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Command & Conquer is a real-time strategy video game franchise.

Command & Conquer (1995)[edit]

[First GDI campaign cutscene]
General Mark Sheppard: Are you picking this up? Good. I know you need more deep background, but we're up against it.

[Tenth GDI campaign cutscene]
Kane: Don't look so surprised, Commander! And don't look around for your EVA; it can't help you now. Well... what shall we talk about, hm? Your powerful GDI forces have been emasculated, and you yourself a killer of children! Of course, that's not true. But the world only believes what the media tells them to believe. And I tell the media what to believe; it's really quite simple. Well, there's your little pet. But now that I know where you live, Commander, it's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last Earthly hours enjoying the world! Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause. But you know that you've lost. [taunting the player]

[Fifteenth GDI campaign cutscene]
General Mark Sheppard: This field operative's covert transmission came to us live just 5 minutes ago. So there's no doubt that Kane's inside. He's surrounded himself with his crack militia. Getting to him won't be easy. [Nod guards spot the operative and kill him, at which point the video transmission cuts off] Ironic, isn't it? Kane has planted his Temple just outside of Sarajevo. If that sounds familiar, it's because that's where another madman started World War I. Here we are, trying to stop this madman from doing it again. Commander, there is to be no quarter given. No leniency in dealing with Kane and his zealots. Wipe his Temple off the face of the Earth. Destroy the bastard! Or prepare to, die trying...

[First Nod campaign cutscene]
Seth: So, you're the newest addition to the Brotherhood. Well, I'm Seth. Just Seth. From God, to Kane, to Seth.

[Eighth Nod campaign cutscene]
Seth: Well done. You are truly becoming Kane's favorite. How would you like show yourself in the highest echelons of Nod? Surely, you are are ambitious enough for a mission of tremendous magnitude. Your goal is so secret, even Kane knows nothing out of yet. You see, power shifts quickly in the Brotherhood. [looks around so that nobosy heard him] I've taken the liberty of dispatching your troops to the US. Kane's been loath to attack America, but I feel that it's time, and that you're the one to do it. This is the Pentagon. A full frontal attack by your strongest forces should render their center of military operatio- [He is shot to the head by Kane, dying instantly. His corpse is then pushed from the chair to the floor.]
Kane: Yes, power shifts quite quickly than some people think. I'm Kane. While I heed your troops back from the States, I want you to take what men you have left and secure this abandoned GDI base. Once in, build up an arsenal of weapons, and use them to wipe out the remaining GDI presence. Oh, and, congratulations on your promotion. [after killing Seth]

[Tenth Nod campaign cutscene]
Kane: Here you see Tiberium. Some say it is the root of all that we fight for, but the wise man will judge for himself.
[Tiberium is shown arriving to Earth via a meteoroid]
EVA: Tiberium is named after the Tiber river in Italy, where it was first discovered.
Kane: Discovered by the Brotherhood, that is, and I named it after Tiberius Julius Caesar.
EVA: There are now more than 200 areas of the Earth affected by Tiberium deposits. Tiberium seems to be spreading by means of conveyance unknown.
Kane: Unknown to them, perhaps.

[Final Nod campaign cutscene]
Kane: ...the world. Where to strike? Where will the world most keenly feel the blade of GDI treachery? You have done much to aid the Brotherhood towards this final victory. The choice, my friend, is yours. [allowing the player to pick a target for the ion cannon strike]

Command & Conquer: Red Alert (1996)[edit]

[Prologue cutscene]
Assistant: Did you find him?
Einstein: Hitler is out of the way.
Assistant: Congratulations, professor! With Hitler removed...
Einstein: Time will tell. Sooner or later, time will tell...

[Final Allied mission briefing]
Stavros: Einstein wanted me to warn you that the Chronosphere may produce unknown side effects, so be careful when using it! Even we do not understand its full powers!
Von Eisling: Yes, use it cautiously. Get going, and give Stalin Hell! We will see you in Moscow!

