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Coomi Kapoor is currently the Contributing Editor of the Indian Express. Prior to working with the Express, Kapoor has worked in various publications including India Today, Sunday Mail, and Illustrated Weekly. Kapoor was with the Indian Express at the time Indira Gandhi had imposed emergency in India in 1975. Kapoor has written a new book on the Emergency called The Emergency: A personal history. As of 2015, Coomi Kapoor is on the Executive Committee of the Editor's Guild of India. Kapoor's brother-in-law is BJP leader Subramanian Swamy.


  • Probably no Indian politician can match Mukherjee’s enviable record as a long-distance runner. He had a ringside view of Indian politics for some five decades, though in his four-part memoir, he hid more secrets than he revealed of his eventful life.
  • “History and Language textbooks for schools all over India will soon be revised radically. In collaboration with various state governments the Ministry of Education has begun a phased programme to weed out undesirable textbooks and remove matter which is prejudicial to national integration and unity and which does not promote social cohesion....” “Twenty states and three Union Territories have started the work of evaluation according to guidelines prepared by the NCERT....”

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