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Common Rotation is an American indie folk/pop-rock band.


  • Nature is a terrorist
    God is mean with this
    And I ain’t no optimist
    But I’ll be all smiles tonight.
    • All Smiles lyrics
  • Don’t talk they whisper in their ear
    They mouth paradigm dear
    See the thought, hear the auctioneer
    They bargain on your time, dear.
    • Auctioneer lyrics
  • Hang down your head just like Tom Dooley,
    Poor boy, you know you never once fooled me.
    You put your trust in the thought that grace was on your side
    It’s such a beautiful day to die.
    • Burgandy lyrics
  • Now the whisky’s unforgiving
    It burns right on down
    That’s right, it’s a living
    But it ain’t worth a dime.
    • Captain's Arrival lyrics
  • Here comes Paul Revere with a broken reaction
    With his latest brand of beer
    For his newest fixed attractions
    If the overhead’s over our head
    In this state of stale air
    We can pick up from anywhere
    And incorporate in Delaware
    But remember all the things you reassessed through your god
    Will someday be repossessed by the mob.
    • Clear Channel lyrics
  • I’m not a poet, nor a prophet, though I dream from time to time
    I’m an artist of illusion, and I sketch a strange design
    So don’t pay me with respect, just pay me with attention
    And when I bounce a check, don’t forget that I had mentioned that
    I’m mad at someone, I’m mad at someone.
    • Did a Verse End lyrics
  • Now morning hangs over the engines of time
    The streets flood with desolation
    But the one I love, she clasps her tiny hands around me
    And everything under the sun.
    • Everything Under the Sun lyrics
  • I tapped out time on a bottle of rhyme
    I watched you side-step across the thin-laced line
    Both foot for foot, both fake with the feel
    Two forgotten myths, both Achilles heels
    So how can I say
    So how can I ever run away.
    • Fortunate lyrics
  • Well, I hurried down to the station
    With drunk bags and a sober smile
    But this tip-worthy elation
    It only lasts for a while
    It's a temporary medication
    Yeah, it's medicine for the poisoned vial.
    • Given Signs lyrics
  • I'm gonna die someday
    That's all that you never can say
    You can listen close to me
    Or just ignore my plea
    But either way I'm gonna die someday.
    • Gone Dyin' lyrics
  • Heaven help me
    I don't believe in man
    Never spoke to god
    And the devil won't shake my hand.
    • Heaven Help Me lyrics
  • See i don't believe in you
    But i want you to feel that i do
    How can you care when
    From way over there
    Your sure taking your sweet time to
    So this is the way we move
    kick off your sunday shoes.
    • How to Loselyrics
  • Your momma don't know
    And your daddy don't get it
    I'm up on the stage singing
    Don't you forget it
    Don't touch me, I'm a live wire
    And I'll be singing this song
    Till these lines grow tired.
    • Indie Rockin' lyrics
  • Movie stars and waitresses, and fantasies and facts

Friends in far off places that still Talk behind my back
Not even tellin it to themselves
The dreams of common people
Yeah they're easily disturbed
Well they're worthless and they're feeble
Still getting their last word.

    • No one like you lyrics
  • Why don't I ever see any old punks?
    I guess they change their minds or die
    Beaten by the greetings of "Enchanté"
    By the girls who read Oscar Wilde
    Now I was always one of the serious sort
    But I let the comics show me around
    I know I didn't laugh much but boy did he try
    And all the time I'd be frightened by the sound.
    • Offstage Lines lyrics
  • When I was younger I used to get angry at the girls
    Then I grew a little older and got angry at the world
    For a while I spent my time getting all pissed off at traffic lights
    But even that got boring you know it seemed so trite
    These days I’m reserved to fulfill a quota
    From a list I received from a man from Minnesota
    ....I got it off the internet, it read....
    • Oklahoma lyrics
  • I have no money, but I can be cute
    And I can be funny
    If you just grant me the time of year
    I will change
    And I will appear to be

Oh, any season, every reason
To belong
And I will stay for long enough
Till I have my
Till I have my song.

    • Payback lyrics
  • Now the crowd is always fleeting
    And the minutes of the meeting
    Will be taken by a very shaky hand
    If you're not around when it's written down
    They'll be taking all the laughter from the can.
    • Primetime lyrics
  • But a fight breaks out
    And all the innocent they hit the ground
    Don't look for me, I won't be anywhere to be found.
    • Sit Downlyrics
  • Pass that girl, cause she doesn’t seem to mind.
    Pass that what’s in your hand, cause we all need to kill some time
    Better get drunk quick, cause our ride is leaving soon,
    And maybe on that judgement day, I won’t be in the room.
    • The Crowd and I lyrics
  • Don’t want to die alone
    A repeat offence, a vagabond
    I will serve my time and
    then I’ll come for you
    I will make you mine in time I always do.
    • Vagabond lyrics

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