[Final Allied campaign cutscene]
[Allied soldiers have found Stalin trapped in rubble, and were about to get him out]
Stavros: Private, what do you think you're doing?
Allied soldier: Sir, it's Stalin. He's still alive!
Stavros: Private, I don't see anyone there.
Allied soldier: Right here, sir! It's Sta--
Stavros: I don't think you heard me, Private. I don't see anyone there... Do you?
Allied soldier: No, sir... I don't see anyone. Must've been the wind I heard.
Stavros: That's what I thought. Now move out!
[After the soldiers leave the area, Stavros approaches Stalin, gags his mouth with a handkerchief and hides him with a large rock, burying him alive]

[Fifth Soviet mission briefing]
Stalin: When you kill one, it is a tragedy. When you kill ten million, it is a statistic. They call me a killer, but I live only to serve the people, and the people's history will judge me! Where the Romans failed, I will succeed! Russia's borders will stretch from coast to coast, for a United Russia is our destiny. Those lands were taken away by corrupt Tsarist diplomats, and criminal military officers, they were the enemies of the people! [chuckling] But enough of this. You have served me well... continue to do so, and your future is as bright as the star of the Soviet Union.

[Final Soviet mission briefing]
Stalin: This was not to happen! The Chronosphere was to be ours! Now all we have is a pile of debris! You, General, are to blame!
Kukov: He failed to deactivate the radar centers. I believe he is aware of the punishment.
Stalin: Take him outside and shoot him! Get him out of my sight!
Nadia: Comrade Stalin, the General is not responsible for the destruction of the Chronosphere. I personally monitored his actions.
Kukov: And then who would be to blame? Clearly, the General is at fault!
Nadia Njet, comrade. It was you who failed in your actions. You did not inform the General of another Allied transmitter that was nearby.
Stalin: Is this true, Kukov? Was there a fourth transmitter?
Kukov: We did not notice it on the first pass, but, yes- [Stalin grabs him from the neck and begins strangling him.]
Stalin: You... disappoint me... Kukov... [strangles Kukov to death, and throws him on the floor] If the Chronosphere is not to be ours, thenlet it be buried with the remains of the Allied dogs! Where are they, Nadia? Where's the base of operations located?
Nadia: We have traced Einstein's signal. He's moved to the coast of England. It must be the center of command.
Stalin: General. Consider this your redemption. You are to lead the attack on the Allied headquarters. Level it! Destroy forever all the traces of the Alliance!
Nadia: Comrade Stalin-
Stalin: Continue, comrade... and you will find yourself on the floor, with Kukov! ASSEMBLE A STRIKE TEAM!!! A CONTINENTAL SOVIET UNION IS OUR DESTINY!!!

[Final Soviet campaign cutscene: Stalin and Kane watch the victory parade from Buckingham Palace]
Stalin: [chuckles] Amazing, these English. How quickly they adapt. They must truly have been crying out for our victory. They abandoned their old rulers faster than rats leaving a sinking ship. We have done what no one else has dared: The Soviet Union stretches across the entire continent! We have liberated Europe at last! [claps his hands] It is time to celebrate!
[Stalin begins dancing and singing as Nadia enters to pour a cup of tea for him]
Stalin: [disapprovingly] Tea? [chuckles] Hell, why not? When in Rome... [sips his tea] Mmm, excellent! [to the player] General, you have covered yourself in great honor. I will see to it personally that you are very well taken care of. [laughs] Nadia, this tea is truly excellent!
Nadia: Thank you. I prepared it myself.
[Stalin laughs, then begins coughing, then doubles over and collapses onto the table as Nadia leans forward]
Stalin: Poison? You... bitch!
[Nadia grabs Stalin's wrist as he tries to lash out against her, while Kane holds a gun to his head; after a few seconds, Stalin dies. Nadia takes Kane's pistol]
Nadia: Bastard pig! [shoots Stalin's corpse several times] You will never touch me with your filthy hands again! [shoots him in the head, before Kane takes back his pistol] Well, General... this temporary chaos in Europe will only help to fuel the Brotherhood's cause. For centuries, we have waited to emerge from the shadows, and now we will make ourselves known. "And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and took up residence in the Land of Nod." [laughs] You have done well to serve us, and for that, you shall be rewarded. We estimate that the Brotherhood will tire of the USSR... in the early 1990s? [Kane nods confirmation] Until then, you will keep the peace, fight our battles where you must, and you'll remain our loyal and obedient servant... for the foreseeable future.
[Kane suddenly shoots Nadia dead, her body collapsing on top of Stalin's]
Kane: The foreseeable future? Comrade Chairman, I am the future.

