life again
    • Sister Don't Cry
  • Teach me how to speak
    Teach me how to share
    Tell me where to go
    Tell me will love be there?
    • Shine

Collective Soul[edit]

  • Now my water's turned to wine
    And these thoughts I have
    I now can claim as mine
    • Reunion
  • I drink myself of newfound pity
    Sitting alone in New York City
    And I don't know why
    • The World I Know
  • I walk up on high
    And I step to the edge
    To see my world below
    And I laugh at myself
    As my tears roll down
    'Coz it's the world I know, it's the world I know
    • The World I Know

Disciplined Breakdown[edit]

  • New meanings to the words I feed upon
    Wake within my veins elements of freedom
    • Precious Declaration
  • Silence creates necessity
    • Listen


  • And here I lie with words to swear
    There's something more than the world out there
    • Compliment
  • For what's in a day of a dandy life
    For what's in a day of this dandy life
    Everything, everything, everything
    • Dandy Life
  • She said she can't look back to her days of youth
    What she thought were lies she later found was truth
    • She Said


  • Well it's ten years later and still
    I haven't a clue
    • 10 Years Later
  • We know
    There's no longer shine on this burned-out rainbow
    • After All
  • Got a photograph
    Of a smile
    Taken way back when
    We could smile
    • Over Tokyo
  • Well I would walk a million miles
    To give her all that she needs
    But she would walk a million more
    To do what she believes
    • Perfect Day


  • Was it him?
    Was it me?
    Were his lies easier than my truth to believe?
    • Him
  • And the rain comes
    Just like a bed of nails
    And the rain comes
    Just like summer in Hell
    • Him

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