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Cool World is a 1992 live-action/animated film starring Brad Pitt, Gabriel Byrne and Kim Basinger. This film is directed by Ralph Bakshi.

Holli Would[edit]

  • Well, howdy, Nails. As you see, there have been some changes around here.
  • I'm leaving, pencil-dick! You just try and stop me!

Frank Harris[edit]

  • Noids do not have sex with doodles. Right? Noids do not have sex with doodles!!

About Cool World[edit]

  • Audiences actually wanted a wilder, raunchier Cool World. The premiere audience I saw it with certainly did.
    • Milton Knight "Ups & Downs". Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi. p. 227. ISBN 0-7893-1684-6.

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