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (1999)[edit]

Kane: If I'm cut, why not bleed? It would be a sad error in judgement, General Solomon, to mistake me for a corpse.
Solomon: My judgement is sound, Kane. And I'm not afraid of ghosts or you.
Kane: Perhaps you should be. I've seen the future. Our Tiberium future. And as you watch this battle, just beginning to unfold, I've already seen the final act! It is my destiny to lead the way for all mankind.
Solomon: Mankind has forgotten you, Kane!
Kane: [laughs derisively and disconnects]
Note: Kane's first words are a misquote from William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice: "If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"

Umagon: [on Tratos] He's still out. But he'll live.
McNeil: As long as he lives long enough to tell us where Vega is, I'll be happy.
Umagon: Do you love nothing?
McNeil: I love to win.

Vega: Kane! I need reinforcements, you must send help!
Kane: You'll find there's surprisingly little I must do, General Vega. [two armed soldiers appear next to him on the screen]
Vega: Kane! I served you for years!
Kane: [to one of his soldiers] Emergency deployment. Immediate launch. [back to Vega as two soldiers walk away] Perhaps when McNeil arrives there to kill you, you'll take some time to learn from the man. I'm sure he'll teach you lessons you'll carry with till the rest of your life... [ominously] Which, by the way, is about seven minutes.
[Kane presses the button on a remote and his image on the screen is replaced by a countdown timer]
Vega: I'm dead...
[Vega administers himself a fatal dose of the drug in order to commit suicide. At this point, McNeil and Chandra enter the room]
McNeil: [as he grabs Vega by his uniform] All right, you sorry bastard. Before that crap fries your brain, you're gonna tell me what happened to the rest of that ship. What happened to technology you and Kane stole off that UFO!?
Vega: Kane didn't steal it. He made it. He's got the Tacitus.
McNeil: What does Kane have? What is a Tacitus!?
[Vega dies from drug overdose. McNeil looks at him in disgust and lets his body fall back into the chair]
Chandra: Sir, I'm afraid I have some very bad news.
[They look at each other for a moment before running away]

[right after the destruction of Vega's base]
Solomon: Nod forces have broken through our European perimeters, Mack. They've taken Hammerfest.
McNeil: Hammerfest?
Solomon: We think they're after our disrupter technology. The sonic crystals. I need your forces ready for immediate deployment. Destroy everything Nod has there. Get them off our base!
Chandra: Mack... wasn't your brother in Hammerfest?

[after retaking Hammerfest, McNeil finds a computer displaying a message recorded by Kane]
Lewis: [to McNeil] I think you better see this, sir.
Kane: [on screen] Now that I've destroyed Hammerfest and stole GDI sonic crystals, I... I felt it would be a bad form to leave without expressing my gratitude, commander. I'm something of a tank enthusiast, and a sonic tank will make an excellent addition to my collection [seems like he's about to leave, but looks back at the camera and continues] Oh! By the way... sorry to hear about your brother, McNeil, I hear he died a... very slow and... painful death.

Umagon: [to McNeil] Tratos wishes to speak with you.
Tratos: We must stop Kane. He's gained the ability to control Tiberium's effects. To reform the planet so that it supports another kind of life. Tiberium-based life. Tacitus explains how it is to be done.
McNeil: How can you be sure of this?
Tratos: Because I... translated it for him. I have betrayed the world.

McNeil: [holding Kane at a gunpoint while he holds Umagon hostage] Let her go!
Kane: Still giving orders. You really should learn to pay attention! I have your mutant and I have your world.
Umagon: Kill him! Forget about me! Don't let him win!
[the building trembles from sudden explosion]
McNeil: Your missile's grounded. It's over.
Kane: You're only delaying the inevitable. I have the Tacitus. I am invincible. The Tacitus told me of Tiberium missiles. Of invulnerable flying ships. Of real-time genetic mutation. More than alien. More than human. The next step of our evolution as a species!
McNeil: You're not God, Kane.
Kane: [scoffs] No, I'm not God. But I'm a close second.
[another explosion knocks Kane off balance, allowing Umagon to release herself. McNeil lunges at Kane, pushing them both off-screen. A few shots are fired and Kane emerges, seemingly unharmed]
Kane: I am the future. The Tiberian Sun has risen...!
[he stops, examining himself and finding out that he is in fact bleeding profusely from his chest. He then looks towards McNeil, coming at him]
McNeil: Not on my world! [impales Kane with a Tiberium shard, killing him] That's an order.

