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Cop Land is a 1997 American crime drama film about the sheriff of a suburban New Jersey community, populated by New York City police officers, who slowly discovers the town is a front for mob connections and corruption.

Directed and written by James Mangold.
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Moe Tilden[edit]

  • [narrating] Every precinct has its cop bar - a private club - all blue. For the 3-7 it was the Four Aces, just across the river.
  • The case is closed, finished, over! Go to lunch! Go! Hey, go to lunch. Go to lunch! The case is closed. Everybody, get the fuck outta here. Get outta here! The case is fucking closed!
  • Listen, you deaf fuck. I offered you a chance when we could have done something, I offered you a chance to be a cop, and you blew it! You blew it.
  • What you've got here, sheriff, is a town that scares the shit outta certain people.

Ray Donlan[edit]

  • You know the difference between men and boys? Boys bet everything on everything! Boys think every hand is a royal flush! You play cards with a man, he knows his limits.
  • Freddie, I invited men - cops - good men - to live in this town. And these men make a living - they cross that bridge every day to a place where everything is upside down. Where the cop is the perp, and the perp is the victim. The only thing they did was get their families out, before it got to them. We made a place where things make sense, where you can cross the street without fear. Now you come to me with a plan, to set things right. Everyone in the city holding hands, singing "We Are the World." That's very nice, but Freddie, your plan is the plan of a boy! You read it on the back of a matchbox, without thinking! Without looking at the cards.

Gary Figgis[edit]

  • Listen to me, I got a check in my pocket for $200,000. I got a chance to start my life again. I don't give a shit about this town, I don't give a shit about that town and I don't give a shit about your fucking justice. Bein' right is not a bulletproof vest, Freddy.
  • Two kind of people in this world: pinball people and video game people. You, Freddy, you're pinball people.


  • Frank LaGunda: You're gonna be hurtin', Freddy. You're not gonna know when, you're not gonna know where. You're gonna be hurtin'. You mark my words - I'm watchin' you!


Joey Randone: What the fuck, Ray? You said PDA was gonna set this guy up, with a new life and everything.
Ray Donlan: You think I'm all that, huh, Joey?

Moe Tilden: See sheriff, I got a sticky problem. My jurisdiction ends, in a sense, at the George Washington Bridge. But half the men I watch live beyond that bridge, where no one's watching.
Freddy Heflin: I'm watching.

Gary Figgis: Look Freddy, I say it's okay to be jealous. You save this girl's life, right? From it, from risking yourself, from saving her sorry ass, you go deaf as a result.
Freddy Heflin: In one ear.
Gary Figgis: In one ear. Then you have to watch this girl you saved, this beauty queen, marries this cocksucker.

Freddy Heflin: What about Babitch?
Moe Tilden: What about him? Fuck him.
Freddy Heflin: What about Donlan?
Moe Tilden: Fuck him too.
Freddy Heflin: What about Joey Randone?
Moe Tilden: He fell off a building. Don't you read the papers?

Gary Figgis: Don't shut me out, Ray! You found us a sweet little town. You got us the low interest, and I'm grateful. But don't forget who it was that you came to two years ago to cover your ass.
Ray Donlan: Get him outta here Freddy.
Freddy Heflin: Come on... [as he tries to pull Figgs out of the bar but is pushed away]
Gary Figgis: It's not my fault that you can't look at him! You sit in this chair with your back to 'im. You want it to go away, but I'm still here. In for a penny, in for a pound. Don't shut me out, Ray.

Bill Geisler: I don't know about Ray, but not everyone in Garrison is a murderer.
Freddy Heflin: No, they just keep their eyes closed and their mouths shut, just like me.

Ray Donlan: What brings you to our fair city?
Moe Tilden: I heard there was a way of life out here. Thought I'd check it out for myself.
Ray Donlan: What are we, like the Amish now?

Freddy Heflin: How do you think this makes me look.
Ray Donlan: Go home and don't think so much.

Gary Figgis: Pretty boy Joey bettin' against the Bulls. What are you, some kind of high roller?
Joey Randone: Fuck you Figgs, I had twelve points.
Gary Figgis: Against the five-time NBA champs? What kind of a bet is that? You know you night guys watch too much Oprah when you should be catching z's.
Joey Randone: Uh-huh, Figgs. At least I'm not the one sniffin' my money away.
Gary Figgis: That was your inner child making a bet there, Joey. Little boy Joey with the Mets poster taped above his bed.
Joey Randone: Tell you what, Figgs. Why don't you come over here, unzip me, pull out my inner child and take a bite. Bite it hard and bite it thick!
Gary Figgis: Fuck you!
Joey Randone: No, fuck you!

Ray Donlan: See officer, in Garrison, when the car you're gonna tag has got a PDA sticker, I'd advise you to think to yourself, "Hey, that's one of the good guys. I think I'll go catch me a bad guy."
Cindy Betts: If we didn't pull over P.D., there wouldn't be any violations in this town.


  • No One Is Above The Law


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