Comin' Round the Mountain

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Comin' Round the Mountain is a 1951 American film about two men who get mixed up with hillbillies, witches and love potions.

Directed by Charles Lamont. Written by Robert Lees and Frederic Riedel.


Al Stewart: What's going on out there?
Wilbert: My in-laws, they're acting like out-laws!

Wilbert: How could my kin folks ever live in a joint like this?
Al Stewart: Probably your forefathers lived here.
Wilbert: I beg your pardon?
Al Stewart: I said probably your forefathers lived here before you.
Wilbert: My four fathers?
Al Stewart: Yes.
Wilbert: I didn't have four fathers.
Al Stewart: Sure, you did.
Wilbert: If I did, only one came home nights.


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