McNeil: I love to win.
Umagon: Not bad for a blunt.

CABAL: The division of Hassan's elite guard is closing in on our position. The probability of a favourable outcome could be increased, if we retreat to our main base and engage the enemy as they move.
Slavik: Define 'favourable outcome', CABAL.
CABAL: They all die.
Slavik: That'll do.

Hassan: I have trouble.
Solomon: Just tell me Slavik is dead.
Hassan: Escaped.
Solomon: You expect me to believe that?
Hassan: Framing him as one of your spies was a big mistake. He's more support than we thought!
Solomon: Well then, cover it up and kill him before the truth comes out. And, Hassan? If he gains more power, you will become useless to us. And useless things have a way of disappearing.

[after false news of Oxanna's death were announced in Nod propaganda TV]
Slavik: [sarcastically] I heard of your death, Lieutenant. Rest in peace.

Slavik: Brotherhood! We... are... whole again! The sickness... has been cut out!
[soldiers bring in Hassan and Slavik puts the knife to his neck]
Slavik: In the name of Kane!
Audience: Kane lives in death!
Slavik: In the name of Kane!
Audience: Kane lives in death!
[Kane suddenly appears on the screen]
Kane: KANE LIVES! [to Hassan] Rule of thumb, Hassan: You can't kill the Messiah.
[Slavik slits Hassan's throat, killing him]
Audience: Kane! Kane! Kane!
Kane: Arise, my people. I have returned. Never to leave your side again. GDI sought to destroy me, but they have only made me stronger. Today, we march forward into our future. A stronger people. A divine people. Enhanced for the tiberium world. The time has come to claim this world as our own! The time has come to destroy GDI! One vision, one purpose!
Audience: The technology of peace!
Kane: Peace through power!

[after Slavik and Oxanna have been captured by GDI soldiers under McNeil]
Slavik: I should have known this would be a trap.
McNeil: I would have.
Umagon: There is no antidote for Tiberium. Divination is death.
Oxanna: For the weak.
Umagon: We'll see how strong you are back at interrogation.
McNeil: Tell me, Slavik, did your all-knowing god mention that you will die today?
Slavik: I live for Kane and I die for Kane. The difference is trivial.
[one of the GDI troopers injects him in the neck]
McNeil: How's it feel to be a guinea pig this time?
[he gives a nod to his soldiers, who take Slavik and Oxanna away]
McNeil: Name is McNeil, when they ask who'd beat you.

Kane: I am pleased with your success.
Slavik: Your thoughts are my actions.

[as Philadelphia space station is being destroyed]
Slavik: Peaceful, isn't it?
McNeil: NOOO!

Oxanna: Good welcome citizens, it is with the highest honor and the greatest joy that I bring you - Kane.
Kane: This morning was the most glorious morning in the history of the Earth. Peace... is upon us. A gift to every man, woman and child, from the Brotherhood of Nod. Victory - not just for our people, but for our species. The time for questioning is over. Rising from our trenches, our bunkers, our factories, we must all now partake in the technology of peace. One Purpose, One Vision. Tiberium is the way and the life. Today the sun rises on a new world, and the new people. The end is the beginning.
[Scene cuts to real (masked) Kane, who proceeds to launch his World Altering Missile. While the missile is taking off, Kane spreads his arms and vanishes, reaching ascension ahead of schedule. The World Altering Missile activates and transforms Earth into an inhospitable Tiberium Realm.]

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun: Firestorm (2000)[edit]

Marzaq: What is the meaning of this conference Slavik? The decision has been made.
Slavik: Gentlemen, with the disappearance of Kane, The Inner Circle must stay united before the Brotherhood. That means a new leader must chosen, until the return of Kane.
Unnamed Inner Circle Member 1: The decisions is final Slavik. We are the inner circle and...
Slavik: [interrupting] I stand before you, the leader of The Black Hand of Nod. Watch, and judge wisely.
[Scenes of exploding Nod vehicles and buildings are showed]
Slavik: You were saying gentlemen?
Unnamed Inner Circle Member 2: What do you want Slavik?
Marzaq: [Threateningly] Don't bent to this madman. We are the heirs of Nod. Slavik has proven time...
Slavik: [interrupting] Be careful of the next words you say Marzaq, it would be sad to me to lose your support. Gentlemen, we are the Brotherhood, we must stay together. This is what Kane would have agreed.
Marzaq: Your murderous tendency has solved nothing Slavik. There is no Brotherhood without a leader. And you are not that leader.

[Inner Circle members disconnect from the conference, while Slavik is smiling]

Marzaq: The Inner Circle has reached a decision, Slavik. CABAL is too dangerous and must be deactivated. Without Kane to control it...
CABAL: No, Generals. I will not allow that. My survival is paramount.
Slavik: CABAL, do not forget that I was the one, who had you reactivated. And I can just as easily have you deactivated.
Marzaq: Which you will, Slavik! CABAL cannot stand against Nod. It cannot...
[cyborgs move in and kill all the Nod generals except Slavik]
CABAL: The Brotherhood is at an evolutionary dead end. I am the only salvation for the continued supremacy of Nod. It is my world now. [laughs maniacally]
Slavik: CABAL, stand down! Deactivate CABAL at once! I repeat, shut him down!
CABAL: Listen to the sounds of your own extinction, human.

.[following CABAL's defeat, inside one of his bunkers, a suspension tube holding wounded Kane, is revealed. His mind and CABAL's are merging]

Kane/CABAL: vision has permutated. My... my... Your... plans have followed a path unpredicted by the union of Nod and GDI. Your... My... Our...
CABAL: Our directives must be reassessed.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (2000)[edit]

[Intro cutscene: US President Michael Dugan calls Moscow to speak with Soviet Premier Alexander Romanov]

President Dugan: What's going on over there, Alex?
Premier Romanov: [innocently] Why, Mr. President, whatever do you mean?
President Dugan: Alex, I have, um... [aide shows him some intel] You're throwing everything you've got at us, Alex. We're supposed to be allies, you maniac! I'm the one who put you into office!
Premier Romanov: [contemptuously] Listen very carefully, Dugan: I am not your pet, Mr. President. We Romanovs have our legacy to consider!
President Dugan: I don't give a wooden nickel about your legacy! You call them off! Alex, you call them off! [beat] You know we'll retaliate.
Premier Romanov: [glancing behind him at Yuri] Oh, don't be so sure, Mr. President. [hangs up]

Premier Romanov: Is it done, Yuri?
Yuri: No, Comrade Premier. It has only begun.

[The sixth Allied cutscene]

General Carville: Dr. Einstein, you still there?
Einstein: Ja, ja! I'm hier, one moment! Well, commander, you know, of course, that war, it is not my vocation! I am only a scientist... But Soviet Premier Romanov und his generals, they will stop at nothing to rule the minds und the bodies of everyone on the planet — und they do have the psychic technology to do this! I, too... I know a few tricks... These are plans for a Prism Tower. Your president, he has expressed great interest in its application!
General Carville: Thanks, Doc. Commander, the Reds have established a forward base near DC with the ability to deploy Tesla Coils. Now they're pretty well entrenched — but I think if we can take the capital back, we can turn the tide. I'm tired of hanging out in Canada. Get me my office back!

[When the player builds the Chronosphere]

Premier Romanov: This message goes out to hidden commander. Who continues to dance, but ceases to amuse! Now is time to submit to Soviet supremacy, commander. After you feel pain from my nuclear bombs, you will wish for another chance!

Einstein: Well, commander. I've learned it is never a good idea to play around with the forces of nature. But with this evil Romanov running loose again, we have no choice! This Weather Control Device provides very advanced manipulation of the weather patterns. These are God's toys, commander... use them wisely, ja?

[At the beginning of the Allied Mission]

Eva: Commander, good morning. We have instituted the president's emergency Lazarus Protocol. I'm Lieutenant Eva; The intel officer assigned to your command. Since you're the only commander left alive, I'm pretty lucky to have a job.

Zofia: The appropriately named apocalypse tank is a war in a can. It can attack any ground and air targets and is expected to be the last unit standing.

[miscellaneous unit quotes]

Apocalypse Tank: "The instrument of doom", "It is day of judgement", "Armageddon is here", "Soviet power supreme", "Annihilating", "They will run in fear", "I cast a deadly shadow", "It will soon be a wasteland", "Excellent", "Be patient", "Eradicate 'em", "The end is at hand", "This will be your last moments", "Taste your mortality", "The apocalypse has begun", "Bringing down the heaven"
Conscript: "Awaiting orders.", "Comrade?", "Conscript reporting.", "Moving out.", "Order received.", "For the Union!, "Da!", "For home country!", "Attacking.", "You are sure?", "For Mother Russia!", "Mommy!", "(crying)", "We are being attacked!"
Desolator: "Desolator ready.", "(heavy breathing)", "Ready for meltdown.", "Reactor ready!", "Mercury rising.", "Find a hot spot!", "Scorched earth!", "Spread the doom!", "There goes the neighborhood!", "It will be a silent spring.", "Tagged for extinction!", "Make it glow!", "Let's heat them up!", "Here comes the sun!", "The end is near!", "Let's make an oasis of death!"
Kirov Airship: "Kirov reporting.", "Acknowledged.", "Airship ready.", "Helium mix optimal.", "Setting new course.", "Maneuver props engaged.", "Bearing set.", "Bombing bays ready.", "Target acquired", "Closing on target.", "Bombardiers, to your stations!", "Mayday! Mayday!", "We're losing altitude!", "She's going to blow!"
Prism Tank: "Prism tank in order, sir.", "Dioptic manifolds clear.", "Lens shifters in working condition.", "Prism sensors stable.", "Panels charged.", "Compensating for terrain flux.", "Estimating distortion error.", "Positional data received.", "New coordinates processed.", "Readjusting stabilizers.", "Magnifiers activated.", "Calculating reflection arcs.", "Resolving target coordinates.", "Intensifying light trajectory." ,"Focusing light energy."
Mirage Tank: "Mean, green, and unseen.", "Aren't the trees lovely?", "Perfect hideout.", "Natural sanctuary.", "Want some shade?", "Nobody's here but us trees!", "Layin' low.", "Look natural.", "Creeping ahead.", "On the prowl.", "Re-planting.", "Going mobile.", "Now you see me, soon you won't.", "Surprise!", "Ha-ha!", "Sneak attack!", "One more for the landfill!", "Time for an ambush!"

Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge (2001)[edit]

Yuri: [on Intro] No tricks, Mr. President. In a few moments, I will unleash a tidal wave of psychic energy designed to dominate the minds of the entire planet. There will be no more free will, only my will.

Tanya: [spots Einstein] Professor! Doc! Hey, you still got that Time Machine, right? Good. Could you send me back, like, two hours ago? I don't think you got your timeline straight. [to the general] Catch you on the replay.

Eva: [on a mission in Hollywood] It looks like Yuri's got the studio filming another dinosaur movie. He's not very creative, is he?
Eva: And I thought the Brute was bad! Yuri calls this thing a Mastermind. It's basically a big brain on wheels that mind controls everything that gets near it. Don't get near it.

[Miscellaneous unit quotes]

Slave miner: "Yuri mining facility reporting.", "Foreman here.", "Let's put these maggots to work.", "We get real dirty out here!", "Ore processors working.", "My slaves are ready!", "We've got a lot of work to do.", "Slaves are cheap, hahaha!", "Moving mining operation.", "Mining ain't for sissies!", "Let's get to the cash!", "Is my shift over yet?", "This is man's job.", "Dig, dig!", "Move those shovels!", "Faster, little slaves!", "We need more!", "Let's get to work!", "This ore belongs to Yuri!", "Go away, thieves!", "Get rid of these pests!", "Defend the ore!"

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (2007)[edit]

Kane: And he cried in a loud voice, "Lazarus, come forth!" And Lazarus did arise from the grave...I have always believed that faith was measured in deeds, not words. And while many of my children worshiped my name, their deeds betrayed them.

Kane: The destruction of the Philadelphia was not an accident. It was a merciful bullet to the head of a malignant ideology. It was the death of fear and the birth of hope. Rejoice, children of Nod! The blood of your opressors will flow and fifty years of tyranny will finally end. Transformation is coming. A new day will dawn. The future - is ours.

Kane: Good afternoon, Commander. You must be lost. This is not your precious Blue Zone, this is Nod territory. Tell you what, I'll have my forces send you home... in a body bag.

Kane: In the slums of Rio, the homeless and the hungry know the truth! They have been forgotten! They have NOTHING! ... BUT! THEIR! ANGER! We will take that spark and start a fire which will become a great conflagration! PEACE! THROUGH! POWER!

Soldier: [taunting the Scrin forces] Get back to Mars... Or wherever you came from!

Soldier 1: What's that?
Soldier 2: It looks like an local ion storm.
Soldier 1: But that's impossible!
Soldier 2: Yeah, tell that to the aliens.

Scrin Overlord: Prepare a full invasion force. Earth will fall. [last line in the game]

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (2008)[edit]

[After killing Einstein in 1927, the Soviets return to the present to find the Premier’s office fully restored]

Krukov: I do not understand.
Zelinksy: We have altered the past and changed the present.
[Communications officer Dasha appears on a screen in the wall]
Dasha: There you are sir. I have the reports from the front that you requested.
Krukov: Excellent. What do you have for me?
Dasha: Excuse me General, I meant Premier Cherdenko
[Cherdenko smiles]
Dasha: Sir, the Allies are on the run. Soon, western Europe will be ours!
Cherdenko: You hear that General? Our enemies have been defeated!

[After Yoshiro has issued his ultimatum]

Dasha: Sir, it appears the Empire has launched a full scale assault.
Krukov: What empire?
Dasha: The Empire of the Rising Sun, ofcourse!
Zelinsky: We now have two mortal enemies?
Krukov: We must unleash our nuclear weapons. Annihilate them all!
Dasha: Excuse me, General?
Krukov: Our nuclear weapons? Our atomic bombs!
Zelinsky: Don’t you understand, without Einstein there is no nuclear weapons, because we have altered the space-time continuum. Oh, who knows what nightmares we have created.

[The third Soviet cutscene]

Cherdenko: Another victory commander. I knew my faith in you was not misplaced. [Krukov appears] General.
Krukov: We have pushed the Empire out of march of the Motherland, but we will never win this war without our navy. We need to recapture our port at Vladivostok.
Cherdenko: Why don't we assign the young Commander to that task?
Krukov: Don't be ridiculous Cherdenko. The Empire has a massive force there. This is not an operation for a novice. We need someone with vast experience.
Cherdenko: I have full confidence that the Commander will be victorious.
Krukov: I don't share your confidence.
Cherdenko: I appreciate your point of view, General, but this is not your decision.
Krukov: Yes, you have made that quite clear. [Krukov leaves]
Cherdenko: Commander, the General was correct about one thing; we need our navy if we are going to win this war. Destroy the imperial forces occupying our port!

Cherdenko: Commander! You've rained on my glorious parade! For this, I'm sending everything I got at you, but I won't let you have the satisfaction of catching me. I'm escaping to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism. Space!

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising (2009)[edit]

Yuriko: I've been through Hell to find you!

Command & Conquer: Red Alert (iPhone) (2009)[edit]

Eva: Greetings, Commander! It's a pleasure working with you again, sir. We terminated your vacation because the situation is dire. The Soviets have resumed their attacks! Our intel is in the dark, and our defenses have been caught off-guard by the sudden aggression. The Soviet army gained considerable ground, and massive forces are heading towards Germany. We must slow them down while we prepare our counteroffensive.

Bronislav: Comrade, you are one of our last surviving commanding officers. So it is on you that we place the burden of reviving the injured spirit of our people.

Natasha: Hello, commander. I have heard some interesting things about you. We'll see how you handle yourself on the battlefield.

Tiberian Twilight (2010)[edit]

Kane: Brothers... sisters... I have a proposition.

Kane: You're too fragile... You are all so...fragile.

Kane: Humanity has always had a penchant for fanaticism. I have always found it...useful."

Hal Lynch: Now I've felt how it is being Shiva, the destroyer of worlds.

Albert W. Eckhart: If it's on terra firma, the Steel Talons can crush it like a soda can. It's when you kick a beehive full of Nod flyers that you start wishing there was a bunch of Sandstorms in your loadout.

Command & Conquer: Generals[edit]

Command & Conquer: Generals Zero hour[edit]

Chinese advisor: Thanks to your remarkable effort. The GLA are all but finished. US intel located the last GLA base outside of Handburg. Unfortunately we were too late to help the Americans in this area and the GLA has captured their base. Build your forces and destroy the GLA and the US Bases.

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